Chronic pain: Precaution is better than cure

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 Chronic pain Precaution

As one grows older, the responsibilities of daily life do not allow them to take care of their own bodies as they used to do in their younger years.

When the body is young, it has the capacity to endure the physical stress and the body is able to function even without much care, but in the course of time, the body starts showing signs of age and people starts to feel pain in their joints, headache, backache, neck ache, etc.

Types of pain

There are basically two variations of pain that are found in the human body.

  1. Acute pain
  2. Chronic pain

Acute pain

Acute pain is the type of pain which lasted for a short duration, starting from a day to about a month.

If a person meets a small accident or due to stress or lack of sleep, the person suffers a couple of days of migration, then it can be called an acute pain.

Chronic pain

The pain which lasts for more than a month is termed as chronic pain. Some doctors debate that the minimum duration of a pain to qualify as chronic in nature should be 4-6 months.

Chronic pain lasts for a long time and in most cases, the chronic pain stays for a lifelong duration.

The prime cause for having chronic pain

If one is an avid reader of news and socialize a lot, they can notice that retired sportsperson and army and law enforcement personnel often complain about the injuries and the pain they got during their career.

Chronic pain is mostly caused due to any accidental reason. There are other causes for getting chronic pain too.

A strong emotional trauma or personal emotional injury can cause a sudden pain in the body and even after the passing of the trauma, the pain may stay even longer.

The electrical impulse from the brain may cause the body muscle receptors to feel the pain when the incident occurred but the pain in the muscles stayed.

Chronic pain may be caused due to improper management of daily supplements and poor choice of diet.

Every person’s body requires a minimum amount of essential and non-essential nutrients.

If the person fails to provide the required amount, the body starts to show negative signs like fatigue, joint pain, headache, etc.

When one starts to face any symptoms of pain along with the feeling of dizziness and fatigue, then the person must consult a dietitian as soon as possible.

By taking appropriate nutritional tables and supplements, one can easily avoid getting chronic pain due to insufficient nutrition.

One must keep in mind to keep the level of magnesium in the body to a legitimate value.

The purpose of magnesium is to block the Neuro-receptors in the brain in getting sensitive to pain, but if the level of magnesium decreases, then the brain start to feel more of the pain.

One the worst mistake people do when they start getting acute pain is that they increase their dosage of painkillers.

Painkillers are good as a temporary solution, but frequent use of painkillers only increases the problem and makes the bad pain worse.

Not getting at least 6 hours of sleep is also one of the foremost reasons of getting affected by chronic pain.

People who work at night and do not get a chance to get enough sleep starts to get a severe headache and low blood pressure problems.

If the person avoids getting sleep even after feeling a headache, then it may develop into a migraine and become a permanent problem.

Methods of detecting the symptoms and prevention

It is not possible to completely get rid of chronic pain, but there are several methods which can help to endure the pain more effectively.

A person must become stronger, both emotionally and physically in order to handle this delicate situation.

By performing regular exercise and maintaining a high level of physical fitness, one can lower the rate and sensation of pain.

Again, one should practice yoga and tai-chi to become stronger emotionally. By performing yoga and meditation, the affected person can feel more peaceful and less stressed, which increases the controlling ability in controlling the pain.

In times of pain, one can try to socialize and talk to friends and relatives. By talking to them and sharing their pain, one can feel more relief, emotionally.

Psychologists advise that the patients can keep a pet or start to practice a new hobby.

By diverting their mind to positive things, the affected person can shift the energy lost due to fighting the pain to more positive and creative things.

Listening to soft music is a proven technique to control the pain caused due to chronic reasons.

Musicals from Mozart and Beethoven are found to pacify the mind of the person and while listening to their music the neural signals affected in person’s mind is found to be less susceptible to chronic pain.

It is hard but not impossible to lead a Life with chronic pain

There is no complete and permanent cure for chronic pain, but by following certain rules one can prevent the suffering as much as possible.

The most important thing is to stick to the plan and follow it very religiously. The mind and body are connected and an increase of chronic pain may lead to increased stress levels.

To make sure that the body is kept free from any chronic problem in the future, one must take good care of the body and eat well, get enough sleep and keep a high fitness level of the body.

Old people are advised to take part in daily household activities so that they get a minimum level of physical activity.

Socializing with friends is also a good way to get emotionally strong, so that the life becomes more endurable with chronic pain.

One must focus their energy on more positive and creative things in order to live a happy life with chronic pain.