Top 11 Natural Remedies For Cancer Treatment

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Cancer, the very word instills fear into the hearts of those who hear such a diagnosis. When most people hear the word “Cancer”, they believe they’ve just been given a death sentence.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. However, the sooner a patient is diagnosed, the sooner they can begin to make the necessary changes to improve their health and combat cancer.

Of course, the easiest way to survive such a diagnosis would be to not have it at all. However, most people don’t really give that too much thought, that is until they hear the words themselves.

Cancer happens when cells go haywire and either continue developing when they should stop, or when cells aren’t developing properly. Either way, it’s a condition that is frightening to anyone who hears such a diagnosis.

With so many side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, many cancer patients are turning to natural remedies for cancer.

According to scientific studies, toxic microbes and parasites invade the cells in the body and can create cancer.

By using natural remedies you can literally kill off these toxic microbes and parasites and improve your immune system thus preventing and curing cancer.

Chemotherapy lowers the immune system and thus patients suffer from a myriad of side effects that can quickly require further treatment.

This can in turn exacerbate the weakened immune system even further. Thankfully, it’s much easier to reduce the risk of cancer than it is to cure the condition.

These all natural methods will help to prevent cancer, improve the immune system and restore the body to full health if cancer has invaded the cells.

 avoid fried foods

Dietary Changes

There are many dietary changes that can help to cure and prevent cancer. It’s important to eat foods that will help your body to develop a strong immune system. To do this, you must avoid foods that are fried or charbroiled. It is far superior to poach or steam foods as this will help to retain the nutritional value of foods.

You should also choose to eat at least a third of all of your foods raw. Raw foods retain the nutritious value that is often cooked out of foods in preparation.

Foods such as broccoli and leafy greens are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that can help repair cell damage caused by free radicals.

Add in herbs and spices such as curcumin, found in ginger and turmeric. And resveratrol as well to help promote antioxidants in the body.

This includes such foods as pistachios, blueberries, peanuts, grapes, white and red wines, cranberries, cocoa and even dark chocolate.

Include these foods in the diet as much as possible to help combat the effects of cancer and fight off radical cells that may form cancers.

If you have already been diagnosed include such foods to help combat the cancer and speed healing to your body.

It is amazing how just a few simple dietary changes can make so much difference in your overall health. You’ll begin to feel healthier within a week or so of starting on a healthy diet.

Processed foods should all be eliminated from the diet. This also includes grain based foods that have been processed as well as unprocessed organic grains as well.

These can rapidly break down and increase your insulin levels. Fructose tends to be the worst culprit and can feed and promote the growth of cancer cells. Avoid foods that contain “high fructose corn syrups”.

According to scientific evidence, in order to avoid or rid your body of cancer, you must learn to keep your fructose intake to 25 grams per day. This includes your consumption of fruit.

Remember, fructose can form naturally in fruits so you’ll have to be diligent in learning how to identify fructose and avoid as much of it as you possibly can for a healthier body.

Protein levels should be optimized at one gram per kilo of lean body weight. Very few adults would require more than 100 grams of protein, in fact, most would require only half of that amount or 50 grams of protein per day.

Proteins can readily be replaced with good fats such as higher quality meats, avocados, organic hen eggs and coconut oils.

Remember to consume things like caffeine in moderation if at all. Many products that we normally take for granted can contain something in them that can make us more prone to cancer or fuel cancerous cells.

Drink alcohol sparingly (this includes the white and red wines which should only be consumed in moderation for the benefits of the resveratrol).

Avoid smoking or being around second hand smoke. Many people associate an after dinner cigarette or cigar with a part of their dining ritual. Replace this with a healthier habit to stop cancer in its tracks.

no gmo

Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs, should be avoided at all costs. These are generally treated with herbicides like Roundup and can be carcinogenic.

These chemicals are toxic to humans and over the course of time can contaminate the body leading cells to grow wildly and turn into cancerous cells.

