9 Great Natural Remedies for Menstrual Pain Relief

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Are you someone that doesn’t like the thought of using medications and other potentially dangerous treatments? Is PMS bothering you so greatly you are on the verge of tears and do not know where to turn?

PMS is a painful condition affecting women of all ages. Most women will experience the condition of PMS at least once in their lifetime, but for many women it is a constant battle.

PMS can really bring you down when it strikes making it difficult to carry through the day or participate in the activities that you enjoy. Symptoms of PMS include pain and abdominal discomfort, food cravings, bloating and more.

Rather than risk your health with pain medications and other similar treatments, take a look at these 9 treatment remedies. They really work to rid you of the symptoms of PMS while keeping you safe and healthy.

1. Add vitamins and Supplements to your Life

There are a number of vitamins that have been proven to eliminate the symptoms of PMS. This includes Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, as well as calcium and magnesium. If you are not getting these foods naturally in your diet, add a supplement to your life and see great changes in the way that you feel.

PMS will no longer knock on your door! Talk to your doctor or head out to the vitamin store to take your pick of the vitamins. But, make sure that you try to get what you need through natural sources, first.

2. Exercise

Exercise has so many exciting benefits associated with it everyone should be devoting at least 30 minutes of their day to this activity. So many different exercises can be performed, all of which will provide you with good cardiovascular health, a toned body and relief from PMS. Get up and get active and put PMS in its place once and for all.

3. Heating Pad

Nothing is more relaxing when you’re cramping and bloated than a nice warm heating pad placed over your stomach. You can try this proven relief technique several times per day for instant relief. The heat feels so good when you’re cramping and otherwise feeling in pain.

4. Sex

Yes, sexual activity with the one that you love the most can help you reduce the symptoms of PMS! You see, sex releases hormones from the body. Those hormones release oxytocin which causes the uterine contractions felt during an orgasm. Who knew sex could provide PMS relief? At least this is something that you will enjoy doing to eliminate your woes! Go ahead and get your partner in the bed!

5. Change the Diet

There are many foods that help PMS and thee are also a ton of them that cause it to worsen. Find out what those foods are and make the right adjustments. One of the worst foods that you can add to the diet is alcohol and caffeine, but there are many that will help.

6. Massage

If you feel that PMS is sneaking up on you, head to the nearest massage parlor and you can find relief. A massage will provide relaxation to the muscles while also helping stop pain and other problems that are common with PMS.

7. Yoga

Yoga is also something that can eliminate PMS while helping you feel great. Since yoga calms the body and all of the muscles it can help you feel better and stop all of the pain and irritation that you feel.

8. Walking

Although walking may be the last thing that you want to do when you are bothered with PMS it can actually be very beneficial. If you feel a bout of PMS coming out, put on those walking shoes and get out there and walk. The amazing relief that you will find will be well worth it, if you can only find that motivation to get up and do it.

9. Reduce Stress

Although we all have some amount of stress in our life, it does not sit well when you have PMS. Make sure that you try all that you can to eliminate and reduce the stress that you feel in your life and you will find great relief of PMS, too.

As you can see PMS is not something that you have to just sit around and take lightly. There are many different ways in which you can treat PMS and all of the symptoms that come along with it if you are only willing to do so.

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