Why Not The Best VA System

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VHA is the most extensive health care system in the US, having more than 1200 health care centers. It includes VA health facilities and outpatient care. However, many veterans feel that the care provided by the VA system is inferior to the Non-VA system. Read on to know more.

The VHA is one of the most extensive health care facilities in the VA system, and it offers various health care services to all eligible veterans. Many veterans groups, congress, and other people have concerns regarding the VA system, and they have thought that the care provided by the VA system is inferior to the Non-VA system. 

Why Not The Best VA system

In reality, the VA system has performed equally compared to other systems regarding patients’ safety and overall performance of the hospital. With the Mission Act, there has been improvement in the healthcare system, and it has expanded its access for veterans to get care.

Let us look at the VA healthcare system and know why it is still not the best VA system.

Veteran Healthcare System

VA is a complex healthcare system for veterans. The VA operates the veteran healthcare administration, and it is one of the largest healthcare systems in the country. 

While many countries are struggling to improve healthcare services due to the costs involved, the VA healthcare system is doing great work in improving the healthcare system. 

The VA has three strengths that make it different from the other non-VA healthcare systems.

  • It has clinical expertise systemwide regarding health conditions and disorders under one roof. All the experts and clinicians are well trained to treat various health diseases and injuries. This includes limb loss, spinal injury, or even brain trauma.

Also, the VA healthcare has specialists that help treat the mental health of veterans. It conducts various programs related to audiology, blind rehabilitation, speech pathology, and other sensory aid services. 

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  • A team of people to provide care and is veteran-centric. The VA system focuses on providing personal care and is patient-driven. Not only do they provide treatment but also look at ways to prevent any disease or health condition. The team includes the nurses, managers, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists, health professionals, and veteran family members. With the help of the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT), the veterans can communicate with the team via phone or messages for any health issues they face.
  • Looking at the veteran’s physical, economic and psychosocial needs and also provide support and care to their family members. Most private healthcare systems do not look at the holistic approach of the patients and look only at the physical injury and health conditions.
  • The VA system looks at the patient’s physical, social, economic, and psychological well-being. The VA healthcare system focuses on providing health with transportation, homelessness, clothing allowances, pharmaceutical benefits, and other caregiving support to the veterans and their family members.
How to Apply for VA Health Care

How Does The Veteran Healthcare System Work?

Nearly 9 million veterans get enrolled each year. The VHA gets 6 million unique patients and operates at more than 150 hospitals.

Let us know more about the VA system in detail and how it runs its healthcare network.

All Veterans Do Not Qualify To Get Full Care

Contrary to what people believe in, veterans do not get free healthcare service for a lifetime. When veterans return from a battle, they can enroll at the veteran health care within five years and get treatment in the VA healthcare centers after that period.

And suppose the veteran was not a part of any combat. In that case, he must enroll in some other VA care groups that include services related to any disabilities, environmental hazards, or are exposed to any toxic element.

Veterans Don’t Pay Any Premium But Need To Pay Copayments.

To get care from the VA healthcare system, the veterans are not required to pay any premium as many Americans pay for their private health care services.

However, veterans need to pay copayments. This depends on the type of care and time period, and the copayment can range from $8 to $1000.

Usually, veterans who have been severely injured or can’t get any other job are exempted from payments.

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The VA healthcare system Do Not Include Dental Services.

The VA system covers most of the veterans’ medical needs, including women’s healthcare as well. But there are a few exceptions to this, such as abortions or in-vitro fertilization, or drugs not covered under FDA. VA healthcare does provide dental care but is very limited, and veterans can avail of dental services if they have any dental injury.

The Need for Accessible Health Information

Sometimes VA System Do Pay For Private Treatments

In some circumstances, the VA pays for the private treatment of the veterans. This happens when the veterans need to get surgery, and the VA healthcare does not provide such a facility or have specialized professionals for specific treatments, and the surgery can’t be delayed.

Problems Of A VA System

The VA faces three significant problems in providing care to all the veterans. 


Most of the VA healthcare facilities are less funded as compared to many private healthcare systems. This further means that the doctors are paid less than other professionals, making it hard to fill up vacancies. 

There is a need to change the VA budget and offer a raise in pay to attract more physicians. The low budget makes the doctors move to the private sector. So there are shortages of nurses and doctors. Due to this, the veterans have to wait for a long time to get an appointment for their treatment.


The veteran administrator doesn’t know how many veterans are eligible and have the right to get medical care through their healthcare services. After the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, around four million veterans have enrolled in the VA healthcare service. 

VA needs have provided treatment for severely disabled veterans in the war. 


Many conservatives and healthcare providers want to convert the VA system to a conduit for government money and provide care to veterans. But the care provided in these private sectors is way expensive and much lower than what the VA provides.

How to Apply for VA Health Care

Wrap Up

The VA healthcare system has been developed for noble intentions but has been facing many challenges for years. With the mission act, the VA healthcare system has been trying to improve healthcare services and provide the best care to veterans.

We hope this article has given you enough guidance on the Why Not The Best VA system. If you have queries or questions about this topic, feel free to drop us a comment and we will respond back quickly with an answer.