Can A Skinny Person Get A BBL?

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Can a skinny person get a BBL? After all, where will they take the fat from! We are here to answer this and other such myths.

With the rising popularity of a full, curved butt, many men and women resort to cosmetic surgery to acquire this appearance, which is tough to achieve with diet and exercise alone. While gluteal implant butt augmentation can yield impressive results, many patients prefer the more natural approach associated with Brazilian butt lift surgery.

BBL surgery, which uses a patient’s fat from another part of the body to augment the size and contour of the butt, produces remarkable results with a lower chance of infection or adverse response, as well as less visible scars, than butt implants.

Can A Skinny Person Get A BBL

Patients must, however, have enough accessible fat to harvest and transfer to qualify for a Brazilian butt-lift, leaving several men and women wondering if they are too skinny for BBL surgery.

So if you are wondering, “can a Skinny person get a BBL“? Then you are at the right place. But before we dive in, let’s understand what a BBL is and how different it will be for a Skinny person. 

What is a BBL?

The Brazilian butt lift, also known as a BBL, is a unique technique that includes fat transfer to the buttocks to generate a rounder, shapelier behind for men and women who struggle to plump up their rear ends with food and exercise alone.

Can A Skinny Person Get A BBL

Genetics, lifestyle, weight fluctuation, age, and other variables are frequent barriers to patients independently obtaining their optimum butt shape.

Competent cosmetic surgeons may drastically augment deflated buttocks without artificial implants by harvesting fat from another part of the patient’s body and transferring it to the buttocks by syringe injection.

It’s vital to understand that a Brazilian butt lift isn’t a lift because it doesn’t entail the removal of excess skin. A classic butt lift may be more suited for individuals whose primary issue is loose, wrinkled, sagging skin on the buttocks.

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The Amount of Fat That a BBL Requires/ Do I Have Enough Fat For BBL?

Several factors, including determining the quantity of fat utilized during BBL.

  • Technique and choice of the surgeon
  • The patient’s intended result
  • Anatomy and proportions of the patient
  • Fat quantity available
  • The fat survival rate is expected to be high.

A lower quantity of fat may be sufficient for people who merely want a minor modification in the size and contour of their buttocks. To get more dramatic benefits, however, a substantially bigger volume of fat is necessary.

BBL patients typically require roughly 1000cc (1.0L) of extracted fat for an effective and satisfying outcome. Patients should be aware that a tiny proportion of fat may die following BBL. However, this is factored into the surgeon’s initial calculations when determining how much fat to harvest and transplant.

When It Comes to BBL Surgery, What Is the Appropriate Weight?

Rather than determining a patient’s weight to see if they are a candidate for BBL surgery, doctors usually look at their BMI (body mass index) and body fat percentage. Typically anyone between a 25 to 30 BMI should have absolutely no problem in getting a BBL.

Can A Skinny Person Get A BBL

Based on the patient’s general anatomy and body composition, this helps define how much surplus fat is accessible to harvest.

Is It Possible That I’m Too Frail for a Brazilian Butt-Lift(not Enough Fat for BBL)?

Patients have adequate, accessible fat on their bodies for BBL surgery the majority of the time. The fat is usually taken from the flanks, belly, or thighs. 

However, individuals who are exceedingly skinny and have a low body fat percentage may not have enough surplus fat accessible for BBL. Butt enlargement with silicone implants may be a better alternative in certain instances.

Can A Skinny Person Get A BBL

Patients frequently worry if gaining weight in preparation for BBL surgery is a wise idea. While gaining weight before a Brazilian butt lift may appear to be a viable option for increasing the quantity of fat accessible for harvest and transfer, it is strongly advised against. 

Patients must be dedicated to maintaining their weight following BBL to sustain their outcomes because the newly implanted fat cells might shrink with future weight reduction. If a patient gains weight before BBL and loses weight after that, their outcomes are likely to be compromised if not reversed.

What Is a Skinny BBL?

  • A “Skinny BBL,” also known as a “Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift,” is a body contouring surgery designed for exceptionally thin or tiny individuals and have very little fat.
  • A professional surgeon will collect fat from various body parts and strategically transfer it to shape and sculpt your form, similar to a typical Brazilian Butt Lift.
  • If you’ve been turned down for a BBL because you don’t have enough fat, you may require the services of a Skinny BBL expert.

The video below explains skinny BBL in more detail

What Is a Mini BBL?

A Mini BBL is a surgery that employs liposuction to correct regions such as the buttocks, hip dips and to produce a natural-looking projection.

Liposuction is a procedure in which a surgeon removes fat from your body, processes it, and then injects it back into your hips and buttocks. Defined, it’s a type of fat transfer that focuses on refining tiny nuances rather than increasing the overall volume of your buttocks.

Depending on the patient’s demands, surgeons will graft or inject fat into the hips or thighs. Because liposuction is used, the technique requires a few minor incisions to suture the cannulas.

Another video to explain a very skinny person who got a BBL:

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Patients considering BBL surgery should have tried all other options, including diet and exercise, and failed to get their desired results. These men and women may find it challenging to create and sculpt a rounder buttock on their own due to genetics, age, hormones, and other variables. Furthermore, suitable BBL applicants should be able to:

Can A Skinny Person Get A BBL
  • In good physical condition
  • When you’re at a healthy, consistent weight, you’re in good shape.
  • Nonsmokers
  • Make sure you have adequate surplus fat for BBL fat transfer.
  • Skin elasticity is necessary.
  • When compared to butt implants, you want a softer, more natural look and feel.
  • Have reasonable expectations for their outcomes.
  • After surgery, you are committed to maintaining a healthy weight.

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Wrap Up

I hope your doubts regarding Skinny BBL and can thin people get a BBL are resolved, and you are on your way to getting a BBL procedure done!

If you have more doubts and questions, don’t forget to write to us and we will make sure that they are answered. And please do give us your words of encouragement if you loved the content!