What Causes Chronic Pain and How do you Prevent It

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What Causes Chronic Pain

Medical science has evolved quite a lot from the time of Darwin theory of evolution.

Back in those old times, people didn’t have the facility to detect and cure all the medical diseases and they were helpless when they faced some severe accident or got contaminated by any virus, bacteria or other kind of infection.

The modern science is quite capable of curing most of the diseases, but it is still far from perfect.

Chronic pain, one such field where medical science failed to do a complete analysis and near about 100 million people are suffering from America only.

The main types of chronic pain

There are two different types of chronic pain

  1. Nociceptive chronic pain
  2. Neuropathic chronic pain

Nociceptive chronic pain

Nociceptive pain is the type of pain caused by bodily damage and generally explained as an acute, sore, achy pain.

The main cause of its occurrence is the fragile nature of the human body. Cancer and tumor cells are ever growing cells in nature and when they grow too much, they tend to push other body parts.

This anomaly causes a constant sensation of pain to the person who is having cancer or tumor.

Nociceptive pain can also start when the cancer cells spread to the muscles, joints and bones. This causes an organ and blood blockage.

Neuropathic chronic pain

Neuropathic pain starts due to severe nerve damage. The spinal cord acts like the central bus in transferring neural information around the body and it enables the brain to interact with skin, muscle fibers and other internal organs.

When the spinal cord faces any injury due to excessive consumption of alcohol, toxins and occurrence of nutritional imbalance, this pathway gets affected and results in chronic pain.

This type of pain can also be caused due to path getting affected by cancer or tumor. This disease describes Neuropathic pain as a heavy burning sensation. The patients feel a numbness in the neural path when affected.

The main causes of chronic pain

The world is a random place and in this fast paced life, sometimes people ignore their own health and don’t take care of their own bodies.

Thanks to mother nature, the body is designed in a very efficient way and even after getting neglected so much, our body tries to function as normal as possible.

But with age and time, the self-healing nature of body gradually diminishes and it starts to show signs of chronic pain.

Again, nobody plans for an accident, but one of the prime causes of chronic pain is accidental damage of ligaments, bones, or muscle tendons when anyone meets an accident. The most probable cause of chronic pain is shown below.

1- Casualty caused from any collision or blow

When muscles, skin, or bones are hit by something hard enough, the constituents may suffer a permanent damage and it may cause a lifelong chronic pain. Sportsperson, army personals and law enforcement personals are more prone to this kind of injury due to the nature of their work.

2- Emotional Trauma

One may face chronic and long pain when they are experiencing any deep trauma. Loss of any family member or financial loss may trigger a strong emotional whirlpool which may lead to chronic pain.

3- Painkillers

Doctors advise their patients to take a painkiller in a prescribed amount, only if someone crossed the threshold limit, then the body starts to experience pain like a headache, neck ache, etc., which in the course of time may become a chronic pain in nature.

4- Poor Sleep

Sleep is highly essential for the proper function of the human body and if the body is deprived of sleep, then one may start to suffer from a headache, dizziness, and neural problems. If a medical advice is not taken sooner, the problem may take form to chronic pain.

5- Dietary changes

Poor diet and improper management of suppliant are one of the side effects of this fast paced life. People just ignore the demand of their own body in order to fulfil the demands of their career, family and friends.

Due to nutrition deficiency, the body starts to suffer from low performance. One should consult a proper dilatation and follow the prescribed nutrition chart in order to stay fit.

Deficiency of Magnesium

Magnesium (Mg) is an essential element for both developments of the brain and body.

If the body does not get the required amount of magnesium, then the deficiency of magnesium allows the Glutamate in the brain to become hypersensitive to pain.

Magnesium’s role has blocked these neurotransmitters from getting hypersensitive, its deficiency lets it get more sensitive.

Prevention of chronic pain

Chronic pain is a complex disease. Doctors and medical researchers were able to reduce the effect of the pain, but they were unable to cure it to its roots.

There are many lifestyles which may help to reduce the pain very effectively. The main methods to reduce chronic pain is given below.

1- Physical therapy

One can consult a Physiotherapist in order to know the exercise that they should practice in order to reduce the pain. Ones the exercises were followed religiously and regularly, then there is no reason that they cannot control the pain to a limit.

2- Tai chi/yoga

By following these ancient but effective methods, one can be able to control the pain. Yoga is found to be a most effective form of controlling the pain without using medicines.

3- Art and music therapy

Art and music are found to keep the disease at peace, and able to take the pain. Psychologists have found that when a person listens to Mozart and Beethoven, they feel a lot of relief from chronic pain.

4- Pet therapy and meeting new people

Psychologists have discovered that people suffering from traumatic chronic diseases can get a lot of relief when they keep a pet and meet new people and socialize a lot.

Meeting new people give them a chance to talk about their suffering and this may result in giving the person strength to endure more of the pain.