The Importance of Leg Pressure Points

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We have what is known as pressure points scattered throughout the body. These pressure points reduce pain when pressure or manipulation is applied correctly.

In addition to alleviating pain, manipulation of these pressure points may also provide other significant benefits to the health. Pressure points can be found in the head, neck, back, arms, legs and elsewhere on the body.

Here we will focus on pressure points in the legs and the many benefits enjoyed when you learn the proper manipulation techniques or visit a licensed massage therapist.

Find your Leg Pressure Points

The upper half of our body receives a more adequate supply of blood flow to and from the heart than the lower half. It is for this reason that many people experience pain and inflammation in their legs and feet.

Learning the pressure points in the legs, as well as manipulation techniques, may improve the circulation of blood flow through the legs, reducing pain, inflammation, swelling and other conditions affecting both men and women.

With an improved circulation of blood through the legs, the body is able to repair itself quicker, recovering damaged cells and improving growth.

It is important that damaged cells are able to recover quickly since they are responsible for transmission of oxygen and vital nutrients. These cells also help remove waste and carbon dioxide from the body.

Benefits of Leg Pressure Points Manipulation

When you promote blood circulation throughout the legs, you can ensure that you are benefiting yourself greatly.

The use of manipulation on those pressure points in the legs is the easiest, safest and fastest way to increase the blood circulation in the legs. With improved circulation from the legs to your heart, other benefits are also enjoyed. Those benefits include:

  • Prevention of varicose veins
  • Reduce pain in the feet
  • Prevention of restless leg syndrome
  • Better healing time when injured or wounded, whether that is a cut on the leg or a sprained ankle
  • Better regulation of the body temperature
  • Help prevent Type 2 Diabetes
  • Promote muscle and bone growth in your lower body and extremities

Get to know Acupressure

Manipulation of the leg pressure points is called acupressure. To perform acupressure correctly you must apply continuous, deep pressure to the pressure points in the legs.

There are several of these pressure points found in the legs. Pressure points are areas of the leg that help supply fresh blood and oxygens to the body.

Leg Pressure Points

Leg Pressure Points

The following pressure points are found in the legs. It is a good idea to get to know some of these pressure points, or them all, and begin using acupressure as soon as possible.

Age is irrelevant for the use of these pressure point techniques but older adults find it especially beneficial. Let’s take a look at those pressure points in the legs.


Spleen 12 is one pressure point found in the legs. When applying acupressure for relief of pain and promotion of blood circulation it is best to start manipulation at this pressure point.

SP-12 pressure points are found on both sides of the legs. To find this point, look where the cease joints your thighs and your trunk.


Bladder 40 is another pressure point in the legs. BL-40 manipulation promotes healthy blood flow through the popliteal artery. This pressure point is found on the back of the knee, in the right crease of the knee joint.

There’s lots of flesh here. The BL-40 pressure point is found in both legs. To find this pressure point, begin with pressure applied to the calf muscle using your middle finger. Run your finger down to the popliteal fossa.


Stomach-36, or ST-36, is a pressure point that can be found underneath the kneecap. To find the pressure point, count down four finger widths, keeping one finger width outside of the tibia, or the shin bone.

If you place your fingers on this pressure point you will notice that your ankle joint will move up and down. This one is a bit difficult for some to find initially, but once you find it the first time it will be easy from that point forward.


To promote blood flow through the posterior tibia artery, find pressure point SP-6, or Spleen -6. This pressure point is found above the inside ankle bone in the lower calf muscle. This pressure point can be found three finger widths down from the shin bone.

Liver – 3

Another important pressure point in the leg is Liver -3, or LR-3. This pressure point helps promote healthy blood from and fresh oxygen and nutrients to the anterior and posterior tibial arteries.

This pressure point is located between the big toe and the second toe. To find this pressure point, place your finger on the ankle and raise it until you run into bones.

Acupressure on these pressure points provides individuals with an array of benefits that begin to work almost immediately. Acupressure is safe, effective and definitely worth learning, or at least finding a specialist to provide the technique to your legs.

There are many acupressure specialists out there who can perform acupressure on the legs. You’ll definitely feel like a new and improved you with the use of acupressure in the legs and throughout the body.

Final Thoughts

It is very much worthwhile to learn the various pressure points found in the legs or to find someone who can perform the task for you.

You’ll quickly alleviate pain that can otherwise interfere with your quality of life and your enjoyment of various activities.

Almost anyone can use acupressure and pressure points to help alleviate aches and pains and to promote healthy blood flow through their legs.

Acupressure is far safer than using medications or risky surgery, with ongoing benefits enjoyed the more that you participate.

Learn more about the pressure points in the body, particularly in the legs, and you’ll enjoy the many benefits listed here and many others.


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