Veterans Caregivers? Your Guide To Strategic Analytics For Improvement And Learning

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Meta: The strategic analytics for improvement and learning was formed by the Department of VA. This model helps measure and look at the efficiency of all the medical centers across the country.

The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) provides life-long healthcare services to all eligible veterans. It has around 170 veteran medical care facilities around the country. 

It includes other benefits such as education assistance, life insurance, disability compensation, and others. The main mission is to provide care to all the veterans and their families who have borne the battle and honor them.

Guide To Strategic Analytics For Improvement And Learning

VA developed a SAIL model that measures and evaluates the quality and efficiency of all the medical centers throughout the country. The model specifies all the strategies of top performers of all the centers. 

It promotes the safety standards, quality, and healthcare services of all the medical centers. SAIL is one of the tools that will help improve the quality and services provided in all the healthcare centers.

In this article, let us look at the veteran caregivers and how SAIL helps improve the quality and performance of veteran health care centers.

Veteran Caregivers

Family caregivers play a crucial role in providing support to the overall health and well-being of the veterans. The VA offers many services and benefits to caregivers, including the monthly stipend, life insurance, education loans, travel expenses, and other such services. 

However, these benefits and services are provided only to severely injured veterans. The department of VA provides monetary compensation to caregivers for providing personal care services. 

Eligibility Criteria For Veteran Caregiver

To be eligible as a veteran caregiver, they need to enroll in the caregiver support program. Veterans who are severely injured are eligible for this. This includes severe brain injury, mental disorder, or trauma. Veterans who are not able to perform their daily activities and need support are eligible for this program. 

Guide To Strategic Analytics For Improvement And Learning

Eligibility Requirements For Caregiver

A family caregiver for veterans must be 18 years old and should be:

  • A son, daughter or spouse, or family member of the veteran.
  • Someone who stays with the veteran all the time or wants to help the veteran as a caregiver.

Strategic Analytics For Improvement And Learning (SAIL)

SAIL uses the web-based balanced scorecard model to measure and evaluate the efficiency of healthcare facilities. It offers a high level of views to provide quality health care services, and it helps managers assess all the measures of VA. 

Why Did Veteran Affairs Develop SAIL?

It has an internal benchmarking with the Veteran Health Administrator, which is one of the largest healthcare sectors in the US. It highlights the strategies of all the top healthcare centers and promotes quality and safety standards.

It further helps the veteran administrators to look at the strengths and opportunities that will help in improvement. It helps facilitate the practices to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare across the centers.

What Does SAIL measure exactly?

SAIL splits VA’s 130 medical care centers into different groups. These groups are based on the VA standards, and it depends on the hospital’s complexity and intensive care unit level. 

This model analyzes 25 quality measures, including mortality, customer satisfaction, complications, and these are further organized into nine different domains.  It gathers all the data from the VA programs and databases to measure efficiency.

Guide To Strategic Analytics For Improvement And Learning

How Does SAIL Measure The Performance Of The Facilities?

SAIL follows some steps to measure the performance of all the health care centers.

 For this it:

  • First, compare the facilities within their quality measure table and assign scores based on their performances.
  • The scores are then multiplied by a weight and added together in each domain. This becomes the domain score.
  • To measure the quality score, it uses this domain score. The quality domain is divided into sub-domains having different weights.

SAIL Value Model Measures


It has two measures that have a weight of 6% each. This is measured using a ratio of observed patients over expected deaths, and the ideal ratio will be one or close to 1.0.


It is the number of deaths while hospitalized and discharged within a day. It is calculated by dividing the number of patients admitted to the acute care ward by the predicted death count in 1 day.


The main metric in SAIL is the 30-day standardized mortality rate (SMR30). It is the number of veterans admitted in the acute care ward and died in the first 30 days of being admitted to the hospital divided by how many patient deaths are expected in the ward. It uses a risk-adjusted mortality model to predict death at a 30 days period.

Adjusted Length Of Stay (LOS)

It first measures the LOS index, calculated by dividing the length of stay by the expected LOS. The risk adjusted LOS is then calculated by multiplying the centers’ grand mean LOS with the LOS index . If the expected LOS is more than the observed LOS, the LOS index will be less than one. 

Guide To Strategic Analytics For Improvement And Learning

How Is SAIL Different From Other Healthcare Tools?

Being one of the best-integrated healthcare systems in the US, the VAMC organizes and looks at the needs of the veterans slightly differently than others. 

  • The quality measures that SAIL uses to look up at the complexity level of each healthcare center while looking at the performances. It includes the patient volume, clinical program, and the number of residents.
  • SAIL updates the health industry reports every four months and monitors the efficiency and care provided to veterans in each healthcare center. While other hospital industries update the reports annually.

Wrap Up

Many healthcare centers are using false data to meet unrealistic benchmarks, and there is no one to monitor it. So it is important for VA to develop a quality scoring system that is accurate and fair. Monitoring the performances of healthcare centers will help improve the performance and provide the best care to all the veterans.

It is essential to have a standard method to measure and evaluate the quality and performance of healthcare centers. SAIL is a great quality ranking tool developed by VA.  

Guide To Strategic Analytics For Improvement And Learning

SAIL helps examine the quality of VA and reflect the changes and values to provide the best care to veterans.

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