Elder Care Organizations That Provide Services for Seniors

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Do you or an elderly loved one you know need assistance of any form? We at Respect Caregivers have brought you a list of elder care organizations that provide services for seniors in the US

Statistics from the Census Bureau show that the percentage of older adults in the US was 15.4% in 2016 and is projected to go upto 23.4% by 2060.

As people age, they become dependent on others to carry out their daily activities due to chronic disease or other conditions. Some people get help from their family and friends, but some don’t have anyone they can depend on; because of this, many care organizations help elders with their activity by providing services.

Elder Care Organizations That Provide Services for Seniors

Eldercare organizations help older adults live independently by providing and coordinating important services such as home care, transportation, etc. These services help seniors maintain their dignity and security. 

This article provides information that seniors, caregivers, and their families can utilize to take help regarding their and their loved ones’ lives. 

What Services Do Seniors Need Most?

Seniors’ essential services include:

  • Health care
  • Personal care
  • Nutrition, and 
  • Wellness education

Seniors require someone that can help them at home. Older adults need education on personal care, housekeeping services, and insurance from certified counselors. 

Seniors can get information and referral without spending money from the I & A programs.

Seniors also need to find a program that benefits caregivers. If seniors get care from their families, then they need to get training on specific caregiving topics. Some caregivers need respite care to get some rest from caregiving. 

Lastly, service providers advocate for seniors’ rights and help find and plan the best care programs. 

Laws About Eldercare Services

AAA or Area Agency on Aging was established under the Act of Federal Older Americans in 1973. The aim of AAA is to help older adults, usually 60 or above, who are aging in their homes. People can find AAAs in every state of America. 

With the help of AAAs, older people can plan and find the best additional care, programs, or services. This organization can help elderly people to get various services ranging from providing assistance at home or community. 

The government provides tremendous resources to the people who need additional support or services. The government also provides many long-term insurance programs for eligible seniors.

Elder Care Organizations That Provide Services for Seniors

What Are Community-Based Services for Older Adults?

Community-based programs help individuals continue their daily activities in their homes and communities without losing their dignity and self-worth. 

Many organizations provide these services that allow older adults to prevent premature institutionalization while promoting sustainable and healthy lifestyles. 

These services are implemented by the Area Agencies on Aging across the U.S. Community-based services include:

  • Outreach Coordination
  • Information and Referral/Assistance
  • Case Management
  • Respite
  • Homemaker Services
  • Transportation Services

What Services Do Local Agencies Provide for Senior Citizens?

Aging and disability resources connection

This program provides seniors with access to long-term care. In this ADRC program, the providers serve as a one-stop-shop for the aging of seniors and disability-related information, referral, counseling, and care planning needs. 

Adult protective services

This program provides a mechanism for disabled adults or older persons to report abuse, neglect, or exploitation. The person who is not a resident of personal care homes or any nursing homes can access this service.


Elderly people need proper caregiving, and they can get it from various programs provided by personal care homes. Some organizations offer programs that consist of adult day care, respite, and other elder support services to offer care to individuals and their loved ones.

Community care services

Assisted living provides a home to seniors where they can get health care and security. These living centers also provide community-based Medicaid services and help elders get proper nursing in their homes.    


It is a State Health Insurance Assistance Program. In this program, eligible older adults can get certified counselors that help them educate the Medical issues and procedures. The counselors also help elders select the proper Medicare health, medication, and diet plans. Seniors can also secure long-term care insurance with the help of counselors.   

Elder Rights & Advocacy Programs

This program is vital for elders when their rights are at stake. The programs help seniors to get information and education on their rights. This program includes elder abuse prevention programs, legal services, and health insurance counseling. 

The long-term care ombudsman program

Community living offers these programs to seniors to help improve their quality of life when they live in nursing homes or personal care homes. This program allows seniors to act as independent advocates.

Home & community-based services program

This program contains 47 individual and other group services that help older Americans to remain in their homes. 

Senior community service employee program  

This program helps older residents to provide part-time community service work. It allows seniors to obtain paid employment after their retirement.

Family caregiver support program

This program supports the caregiver’s associated services. It offers various support services to the caregivers by providing education and information, assistance, and counseling to gain access to elder care services.

Elder Care Organizations That Provide Services for Seniors

List Of Eldercare Organizations

Most Americans may not know about the care agencies and their services near them. Below is a list of elder care organizations in America that provides different services for a senior includes:

Elder Care Organizations That Provide Services for Seniors

Why Should You Contact Them?

Private and public assisted living facilities offer specific programs and services available for seniors. The individual program and service help guide seniors to achieve a quality of life without any worry. 

Most common services provided by care agencies include insurance counseling and assistance programs, chronic disease self-management programs, and fall prevention. However, there are some updates on some services due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you want more detailed or updated information, you should contact the eldercare organizations that we have listed above.

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