Critics on Acupuncture to be better than Placebo for pain relief

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Real acupuncture vs fake acupuncture

For the past few years, it has been a great alternative medication to use Acupuncture to treat problems related to pain.

Even the doctors have started to prescribe acupuncture treatment for patients who report chronic pain. People who are in the health care industries still believe acupuncture to be good for pain relief.

Recently there were continuous critics on the acupuncture treatment claiming that the treatment provided no relief to the patients.

Though this perspective differs from one person to another person, even doctors prescribe acupuncture treatments to the patients.

Though it is considered to be one of the natural methods to treat problems related to pain, there are lots of improvement aspects that are required to get faster and better results.

Scientific researches are made to understand the fact that acupuncture is one of the effective ancient medications available to the mankind. It is strongly believed and practiced in the west.

It may not be comfortable for everyone but definitely there are people who find it to be an excellent pain reliever.

It will also require continuous usage to feel the difference. It may not be the case that it can provide relief in just one attempt.

Alternative therapies for back pain

Back pain is considered to be one of the major problems among the people who are suffering from chronic pain conditions and it can be due to various reasons.

Back pain and neck pain can lead to many complications in an individual making the situation and life worse for people if unattended.

There are some alternative medications available that can help a person get a good relief from back pain problems.

Complementary therapies are said to be very good against back pain along with Alternative medicines. As a whole these therapies are called as CAM therapies.

Acupuncture belongs to one of these alternative therapies. Though it may not be suitable for all the individuals with back pain, there are many people who have reported this to be very useful.

The outcomes of CAM therapies are clinically visible either immediately or within a short period of time.

Some people believe in trying out new things to handle chronic conditions and problems in their body. In order to check if something is working for them or not, it is ideal to check it out.

Apart from acupuncture there are also other alternative therapies available for treating people with chronic pain syndrome.

Some symptoms may not be evaded easily with one session of acupuncture or placebo therapy, but after continuous usage it will be easy to see positive results.

Types of acupuncture treatments

The most common type of acupuncture is with the help of insertion of needles in the pressure points to alleviate pain and restore good health.

Some specific points are identified in a person’s body and metallic needles are inserted and treatment is provided. There are also other techniques available where even a needle is not required nowadays for providing acupuncture treatment.

There are two types that involve manual therapy or electric stimulation. When electric signals are used in this therapy it is called as electro acupuncture.

The way acupuncture works is described in different manner in various parts of the world based on their experiences.

In general the claim is that acupuncture is somehow related to neuroscience providing relief in the affected region by reducing the pain in the pressure points.

All the types of treatments are not aimed for just one purpose. Based on the treatment provided with acupuncture, different outcome is expected by the therapist.

It is believed that acupuncture first originated in China and was moved to various parts of the world. The types of treatments followed in various places differ from each other.

It necessarily need not be the same across the world with same outcome. In most of the places elector acupuncture is very common. In some of the treatments even needles are not used.

Instead pressure points are identified and pressure is provided in the identified spots to get a relief from the pain and other symptoms.

It is believed that with the help of electric pulse it becomes easier to treat acupuncture instead of going for traditional method of inserting needles in the spots over the body. This helps in regulating the chi flow in the body.

Real acupuncture vs fake acupuncture

It is important to understand more about acupuncture treatments. There are many options available to threat treat chronic pain. When you choose to go for acupuncture treatment, it is highly necessary that you should be capable of distinguishing between real acupuncture and fake acupuncture.

There are research works available that provides enough details about the methodical acupuncture treatments.

There are also research works that proves that it has been effective on people who had back pain and other chronic conditions.

The responsibility is on the individual to choose the right acupuncture treatment. It is easier to identify if the treatment is real or fake or just a sham acupuncture with no effect.

After seeing good results from it acupuncture was used as one of the conventional therapies to overcome pain and other problems in the body.

If you check in the city there are also some fake acupuncture clinics available that can mislead people with fake treatments.

It is the responsibility of an individual to read reviews about any therapeutic center and take treatment accordingly.

Acupuncture no longer recommended for back pain

From a different source we can see the information that Acupuncture is no longer recommended as a good treatment for problems related to back pain.

There are many practitioners still using acupuncture as a conventional therapy but in a recent research it is said that acupuncture cannot be recommended for back pain.

Though the perspective differs from one person to another person, we have to understand the fact that one treatment may not work perfectly for another person.

From the research it was said that the treatment from acupuncture was no better than just a placebo.

There were several aspects discussed by the scientists to come to a conclusion that acupuncture is not better than a placebo.


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