What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Doctors aren’t exactly sure what causes CFS. Some believe that genetics and nervous system disorders play a part in it.

Others believe that digestive disorders, infections, thyroid and adrenal gland diseases. Combined with excessive stress, harmful toxins, allergies, pollution, poor eating habits, smoking and alcohol use overloaded the patient’s immune system. That’s what causes it.


The doctor will order a series of blood tests some of them include CBC, which checks the consistency of the different blood cells in your blood.

An ESR which determines if you have specific types of inflammation. The doctor will order a chemistry panel, to check overall wellbeing.

He’ll check your blood sugar level do a urinalysis and check thyroid function.

He might do other tests to rule out things like hepatitis, HIV, RA, lupus, TB and Lyme disease.


Although the symptoms vary, some of the more common ones include; general malaise, ache, fatigue, anxiety, depression, foggy headed, digestive trouble, difficulty remembering things, either extremely cold or excessively warm, irritable, mood swings and weight loss. Others might include; fever, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, insomnia and orthostatic hypotension.

Low blood sugar caused by CFS

Low blood sugar is often a symptom of this disease. Increasing your sugar intake will actually make this worse.

Your body will sense there’s an increase in sugar level, so it will make more insulin to bring it under control. This results in a high blood sugar that drops dramatically, causing a lower blood sugar and an increase in fatigue.

You need to include protein in your diet, in addition to the complex carbohydrates. Be sure to add a high protein snack during the day, and at bedtime. This will help your body maintain a steady blood sugar.

Foods to Avoid With CFS

Certain foods you eat can increase fatigue. Although this list varies, these are a few of the most common; products that contain sugar, flour and yeast. Foods like breads, pasta, cereals that contain gluten.

Eggs and dairy products. Citrus fruits, because of their high acid level. Foods that contain saturated and Trans fats like; processed foods, prepackaged bakery items, junk foods and cooking oils. Vegetables like tomato’s potatoes and eggplant.

You should stay away from central nervous system stimulants, found in coffee, pop and tea. Sugar substitutes like aspartame and nicotine is also a stimulant.

Foods to Enjoy

When you are choosing foods, try thinking of natural foods like fruits, and vegetables. They contain essential vitamins and antitoxins.

Instead of Dairy products maybe try almond, soy, rice or coconut milk. Coconut milk has antitoxin qualities, needed to help repair your stressed immune system

Instead of an egg maybe try boiling flax seed. Other things to try would be hemp seed, which has all the amino acids Omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids we need.

Cacao is good for your heart and it also has antitoxins. Chia seed contains magnesium, boron which helps reduce pain and it is packed full of calcium. Cilantro for the vitamin k and to remove harmful toxins from your body, Quinoa is a good source of protein.


The doctor might suggest you take an over the counter medicine like ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain. If the pain is severe He might prescribe a stronger pain medicine.

He also might suggest an anti-anxiety medicine or an antidepressant. He might use a type of corticosteroid.

Natural Treatments

Some people like to stay away from pharmaceuticals. So I’ve created some natural herbs and essential oils that will help you with CFS.

Essential Oils

Eucalyptus will help with various infections. It helps with inflammation, pain and helps reduce your fever. It also helps with digestive issues.

Kava will help you with insomnia. It will help with stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. It helps fight different type of infections like upper respiratory and Urinary tract infection.

Rosemary will help reduce symptoms.

Black pepper will reduce your pain and reduce digestive issues. It also assists you in keeping your heart healthy.

Skull cap will help with anxiety and tension. It reduces fever and has shown to be helpful in treating skin infections. It will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Rose will reduce some of your painful symptoms.

Juniper will help you get rid of the free radicals in your body and it will help boost your immune system.

Peppermint will also help with digestive issues.

Natural Herbs

I’ll begin with Nature’s pain killers. There are several of them, but two most utilized are; meadowsweet and white willow bark.

Meadow-sweet can help you with digestive issues you might be experiencing. It can also help if you have upper respiratory, or bladder infections and reduces pain.

Willow Bark is often utilized in numerous painful disorders.

Cramp bark can help with your anxiety, and restlessness. It reduces pain and some infections.

Celeryseed can help with any digestive issues you may be experiencing. It will help relieve stress, anxiety. It will help If you are suffering with insomnia. If you are trying to lose weight celery will help reduce your appetite.

Devils claw helps relieve pain. It also helps with digestive problems. It also reduces inflammation.

Passiflora is an all-natural stress reliever. This will help with anxiety and fatigue. It also helps relax the muscles which will help with fatigue.

Natural Energy Boosters

When you feel so tired that it’s a chore to get out of bed, you can try one of these natural energy boosters.

Ginseng, taurine. COQ10, carnitine, B vitamin, creatine, and tyrosine phenylalanine.

Green tea is a natural stimulant and an antioxidant. If you drink this do so sparingly, it contains a small amount of caffeine.

Summing it up

The cause of CFS is unknown, although many believe it’s from an overworked immune system. Although there isn’t a cure, there are things you can do to decrease your symptoms.

Some of them include eating healthy, staying away from Trans fats, saturated fats, sugar, flour, yeast, CNS stimulants, gluten eggs and dairy.

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