Instead, eat fresh organic foods that are locally grown, only then can you be assured of their origin.

In an effort to make foods more nutritious, many farmers and companies have begun using genetically modified organisms. Unfortunately, genetically modified organisms have begun to get a bad reputation as a leading cause of cancers and other diseases.

While these genetically modified organisms may make your foods grow bigger or larger or more quickly, they are very unlikely to provide you with any real health and nutritional benefits.

Avoid them whenever possible. Instead opt for organically grown foods that come right from your own garden, your local farmers market or that are assured of their non gmo modifications.

Omega 3s

When seeking a natural remedy for cancer, it’s important to regulate your ratios of Omega 3s and Omega 6s.

You can find Omega 3s and Omega 6 oils in high quality krill oils. Reduce your intake of other processed vegetable oils and concentrate on only ingesting healthy oils.

Omega 3s and Omega 6s can be found in a wide array of supplements and taken that way as well as eating foods that are high in Omega oils.

There are many great sources of Omega 3s. You can find them in Flaxseed’s, sardines, walnuts, salmon, soybeans and beef, cauliflower, tofu, brussel sprouts and shrimp.

Include plenty of these in your diet to help boost your immune system and your levels of Omega 3s.

Remember, most of these foods have a limited shelf life so consuming them at their freshest is the best way to gain the most benefits of your Omega 3s.


Your gut flora says a lot about your health. In cancer patients it’s imperative to regulate your gut flora to the good flora. To do this, you’ll want a good probiotic to help your body digest and rely upon the right microbes to fight off the cancer cells.

Cancer can cause an inflammatory reaction that will encourage the growth of the cancer cells. Probiotics help to reduce this inflammation and to combat the effects of the cancer on the gut.

Probiotics can also encourage healthy gut flora and help the body to better respond to chemotherapy treatments.

Other ways of encouraging healthy gut flora are to ingest foods that are fermented such as sauerkraut or pickles.

Yogurts and other dairy products may also help as long as they are not full of fats that shouldn’t be consumed as part of the anti-cancer or cancer fighting diet.

Read your labels on your yogurts and other dairy products to ensure that you’re getting the maximum benefit of your foods.

workout daily


It’s easy to stop wanting to exercise when you’re not feeling well. However, statistics show that if you do exercise, you’re going to feel better faster.

Exercise helps to lower insulin levels and this in turn can make the environment for cancer not so friendly. When cells have lower insulin they are far better equipped to fight off cancer cells.

Regular exercise is imperative to help fight off cancer and stop it in its tracks. Even a short walk is better than not getting any exercise at all.

In time, that short walk can be expanded upon and more intense walks can be taken. If you can add in aerobic exercises all the better. Just remember to start out slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

As you recover your health exercise will become easier and easier and you’re going to feel the difference. Focus on simple exercise when you’re not feeling up to a full blown workout.

Vitamin D

According to scientific evidence, you can lower your risk of cancer and help stop cancerous growths by adding a good vitamin D supplement to your diet.

For those undergoing cancer treatment, you’ll require approximately 30 to 90 mg/ml for the most benefit of the supplement.

It’s important to have the doctor monitor your vitamin D levels at regular intervals. You can also get more Vitamin D in the sunshine and by drinking Vitamin D fortified milk and other products.

Ask your doctor what your optimum Vitamin D level is and have them check it for you. It’s a quick easy blood test and will be very informative.

Sometimes levels are so low that a doctor will actually prescribe a very large dose of Vitamin D to be taken in one large dose with a second dose taken a week later.

Ask your doctor how much Vitamin D you require per day and how you should be getting your Vitamin D.

sleep improve immune system


Perhaps the easiest natural remedy of all for treating cancer, sleep is important. If you’re not getting enough restorative sleep, your body won’t have time to fight off the cancer.

