7 Foods To Improve Muscle Pain

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7 Foods To Improve Muscle Pain

There are many things that can cause muscle pain from a hard work out to an injury or disease.

The good news is that there are foods that can help to improve your muscle pain so that you can feel better.

Below are 7 of the foods that you might want to try if you are experiencing any muscle pain.

Maca Root

One of the best foods for improving pain out there is maca root. This is thought to be more of a luxury to many but this is a superfood and is a necessity for those who are looking to relieve pain naturally.

You can use 1 tsp of this in your drink to help relieve muscle pain, reduce stress and inflammation, and get extra energy. Maca helps to give your body amino acids it needs as well.


If you are having muscle pain you should try salmon because of its great anti-inflammatory properties. Those who used this it say that they have extra energy, less pain, and more strength than they have otherwise. A great idea for a meal with salmon is to get it with salad and a sweet potato.


Ginger is packed full of compounds that fight inflammation and reduce aches and pains from sore muscles.

You can eat consume this with a meal or you can take a supplement of ginger if that happens to better suit you.

Ginger adds great flavor to your food. Just like with anything else you need to know how much extra to take in each day so that you are sure to get enough of it but at the same time are not taking in more than you should.


Blueberries are not only enjoy but they can help with your muscle pain as well. This is because of the antioxidants that they have in them.

You can eat these raw or come up with great blueberry recipes that will allow you to really run with this food to relieve your pain and have a tasty little treat as well.


Another great option is cherries. You can drink the juice or eat raw cherries. These act like an NSAID but are natural which is a major benefit.

Cherries are also enjoyable and many people like them so eating them doesn’t seem like medication but instead is much more pleasurable.

Acai Berries

One of the more popular foods for muscle pain is acai berries. These are known as a superfood and you may have heard about them for weight loss.

That is not all they are good for though they help in reducing inflammation and pain and are full of antioxidants.

You can get these in a pill form as well and as a bonus you will notice that they can help if you suffer from digestive stress in any way.

You can also get a powder form of this and make a tasty drink if you would like. Who knows you may even be able to shed a few pounds while using this to help with any pain that you have.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is packed with amino acids that your body needs. It also contains fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin B, magnesium, and omega-3 fats which helps with inflammation.

This can help to increase your mood as well as aid in relieving your muscle pain. You make a drink out of this is get your the powder form.

Another great benefit of this is that it helps with your body’s alkaline because it has chlorophyll in it.

These are great foods that can really help you with reducing your muscle pain. You can combine a few of them and see how they work.

You may not notice an effect instantly but you should start to see an improvement soon after adding some of these into your regular diet.

You also need to remember that muscle pain that cannot be control might warrant a trip to the doctor to make sure that everything is okay especially if you have had a recent injury.

Along with these great foods you can try a warm bath in the evening to help jump start your relief.

Make sure that you use these foods or other for reducing muscle pain regularly in order to get the best possible effect from them.

You can get supplements or add them into your diet whichever is going to work better for your lifestyle and your preference when it comes to what you like and dislike.

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