Best CPR Training Kits

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We have reviewed the best CPR training kits. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top 6.

A cardiac arrest can happen anytime and at any place. In most cases, it comes at a time when one least expects it. What makes it more dangerous is that it might come when there is no one around you with the proper knowledge to provide immediate medical attention.

Hence one of the basic emergency training that schools, companies, and family members must provide to their people is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is better known as CPR.

CPR is an emergency procedure that uses artificial ventilation and chest compressions to help a person suffering from a heart attack or cardiac arrest recover.

This may sound straight and simple, however, there is a reason why formal training is necessary. No one can give correct CPR until and unless they go through formal training. Hence CPR training kits are available that helps students properly learn how to give correct CPR at times of emergency.

If you are looking for one of the best CPR training kits for your training course, office, or home you have come to the right place!

Best CPR Training Kits

Why should you own a CPR trainer?

Here are a few reasons why you must own one CPR trainer:

  • It helps save lives. A CPR trainer comes with all the essential items that are necessary to give proper CPR to a person in need. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of having a CPR training kit.
  • A person trained with a CPR trainer can apply the “right” CPR procedure anywhere. They are well versed with all the instructions and techniques hence are confident and committed to helping the patient survive.
  • A CPR trained person in your midst is especially important to the elderly. Seniors consider these facilities when choosing an establishment like an office or a hotel. Having CPR trained staff can mean more business/happier employees for you.

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Essential Steps Of CPR Everyone Should Know

It is always essential to give CPR in the right way, as the correct CPR can double a person’s chance of survival. This is why you should train well with the best CPR training kit so that you can treat a person well in times of need. Here are a few steps you can keep in mind while training on a manikin so that the result is always what you need.

Step1- position your hand- make the manikin lie on the back, kneel beside it and position the heel of your hand on the center of the chest.

Step2- interlock the fingers- after positioning your hand interlock your fingers and keep the fingers raised so as you do not touch the manikin’s chest.

Step3- give chest compressions- lean forward, press down on the chest about two inches, and release the pressure. Let the chest come to the normal position. Give almost 30 compressions at a fast rate of at least 1 in one second.

Step4- open the airway- lift the manikins chin and open the airway keep its mouth open.

Step5- give rescue breathing- close the manikin’s nostrils with one hand and support its chin with another. Breathe normally and put the mouth on manikin’s mouth and blow air until you can see its chest rise.

Step6- watch chest fall- remove your mouth from the manikin’s mouth and watch its chest fall. Repeat step number 5 and 6 once again.

Step7- repeat- repeat the cycle of 30 chest compressions and rescue breaths. Continue the cycle.

Here we have a Youtube video that demonstrates how to perform CPR on adults.

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What to Consider Before Buying CPR Manikins


When you move or travel a lot while you are training yourself choose a smaller and lightweight manikin. Your traveling will become less stressful if you buy a manikin, which is easy to carry. Also go for the one, which is easy to clean. However, for increased durability go for a heavy one.

Training Requirements

For example, if putting in and out the lungs of the manikins is a part of your training then choose a manikin in which you can easily place the lungs in and out.

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Feedback Mechanism

If your training requires indicator lights to show when compressions and rescue breaths are being done correctly then go for a model that has such a feedback feature.


Go for a latex-free manikin if you are worried about possible allergic reactions. If your manikin requires any special care, go for it and know the solutions. This way you can ensure its longevity.


The cost of a manikin is based upon its size and shape. So select one that suits your budget. If you come across a manikin that has just a few units but is of a good brand that ensures quality then you must go for it. If you are required to bring more than one manikin in the class, for example, an adult manikin and a child manikin then go for a budget-friendly option.

The next section discusses the best CPR training kits available in the market today.

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Best CPR Training Kits

#1 Prestan Professional Adult CPR-AED Training Manikin

This lightweight CPR manikin is easy to set up. Moreover, this manikin meets the AHA requirements due to its excellent quality and the price. It has a movable manikin head and is easy to set up. It is resistant to dirt and grease.

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  • The manikin`s head is movable that makes it very convenient while training.
  • Setting up the manikin is very easy.
  • When we start the compression there is a click sound.
  • The manikin is however dirt and grease resistant.


  • Available without the feedback device.
  • With the pocket mask on demonstrating with the CPR, the manikin is difficult as the face is too small.

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#2 Buddy CPR Manikin (pack of 5)

For training children and adults about cardiac arrests and life-saving techniques, this manikin by Buddy is very useful. These CPR models are useful for trainers and educators at educational institutions who need it to train budding doctors. Moreover, other institutes and science industries such as engineering, robotics, and aeronautics also use it to provide training to students about cardiac arrests.