Poor sleep interferes with your production of melatonin. Poor melatonin levels can leave you at risk for insulin resistance as well as weight gain which in turn can increase your cancer ability to multiply. Get your rest. It will give your body a chance to fight off the cancer.

A healthy adult requires six to eight hours of sleep per night. If you’re battling cancer, you may require even more. Get your rest.

If you can’t get six to eight hours of sleep in per night consider taking a short nap once or twice per day. This will help to improve your immune system and help you to fight off the disease.

Limit Exposure To Toxins

To help combat your cancer, stay away from as many toxins as you possibly can. This list should include all pesticides, all herbicides as well as household cleaners that contain chemicals.

This also includes air fresheners such as the synthetic ones and toxic cosmetics, shampoos and chemicals (yes, this would include hair dyes).

Be a label reader and if you can’t pronounce something that is in a product you buy, do your research and find out what it is and if there is anything that can cause cancer in the product.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce it, it might be hazardous to your health. Focus on all natural products that have just a few ingredients in them vs a long list of ingredients with many chemicals or toxins.

Limit Radiation Exposure

Even if you’re receiving radiation therapy for your cancer, you need to limit your other sources of radiation. Other sources of radiation include cell phones, cell phone towers and bases.

Base stations for all radio communications, Wi-Fi stations, dental X rays and other X rays that you may require. If you can avoid them, by all means, do so.

If you do have any upcoming tests that involve radiation, be sure to let the technologist know that you’re undergoing cancer treatments and ask them to minimize any excess exposure to radiation.

In some cases, they can postpone the exposure to radiation to a time when you’re cancer free. While diagnostic tests are important to health, they may increase the risk to cancers in some people.

Talk with the technologist on how you can minimize your exposure while still getting the medical benefits that you require.

Reduce Stress Levels

Reduce Your Stress Levels

When your body is stressed you’re at a higher risk for fighting off anything, especially cancer. Stress has long been associated with putting people at a higher risk for disease.

Find ways to reduce your stress levels. Unresolved issues in your life can create emotional distress which in turn can cause your body to be at a higher risk for diseases including cancers.

Address these issues and find a way to resolve them as quickly as possible. Lower your stress levels and avoid situations that can create more stress in your life.

If your job is stressing you out, consider changing jobs to something less stressful. Find ways to remove yourself from stress and watch how much better you begin to feel.

Consider meditation and physical activity as ways of dealing with stress as well. The body is an amazing machine and if you’re keeping busy you’ll be dealing better with the stress.

Just make sure that you’re not keeping so busy that you’re adding to the stress. There is a happy medium of being busy so seek to strive for that level and maintain it for the best possible results.

Restore Your Immune System

One of the key’s to treating cancer is to restore your immune system. Many people get so caught up in the latest diet trends and the latest treatment protocols that they forget how important their immune systems are.

Limit your exposure to toxins and chemicals. Limit your stress and be concerned about what is in the foods you’re consuming.

Focus on healthy living and staying away from things that simply aren’t healthy for you. Decades ago cancer was virtually unheard of. If you did hear about it you were sure to be given a death sentence.

Thanks to more information and modern technology, more and more people are surviving cancer diagnosis.

Thanks to learning natural methods of treating cancer, more and more people are finding even healthier and better ways of treating cancer.

Today the long term diagnosis of cancer is far better than that of ten years ago. More and more people are focusing on natural cures and finding healthier alternatives to chemotherapy that can weaken the entire body not just the cancer cells.

Today, more than ever before, cancer patients have options. They have a better chance of survival and a better opportunity to treat their conditions.

With modern medicines more people are being diagnosed early which gives them a better chance at recovery.

The sooner a condition is diagnosed the sooner patients can begin healthier living which in turn is a way of natural remedies for cancer.

Cancer is no longer the death sentence that it once was. Thanks to modern technology it can be diagnosed earlier and by implementing these healthy natural changes in lifestyle it can be cured much more quickly than ever before.