End Endometriosis Back Pain with this Information

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Endometriosis is a serious condition affecting a large number of women around the world. In fact, there are around 5 million cases of the disease reported as of date.

The common condition causes many different problems for an individual, with pain being one that most will tell you is nothing too pleasant.

Let’s take a look at endometriosis and severe back pain, one of the many consequences of this condition.

Back pain is one of the most common complaints of women suffering from endometriosis, a condition characterized by pelvic pain, painful sexual intercourse, and infertility.

The condition occurs when abnormal cell growth occurs outside of the uterus. The condition affects women of child-bearing age who are still fertile and capable of becoming pregnant.

All women are at risk for the condition. There isn’t a particular race that is more vulnerable than the next.

Many women have no symptoms alerting them to the presence of endometriosis, but many others have a variety of symptoms.

More often than not, women with endometriosis suffer from extreme pain in their abdomen. Since each woman is different it is important to pay attention to your body, as well as make regular visits to your OBGYN.

Early detection is key, and the best way to get this is to see the doctor on a regular basis.

Left untreated, endometriosis can cause infertility as well as a host of other health concerns and problems.

Fortunately, endometriosis is treatable, as is the back pain experienced with the condition.

Severe Back Pain

Women with endometriosis suffer from many side effects that they may not realize is even related to the condition.

Most women require a doctor visit and a diagnosis to realize that this condition is affecting their life.

Severe back pain is one of those symptoms that women suffer from, and it is one that is not enjoyed by any woman.

There are many reasons why lower back pain occurs in women with endometriosis.

For endometriosis caused by menstrual cramps, they oftentimes make their way into the back, with increased activity causing more pain to be felt.

When the abnormal tissue growth occurs in the outside uterus area, implants are made. The deeper the implant the greater damage caused to the nerve.

This may cause nerve tissues in the back to feel the pressure of this implant, thus cause additional pain in other areas of the body, including the back.

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Treating Back Pain

If you are experiencing back pain caused by endometriosis, talk to your doctor.

He has a number of different treatment options that may not only assist in the treatment of the actual condition but also the back pain that you are experiencing as well.

Together with your doctor, you can determine which method of treatment is best suited for your needs.

Medications: Anti-steroidal medications are often used to treat endometriosis and the pain that accompanies it.

Your doctor can better determine the right type of medication best for you upon a physical examination.

Alternative Therapy: Although there is only minimal research regarding treatment of endometriosis with the use of alternative therapy, most people agree that the techniques, which have proven effects for other health conditions, may be able to improve endometriosis as well as the pain in the back that comes with it.

endometriosis and severe lower back pain

How to Ease Lower Back Pain at Home

If you have endometriosis it might not be easy to alleviate back pain, but it is possible with the right medications and treatments.

Your doctor will recommend a number of treatments that will help relieve the symptoms caused by this condition.

But, you do not have to settle only for the doctor’s treatments. There are several ways you can improve your condition at home.

Take a look at some of the many tips that will provide a bit of relief when you need it the most.

Use a rotation of hot and cold packs in the areas of pain. Keep each on for a period of 10 – 15 minutes before rotating. These packs can be purchased at any health store.

Over-the-Counter medications, including ibuprofen, are available to help alleviate some of the pain associated with this condition.

If your case is so severe that these OTC medications do not provide relief, your doctor may provide you with a stronger prescription medication.

A nice warm bath may alleviate tired muscles after a long, hard day at work, but it is also helpful for women suffering from severe back pain caused by endometriosis.

Add a drop or two of lavender oil to your bath water for an enchanting and relaxing experience.

Resting is always an essential component of optimal health, even if you are a healthy adult. When endometriosis strikes, it is even more reason to crawl in the bed and get comfortable underneath the covers. Rest along with hot and cold packs, will help reduce the back pain that you feel.

If you are not active, get that way. When you exercise and are active, you decrease the risk of back pain.

Have a good support system in place. Although it might seem unimportant, having someone there to support you, to talk to and get advice from who can comfort you and give you that great big hug that you sometimes need is very important and can make a tremendous difference in your alleviation of back pain.

Final Thoughts

Back pain in women suffering from endometriosis can become quite severe. Although each woman is affected differently, most will agree that the condition is one that causes severe pain often.

Luckily there are several ways that you can take charge of your condition. Do not delay scheduling an appointment with your doctor to discuss the various treatment options available.

Early detection is always great since it puts more treatment options on the table.

Make sure that you also implement as many of the home techniques for alleviating back pain to work, and endometriosis back pain will be a thing of the past.





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