14 Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

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Below is a compendium of the benefits of walking for the elderly. Share them far and wide so that every older adult is motivated to walk for 30 minutes a day!

When you reach 65, physical issues become your permanent companion. It makes you vulnerable and if left unattended can lead to many other severe health issues. But this is not the end of the journey, rather it should mark the beginning of a new and improved lifestyle. You should learn to follow an active routine to keep health issues at bay.

For better health, you can always consult a doctor and side-by-side bring some changes in life. First, get rid of a sedentary lifestyle and embrace activeness. By activeness, we don’t mean start gymming or running but you can start with very simple exercise i.e. walking. 

Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

The way the body needs food and water, in the same way, walking is also necessary to keep your body strong, flexible, and sturdy. Walking is such a simple exercise, and there is not much hassle for it.  By walking daily, a person gets physical, mental, social, and health benefits. So, let’s check them out below.

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Benefits Of Walking For The Elderly

#1 Cardiovascular Health

People above 60 face health issues such as increased cholesterol and high blood pressure. A 30-minute walk each day is crucial for every older adult to lower its higher risk. If you walk regularly, then the circulatory system will be improved, which can help you get rid of such problems as strokes and cardiac arrest. Several studies linked with walking show that it has wonderful effects on one’s body. If the biggest benefit of walking is seen, then this benefit can be considered the greatest and biggest.

If you do not walk for a long time and walk for a while, it affects 15 to 20% of your body to reduce such risks. On the other hand, According to other studies, walking reduces risk of cardiac arrest significantly

#2 Lowers your blood sugar 

When you walk, your heartbeat increases and your breathing as well. The sugar in your blood is used by your muscles a little more, and this process is responsible for lowering your blood sugar levels. 

At the same time, it makes the insulin present in your body work better. Walking helps reduce the risk of high blood sugar in older adults. At the same time, if someone has diabetes, he must go for a walk daily. It is an excellent way to bring your blood sugar under control.

Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

#3 Improve Mental Health

If you walk daily, it supports your emotional well-being. Often doctors recommend it to many patients facing problems related to mental illness. Walking helps you release endorphins, which reduce anxiety, stress, and fatigue. 

When you go for a walk in an open and fresh environment, many good thoughts come to your mind, which gives you energy and gives you positive vibes. Walking brings determination and self-esteem and improves your sleep quality also.

People who are busy in their daily routine or in some physical activity have up to 30% less chance of depression. That’s why walking is excellent. Even if a person is emerging from problems like depression, walking can be considered a perfect way to ease them back into routine life. 

#4 Reduces your joint Pain

Walking is an easy way to exercise. It helps you lower the ongoing pain and strengthen your body muscles. It shows the best effects, especially on your joints, because it lubricates your joints (knees and back). 

Also, If a person has arthritis, he must walk daily as it will help reduce the pain caused by it. People who have reached middle age often feel pain in their lower back. It will have a good effect on reducing this pain. They should walk for 20 minutes thrice a week.

#5 Walking for Longer Life

Walking promotes good health for longer life. Those who walk daily may live longer, and also, if you don’t walk much, you may see wonderful results. Those aged 18 to 65 should keep themselves busy with moderate physical activity at least 150 minutes or 2.5 hours. 

Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

#6 An excellent way to lose weight

With age, the process of metabolism in our body slows down. That’s why we need to exercise more than the calories we consume. 

If you walk for 30 minutes daily, you can lose 200 calories. At this age, the more physical activity you do, the more it proves to be good for your health. 

A recent study was conducted by the University of Tennessee, which found that middle aged women who go on regular walks have less BMI and waist to hip ratio than those who do not go for walks.

#7 Good for your bone health 

According to Michael A. Schwartz, MD, of Plancher Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in New York, “If a person has osteoporosis, then the loss of bone mass can be controlled by walking daily.” Walking increases your mobility in the process and reduces pressure and pain on the joints.

#8 Walking May prevent cancer 

An unhealthy lifestyle and ignoring many things can cause dangerous diseases like cancer. By taking a regular healthy diet and daily walking, one can prevent certain types of cancer. Walking boosts your immune system, which helps fight against cancer. It can reduce the risk of cancer in a person’s body (We do not say that it is a cure for it). 

#9 Walking is effective for Dementia

When you do physical activity like walking every day, your body gets tired, and this fatigue is excellent for you to get good sleep. By getting proper sleep, your mind remains very relaxed and happy. 

Walking may develop the ability to think and reduce the risk of developing Dementia. If one has Dementia, he should try to do some regular physical activity to improve his flexibility, memory, and brain function. With age, a person faces many physical problems, so you must include activities like walking in your daily life.

Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

#10 Healthy Skin

By walking, the blood circulation in your body remains very good, and blood circulation is related to good and healthy skin. When you walk continuously, you will get healthy skin. For facial brightness, go for routine walks. Walking is a natural way to make your face look shiny, acne-free, and brighter. This is life’s growing years, so you must go for a natural way.

#11 Best for balance and coordination 

With age, every person has to face problems like imbalance. He is afraid that if he does any kind of workout, he may fall somewhere, so if you do walking, you can get rid of the problem of this method. Walking is always considered best for 

improves one’s balance and coordination.

#12 Social benefits 

When you start walking or join a group for it, you also meet new people and make new friends. It keeps your mood good. At the same time, you also start getting a little socialized if you were not before.

If you don’t socialize, then many negative feelings will come to your mind. So, when you share your problems with anyone, you also get the solution as soon as possible from them. That is why being alone is never considered suitable for your mental health.

Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

#13 An inexpensive way To Better Health

Walking is not just a simple exercise, but it is also an inexpensive exercise in which you do not need to pay any money, and you will not need any expensive stuff. You are entirely free while walking.

You can do whatever you want and breathe in the open and fresh air. Simultaneously, enjoy the calm atmosphere of the morning and the chirping of beautiful birds while walking.

#14 Overall Good Health

If seen properly, it is proven that it is an excellent exercise for our overall health. Walking helps lower the risk of blood clots and reduces the load on the heart. Also, It is not only helpful to get rid of bone pain in your joints, but it also helps reduce the risk of many diseases.

When Should You Go For A Walk Or Exercise? 

The right time to walk is considered to be in the morning. Because in the morning you are free from many things or work and your mind feels very energetic and positive.

Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

What You Will Need For Walking

Comfortable sneakers 

Everyone will know that when we go for a walk, having a good and comfy shoe can be of great help to you. That’s why you should always wear comfortable shoes. Wherever you go, buy them, wear them first and check whether it is giving you comfort in walking or not. 

Walking aids

Those going through such foot problems, take advice about your suitable footwear for walking. Visiting your doctor can help you to keep your walking plan on track.

Also, If you use walking aids like a walker or cane, then take great care of its adjustment, because if its adjustment or fitting is not done correctly, you may have to face many problems while walking in the morning. It may also raise some issues in front of you.  

For any inquiries, ask your Physiotherapist or GP for buying any support. The walker is made to lighten the load on your joints, so never stop yourself from doing it!.

Tips For Walking For Seniors

Walking is an excellent exercise for adults because it is low-impact, free, and super safe. It shows wonderful effects on your body and also improves your functional abilities. 

  • Before walking, choose a good and safe route and see if there is too much roughness on that path or not!. Because considering the surface can make your walking more comfortable. If you do not choose an uneven route, it is evident that less force will be felt on your joint while walking.
  • While walking in the winter season, you have to take care of many things. At this time, you may also face numbness. Be extra careful !. The road is very slippery during winters. That is why it is better to walk indoors (community fitness center and mall) than to walk in an outdoor place.
  • Walking with friends is a good choice: When you go on a walk with your friend, you follow the time very much because you go for a walk every day at your designated time and think not to be late. Going for a short walk with your friends can bring you many benefits. You can always share your feelings, which helps you deepen your friendship and makes you feel good.
Benefits of Walking for the Elderly
  • Wear only comfy and supportive footwear with low heels, and while buying a shoe, we should also pay great attention to the shoe’s grip.
  • Also, avoid walking too fast. Also, if you use a walker, you are at high risk of falling or having an imbalance, so don’t rush.
  • Never forget to take your phone with you before going on a walk. It’s necessary.
  • When you walk, a lot of sweat comes out of your body, leading to problems like dehydration. To avoid this, try and always keep a bottle of water with you. It will be right for you.

Ask Questions To Your Doctor

If you have a slight pain problem while walking, you should not walk very far or take a break in between. If this pain persists long, you should consult your physician. If you are very much concerned about it, consult your physician. There are many types of exercises in this world specially designed for older adults. We have made a list of those questions that you must know!.

  • What are some exercises that I should avoid? 
  • What are the exercises that should not be done in case of illness?
  • How should I exercise if I have diabetes and high blood pressure problems? 

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Wrap Up

It must be known that a healthy lifestyle also requires good physical activity. Physical activity helps your body bring more nutrients and oxygen to your organs which is good for your heart rate. Also, good physical activity requires a lot of energy, and we can get that energy by walking daily.

Benefits of Walking for the Elderly

You have seen many benefits of walking, so for a healthy lifestyle, start walking today. Quit worrying and focus on your health. Make a healthy diet chart and schedule, follow it well with full devotion and be ready for its wonders. 

We went to great lengths to accumulate all the information in one single article. We hope our efforts have proved beneficial for you and your loved ones. If the above information is useful for you, share it with your friends and families who are in need of such info.