Foods That Helps To Reduce Foot Pain

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About Feet

Feet often suffer the brunt of seeming insignificance, as they are perceived as less valuable then perhaps the brain, and other regions of the body. But the truth, is, they are just as bound to your physical being as any other body part, and you must nurture them as you do your own health.

If you suffered from daily headaches, you would most likely launch yourself into a flurry of panic and worry, concocting nightmarish tales about what might be the issue. But in many contexts, people who suffer from constant foot pain shrug it as a seamless part of their daily life, and they grow to accept the pain over time.

Although feet are located at the very base of your extremities, they do correlate to the entire scope of your health, and they interact with vital functions in your body. Accordingly, a frequent foot ache may require further investigation to uproot the cause. Foot pain should never be dismissed lightly.

The Importance Of Feet

But why exactly are the feet so important? Both of your feet combined consist of over 50 bones, and they contain a total of roughly 25% of your body’s bones. This is a splendid marvel that nods to the importance of prioritizing foot health. In addition to the 50 bones within your feet, they also contain 200 muscles, 60 joints, as well as additional ligaments and tendons.

Foot Problems

Feet are the unlikely subject of many health issues and chronic problems in the body. Think about it. Feet undertake a gargantuan burden each day, supporting the weight of the entire human body as it walks, runs, shifts positions, etc.

Envision the number of activities that exert pressure on your feet, and how this may prove deleterious over time. Whether you spend the bulk of your time standing, walking or running, you may have experienced at least one instance of a foot ache.

Additional factors for foot pain include that of ill fitted shoes. In today’s age of rapidly evolving fashion, greater demands are being thrashed upon women, in terms of 9”, sky high pumps, and even wedged shoes and pointed toe flats. These poorly constructed shoes can induce a serious foot ache. Even flip flops lack the support necessary to properly house your feet.

Foods That Helps To Reduce Foot Pain

There are many health problems associated with feet, because they are the furthest body part from your heart. In order for blood to navigate from your heart to your feet, gravity, as well as heart contractions, must thrust the blood through your arteries down a considerable distance, until it reaches your feet.

Medical conditions such as peripheral arterial disease, however, have a tendency to reduce blood flow to this area. When this occurs, your feet may become deprived of oxygen, thereby exacting a toll on your overall health. This is often observed in conditions such as diabetes, which is characterized by a notable decrease in circulation.

Aside from the aforementioned conditions, feet may also incur relatively minor conditions, such as bunions, benign growths called neuromas, and even athlete’s food. While cosmetically unpleasing, these conditions are quite harmless. Addressing foot health is very important because frequent aches can affect your activity level, and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to heart disease, and other fatal conditions.

Reduce Foot Pain

If you are suffering from frequent foot pain, there are a slew of different foods designed to mitigate these occurrences. Quite often, pain is caused by some degree of inflammation.

#1 Ginger successfully wards off many conditions, including car sickness and nausea. This root has also proven to be as potent as ibuprofen, with respect to alleviating various types of pain. This can be added to food or tea.

#2 Salmon, which is replete with omega-3 fatty acids, has been said to curb the pain associated with arthritis. Salmon was also deemed to be as powerful as ibuprofen in terms of reducing pain.

#3 Cherries have incredible properties that can address a variety of different conditions. Their anti-inflammatory properties can treat gout, a painful form of arthritis characterized by a uric acid buildup. Furthermore, it can alleviate sore muscles, as well. Hence, if your feet are experiencing arthritic pain, inflammation or muscular soreness, cherries are the way to go.

#4 Oranges contain beta-cryptoxanthin, which has proven anti-inflammatory effects of arthritis, and other conditions.

#5 Turmeric has powerful anti inflammatory effects that aid in swelling, and related conditions.

#6 Coffee is loaded with caffeine and has a tendency to constrict the blood vessels, and mitigate painful symptoms.

#7 Peppermint has very powerful calming effects, and functions as a muscle relaxer, as well.

#8 Nuts are high in vitamin B6, which has been shown to reduce pain.

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