Elderly Abuse Statistics: It’s More Common Than You Think!

Elderly Abuse Statistics

Here are some gut-wrenching elderly abuse statistics to help you understand how common it is Abuse of elders is more common than you think. As people age and lose their ability to take care of themselves, they become dependent on others. Other than needing help for their everyday day-to-day tasks like cooking or cleaning, they … Read more

Guide To Avoiding Elderly Abuse And Scams

Guide To Avoiding Elderly Abuse And Scams

Did you know that seniors are losing more than $3bn annually in scams? Here is a guide to avoiding elderly abuse and scams that plague our older generation Older adults have spent a lifetime working and earning for a secure future. Scammers take advantage of seniors by exploiting their lack of knowledge about technology and … Read more

How to Report Elderly Financial Abuse?

Elderly financial abuse is a type of elderly abuse that is widespread and prevalent. It can affect anyone sometimes leading them to a helpless situation. In March 2020, US prosecutors filed accusation against more than 400 people across the world accused of defrauding senior Americans of more than USD 1 billion. This was one of … Read more