7 Celebrities With Depression

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Depression is a mental health condition that can cause feelings of sadness, incompetence, low self-worth, and loneliness.

Many people struggle with depression, even if they have happy and successful lives. Even celebrities can struggle with depression.

When celebrities publicly share information about their struggles with depression, it can be valuable.

Fans may have thought that they were alone in their struggles before finding out that their favorite celebrities had experienced the same ones. Celebrities can also encourage the public to seek out mental health help and resources.

There are famous actors, musicians, writers, businessmen, models, and more who have all struggled with depression.

People like Lady Gaga, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Hamm, Katy Perry, and Michelle Obama have all publicly shared information about their struggles with depression.

What Can We Learn From Celebrities Who Have Depression?

Celebrities who have depression can help people learn how to cope with their depression in healthy ways.

When a celebrity is open and honest about their struggles, it can encourage other people to be open and honest about their own struggles.

When celebrities post takes advantage of mental health resources, it can influence others to do the same.

Some celebrities have chosen to be public about their stints in rehab, their use of mental health medication, and their communication with mental health doctors and professionals.

Celebrities can be highly influential. Many people do not realize that these resources are out there until they are reminded of them by their favorite stars.

Celebrities are not always perfect role models. They can also teach people how NOT to cope with depression.

Celebrities who have had unfortunate struggles with substance abuse and other negative coping mechanisms can set an example for how not to cope with depression.

Which Celebrities Struggle with Depression?

There are many different actors, actresses, musicians, writers, businessmen, and other famous individuals who struggle with depression.

Some of the famous people who have struggled with depression in the public eye include first lady Michelle Obama, pop star Lady Gaga, and athlete/ entertainer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

There are also some celebrities who have unfortunately lost their lives because of depression.

Michelle Obama Has Recently Suffered with “Low-Grade Depression”

Recently, Michelle Obama has opened up about her struggles with “low-grade depression.” Her depression is mostly situational and it seems to have multiple causes.

Some of the reasons that Michelle Obama has claimed to struggle with depression include issues like racial injustice and the global COVID 19 pandemic.

These issues can make anyone depressed. Like Michelle Obama, many other Americans have recently found themselves in the throws of depression because of current events.

What is most important is addressing that depression correctly so that it does not take over completely.

So, what solutions are there? According to NPR, Michelle Obama copes with her depression symptoms using a few simple habits.

She lessens her depression symptoms by exercising, spending time outdoors, and using a routine. These are all simple tools that can help anyone struggling with depression symptoms.

It is important to remember that severe depression should be handled professionally. Sometimes, exercising and spending time outdoors just does not cut it.

Professionals can help with medication, behavioral therapy, and other tools. After being properly being evaluated by a doctor, individuals can continue with healthy habits like the ones that Michelle Obama suggests.

The Rock Has Struggled With His Own Depression Struggles Too

This Youtube video from the Oprah Winfrey Network features celebrity Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

This star athlete, actor, entrepreneur, and entertainer has not always had a perfect life. Before he achieved fame, he too struggled with rejection, depression, and failure.

In this video, Johnson shares some of his key advice for people who are struggling with depression.

Some of his best recommendations include connecting with others and keeping a sense of hopefulness during bouts of depression.

Listening to his full story can inspire people who feel depressed to ignore others and follow their dreams instead.

Sometimes, you have to break patterns and try new things in order to get out of a depressing pattern of thinking.

The Rock knows all about this and he is open about it too. He chooses to be open about his depression struggles so that he can help other people to break patterns and achieve success just like he did.

Lady Gaga Has Been Extremely Open About Her Depression

Most fans of Lady Gaga (often called “little monsters”) already know about the talented pop star’s struggles with depression.

Lady Gaga has been open with the media about these struggles in an effort to inspire and comfort her fans. Being open has also been helpful for her own personal growth and healing processes.

This Today article details the way that Lady Gaga’s struggle with depression actually helped to shape her album ‘Chromatica.’

Her depression has multiple causes, including fame, fibromyalgia, and sexual assault. Fame may make celebrities rich, but it does not always make them happy.

For Lady Gaga, fame actually made her depressed. This can be a helpful story for people who think that they are too rich, too popular, or too successful to actually need help with depression symptoms.

Many people can also relate to her struggles with chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

Lady Gaga has helped to support mental health organizations and charities. It is important that people who struggle with depression take advantage of resources like these.

She even launched her own foundation called the Born This Way foundation. The goal of this charity, founded by Lady Gaga and her mother, is to “support the mental and emotional wellness of young people.”

Lady Gaga recommends kindness, community, and empathy as potential solutions to the global issue of depression.

Her book ‘Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community’ could be helpful for people who are feeling depressed.

