Great Ways to Relax by Using Pressure Points

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Using pressure points is an effective and convenient way to relax. Pressure points can be operated by yourself or with somebody’s assistance.

They can be used at anytime and anywhere. Stimulating the nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in certain areas of the body can bring feelings of euphoria, peace, and tranquility.

This is a traditional Chinese medication method of healing that’s based on the use of physical pressure.

It’s applied with your elbows, hands or feet on certain points on your body, which are recognized as pressure points, to aid in the body’s natural restorative response.

Pressure points are thought to correspond to a variety of physical and mental conditions, including anxiety and stress.

Self-message on some pressure points may aid reduce stress and bring about feelings of relaxation.

The Head

A simple technique of relaxing using pressure points is simply to press the temples. This is that flat part of your skull next to your eyes.

Apply direct pressure and inward on both sides of the head simultaneously.

Ensure you work the pressure in a circular and slow motion, and then move the fingers slightly.

As you move around the temples, you’ll notice stress fading away. This pressure point aids relieve headaches as well.

The Neck

Many people store tension in their necks. Relax simply by using pressure points on your neck’s side. Press on muscles lining all sides of the spine.

Try to press inward, and then let go and move an inch upward. Immediately you reach at the base of your skull, edge your way downward and avoid putting pressure on your spine. Only press on the muscles that surround the spine.

The Hand

A functional pressure point is in the webbing of your hand. This is the fleshy piece of muscle that’s located between your index finger and thumb.

Apply pressure on the both sides of your hand and as close to the bones as possible. This pressure point can relieve everything from grief to anxiety to muscle cramps.

 body pressure points for relaxation

The Back

People who lift, sit or stand often experience strain on their lower backs. Make your back relax by using these pressure points on the sides of your spine.

You can commence by applying pressure to both sides of your spine at the spot on the back that’s between the elbows.

Work your way down, and ensure you avoid pressing your spine directly. Stop immediately you hit your pelvis.

You will enjoy the pressure points more once you have someone else pressing them for you as you lie with the face down.

The Foot

The pressure point exactly below ball of the foot can evoke feelings of euphoria all over your whole body.

Begin from there and move the pressure down the arch of your foot. You will notice tension leaving your body, and the feet will feel re-energized.

The Forehead

The pressure point that’s between your forehead and your eyes is connected to the pineal gland.

Stimulating such pressure point can help increase the body’s release of melatonin, which is a hormone that’s responsible for regulating bodily processes such as sleep, as well as regulating stress hormone cortisol.

A lot of exposure to stress can boost cortisol levels, which can reduce melatonin. To help encourage stress relief and relaxation, massage the point with your fingertips, starting from the area exactly between the eyebrows, then work your way back along the brow line.

The Ear Lobe

Your ears have several anxiety-relieving pressure points. Massaging your earlobes gently and the rims of the ears may aid relax facial muscles and encourage stress relief.

Using the thumb and forefinger, gently pull down the earlobes, holding the stretch for some seconds, and then use the thumb and fingertips to massage your earlobe.

Continue moving up the earlobe using small and circular motions, gradually making your way up to the top of the ear.

Reverse the process, and finish by pulling the earlobe down again for some seconds.

The Base of the Skull

Massaging two pressure points that are located at the base of the skull can help relieve stress and make you relax.

Interlace the fingers behind the head and put the weight of the head in your own hands. Using the thumbs, find small bumps that are located at the base of the skull on whichever side.

Pressure points are just below the bumps. Apply pressure gently with the thumbs to that area, as you massage the base of the skull using small and circular motion.

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