Buddy CPR Manikin (pack of 5)



  • Available with 50 lungs and mouth disposable bags.
  • Has an open-mouth airway that makes the learning more real and visible. The chest rise can be seen properly with this model.
  • Each manikin is available with a xiphoid process that can be easily used as a reference while giving training and demonstrating hand placements.
  • All the 5 manikins are fully equipped with instructions.
  • Available with carrying bags that make it convenient to carry.


  • No flexible jaws for airway opening.
  • Budget-friendly but difficult to compress and assemble.

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#3 CPR Training Kit Prestan Ultralite Manikin

This training device is available with AED trainer and MCR accessory that makes it stand out from its competitors. One of the most portable devices by Prestan is available with feedback.

CPR Training Kit Prestan Ultralite Manikin

Convenient to set up as it is of latex and vinyl free. For giving realistic training at training and educational institutes, this is what you were looking for.

The kit comes with 1 manikin, I head, 1 feedback compression, and 10 lung bags. Furthermore, there is a nylon carrying case and instruction sheet available too.


  • Compact and light in weight that makes it easy to use.
  • Training Pads are connected beforehand that makes the training quite realistic.
  • The MCR mat helps the students to learn the resuscitation process with clarity. 
  • The lung bag is convenient to insert.
  • The size of the manikin is perfect for training purposes and helps the students to observe each process.


  • As per one user, the manikin is very unstable to perform CPR on.

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#4 Economical Infant Training Manikin CPR Saver

CPR saver for infant training is perfect for any kind of emergency. It is useful for any child care agency, hospitals, school training, and in business too.

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This kit helps to give realistic training that includes chest compressions, pulse checking, and proper hand placements. Injuries caused to children by choking, the infant training kit can minimize drowning and accidents.


  • Available with CPR saver bags that make it convenient to carry.
  • Unique in its design this kit helps to provide realistic training for saving infants from any kind of accidental injury.
  • Inserting a face shield is very easy.
  • The instruction sheet is available which makes it convenient to understand the kit and its uses.
  • An economical device that anyone can own without a second thought as it is budget-friendly.


  • The device cannot save a person’s life as it is only for training purposes.
  • The device is available without monitors, which makes it difficult for the students in learning the process of CPR.

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#5 Prestan Adult and Infant CPR Manikin

This manikin kit is available with feedback, AED ultra trainer, MCR accessories, and a carry bag. With a fully equipped kit, one will fall in love with this product.

Prestan Adult and Infant CPR Manikin

Moreover, when working with the manikin the clicking sound is audible. The LED indicators provided on two different feedback devices helps to understand the kit in a better way. 

AED ultra trainer is available with separate training pads for infant and adult manikin. With specific voice prompts and pad sensing systems, this AED trainer is quiet useful while training.

The MCR accessory is designed extremely well. It has both ManiVests and ManiBibs that makes it visually clear to understand the training process.  Hence, with this CPR kit performing compressions and checking pulses becomes quite convenient. 


  • Made under the guidance of the American Heart Association Guidelines this kit is cost-effective.
  • While giving compressions the clicking sound helps the students to gain confidence.
  • With pre set up pads and easy to insert lung bags, this kit is convenient to use and understand.
  • This lightweight and durable kit is easy to carry and is quite economical.
  • The manikin is grease and dirt-resistant and made with high-quality durable material.


  • The weight of the kit is almost 18 pounds, which may be quite heavy for those who travel a lot during the training session.
  • The device requires 4 AA batteries to operate. You need to purchase it separately as it is not the inclusive part of the kit.

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#6 Adult CPR Training Manikin Kit

This manikin kit by Prestan is one of the best for training purposes. With a realistic feel, this manikin is uniquely designed. With feedback instruments, this kit helps to provide proper life-saving training to students.

Adult CPR Training Manikin Kit

This is a compliant device as it has a lung bag, CPR rate monitor that helps to know the rate of compression. With the help of rate monitors, the students can record the compression rate with ease and the trainers can easily monitor them.

This realistic device helps to understand the hand placements for pulse checking and chest compression. Ready to use manikin is available with 10 lung bags and instruction sheets that help in giving proper training to students about cardiac arrests. 


  • Nylon bag makes it quite convenient to carry the manikins from one place to another. 
  • Performing CPR with this kit helps to train students in a better way.
  • Great value for money.
  • This kit is useful for educational institutions, hospitals, government agencies, fire departments, and also for businesses.


  • The device is only for training purposes. It cannot save anyone’s life.

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With cardiac problems becoming common these days, it has become imperative to gain training in CPR. The knowledge can prove to be a life savior for anyone because a cardiac arrest does not give a warning before it comes.

You should stay prepared for such contingencies, and the best way to do so is to use a CPR training kit. We hope the options mention in this article will give you the confidence to administer CPR in a crunch situation.

In our opinion, the best option within this list is Buddy CPR Manikin (pack of 5) as it contains all the necessary items that are essential while training. The best value-for-money choice is the Economical Infant Training Manikin CPR Saver.