‘Mad Men’ Star, John Hamm Recommends Therapy for Depression

Many celebrities share their advice for dealing with depression while opening up about their struggles.

Sometimes, exercise, meditation, and other helpful tricks just do not cut it. For many who suffer from depression, professional help is the only way to go.

According to Web MD, John Hamm from the popular TV show ‘Mad Men’ has struggled with depression.

He may even continue to struggle with it today. He is quoted as saying, “We live in a world where to admit anything negative about yourself is seen as a weakness when it’s actually a strength. It’s not a weak move to say, ‘I need help.’

At a young age, John Hamm had to deal with the death of his father. The only way that he was able to do this is with the aid of professional therapy. He makes sure that this is no secret.

His openness about going to therapy can easily inspire others to do the same. Therapists are specially trained to evaluate depression and help people cope with its symptoms.

Unfortunately, Some Celebrities Have Had Their Lives Cut Short by Depression

Celebrities who struggle with depression do not always have happy endings to their stories.

Unfortunately, many popular celebrities throughout the years have died because of their struggles with depression. Even when addressed and treated, depression can cause people to take their own lives or overdose.

Even though they have passed away, celebrities like Chester Bennington and Robin Williams can help people learn about depression too.

Telling the stories and honoring the memories of celebrities like these who have passed away due to depression can be helpful for people who are still fighting.

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Has Saved Lives

This CNN piece details some of the causes and effects related to the death of Chester Bennington.

Even though it is too late to save him, his story can still save other people. His widow has made it her goal to help other people by telling his story.

Chester Bennington was the lead singer of a popular rock band called Linkin Park. Some of the most popular songs released by the band Linkin Park include “In The End,” “Breaking the Habit,” and “What I’ve Done.” Unfortunately, in 2017 Bennington passed away after a long and public battle with depression.

His widow Talinda Bennington explains that some of the warning signs related to depression and suicide can include feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and changes in behavior, but she also explains it can be hard to recognize these warning signs.

People can heed her warning by paying more attention to these warning signs if or when they recognize them in others.

Some of the causes of Chester Bennington’s depression included sexual abuse, drug abuse, and lack of coping mechanisms. This story is sad but it also illustrates the massive importance of finding healthy coping mechanisms.

The Heartbreaking Story of Popular Actor Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a popular entertainer and four-time Oscar-nominated actor. Popular movies starring the actor Robin Williams include family favorites like ‘Hook,’ ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,” and “Aladdin.”

Late in his life, the well-loved actor took his own life while struggling with depression and Parkinson’s disease. Autopsy reports confirmed the official cause of death as suicide.

This case study details the potential impact of Robin William’s struggle with depression as a major cause of his death. Physical ailments can increase the impact of depression.

It is important that people who struggle with physical ailments in addition to depression have access to increased resources and support.

Even though Robin Williams had access to a multitude of resources, he may not have felt that he had support. Celebrities are put under massive pressure to succeed.

They are also pressured to be good role models. It can be hard to fulfill all of those responsibilities and meet all of those expectations while struggling with depression and physical health issues.

How Does It Help Ordinary People When Celebs Share Their Depression Struggles?

The stories of celebrities who have struggled with depression can help to inspire people. They can also help to educate them.

It is important for all people to learn about the causes and effects associated with depression. When people are educated about depression, they can recognize warning signs more easily and address them more quickly.

Money cannot cure depression. The issues related to depression are universal. It can be surprising how similar the struggles of depressed celebrities are to the struggles of ordinary people who struggle with depression. It can also be surprising which celebrities actually have depression.

Sometimes, the celebrities who have depression are the ones who look the happiest. When celebrities open up about their struggles, people are able to see through that facade and realize the truth.

Seeing the truth in others can even help people to recognize the truth in themselves.

How Are Celebrities Impacted Differently by Depression Than Ordinary People

Celebrities do face some different difficulties related to depression when compared to ordinary people. The celebrity lifestyle can be extremely demanding and high pressure. It often involves being away from home or on the road for long periods of time.

Celebrities often feel like they have to perfect all of the time because of media pressure and fan pressure.

Even though they have the money to access doctors and other resources, they may feel afraid or ashamed to have the public find out about their struggles.

When celebrities are open about their mental health struggles, millions of people can find out about them. Paparazzi can take advantage of celebrities with depression, even going to the extent of stalking.

How Can You Help Someone Struggling with Depression?

If you think that your favorite celebrity might be struggling with depression, you may not be able to directly reach out and help that person. Fortunately, there are still people that can be helped.

If you know someone who is struggling with depression, you can use advice from celebrities who have dealt with depression to help them.

You may want to show kindness, love, and support. You can encourage positive coping mechanisms and therapy