Foods to avoid with arthritis

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Arthritis is actually a very common condition. Arthritis simply means inflammation of joints. There are numerous different types of arthritis and they can affect any given joint in the body.

The most known joints to suffer are the elbows, hips, knees, and finger joints as well as the joints found in the feet.

Arthritis is very common; it seems like it is almost to be expected once someone grows older. Is arthritis a symptom of the old age? No, it is not and it also isn’t genetic in the majority cases.

There are many different pain relieving and anti-inflammatory drugs that are used for arthritis, although they can be ineffective at times, and lead to damaging side effects.

A number of arthritis medications raise risks of strokes and heart attacks, and some may also cause digestive problems.

You’ve a lot of control on whether or not you’ll develop the disease, and how severe it may be. The type of food you choose to avoid or eat can make every difference.

1. Saturated Fats

This includes fats that are primarily found in the animal products, for instance fatty beef, lamb, and pork, butter, ice cream, poultry skin, whole milk, bacon, regular cheese, salami, bologna, beef sausage and pepperoni. Saturated fats are found in palm-kernel oil and palm oil as well.

You probably will not find bottles of these oils in your food store, but you’ll find them in ingredient list on the items on your shelves, including cookies, non-dairy creamers and crackers.

To limit the intake of such saturated fats, opt for fat-free products or reduced fats, lean cuts of pork and beef, and skinless turkey and chicken.

For packed foods, you can find content of saturated fat listed on Nutrition Facts panel; you can choose snack foods with less than 2 grams of saturated fat for every serving and meal items with less than 4.5 grams for every serving.

2. Trans Fats

In an attempt to give baked goods longer shelf life, some scientists took vegetable oil and added some hydrogen molecules into the right places.

The oil turned solid and very dangerous: The trans fats that’s found in various baked foods, processed snack foods, fast-food items, and most margarines are considered as damaging as saturated fats in terms of heart disease, inflammation, and other health concerns.

Food manufacturers are aware of the dangers of such ingredients and the rising public awareness of them, therefore lots of companies have reformulated their products to eliminate all Trans fats.

Producers must now list the amount of the Trans fats, immediately after the listing of saturated fats on nutrition label. Select products that only contain 0 grams of Trans fats and don’t have partially hydrogenated oils.

Foods to avoid with arthritis

3. fried Foods

High-fat foods such as donuts, French fries, fried chicken, and deep-fried appetizers must be avoided by those with arthritis. When consumed in excess, the foods can increase the body fat, hence putting extra stress on joints and increases risks of wear and tear.

Additionally, body fat isn’t an inert substance since it is metabolically active, that is capable of producing chemicals and hormones that increase levels of irritation.

To make matters worse, various restaurants fry foods in the hydrogenated oils, which imply that you may be getting a lot of dangerous trans fats as well.

Rather than frying, opt for a healthier way to make your foods; steaming, grilling, baking, and roasting are all tasty and easy methods.

4. Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates are found in foodstuffs that are baked with white flour, for instance rolls, crackers and white bread and also junky cereals and white rice.

They are all made when milling whole grains and then removing the germ and bran, the 2 parts of the grain which contain most nutrients.

The refined carbs do produce a state of irritation in the body, hence leading to an increase in pro-inflammatory compounds, making arthritis worse.

Limit meals containing refined grains if you would like to reduce arthritis progression and pain, and then switch to healthier whole-grain meals such as brown rice, whole-white pasta, and whole-grain cereal

 5. Sugary Candy

Simple sugars found in foods such as cookies, candy, soft drinks and fruit juice are refined carbohydrates; these will send the level of the blood sugar soaring and leave an inflammatory reaction in your body, making arthritis to worsen.

If you crave items such as sweets, take a piece of fiber-rich and fresh fruit paired with some sunflower seeds or nuts to blunt the spikes of blood sugar.

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