Shoot the shooting pain of fibromyalgia

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Shoot the shooting pain of fibromyalgia

The aggravating pain in the back, head or muscle can be fibromyalgia. People who have gone through this excruciating pain know the horrible experience that they had to undergo every day.

The thought of remembering that state sends shiver down their spine. We do not want you to have Goosebumps again! The time has come to shoot the agonizing feeling with the best treatment available.

Let us throw some light on this ailment

If you are experiencing continuous piercing on your neck, joints, or any other part of the body, then you may be suffering from this condition.

You may be wondering that it must be a normal pain, which almost every person undergoes at some stage. Do not commit this mistake of taking this throbbing condition lightly, as it can turn your daily life upside down.

Most of us put it in the category of the joint problem or muscle cramps, this attitude can backfire us and can prove futile.

The similarity between the common symptoms and that of fibromyalgia confuses both the patient and the doctor. Therefore, it becomes difficult to detect it and then cure it correctly.

It can be this hidden ailment

The two tests that include observing the condition of the patient for 90 days and checking the 18 tender points in your body, take you somewhere near the solution. Again, these tests are not 100% correct.

You start taking every new painkiller that is available in the market, go to a chiropractor, a therapist and when you do not get relief, you try having antidepressants.It is better to stay in touch with the doctor and monitor your body.

All the researches that have been conducted on those who have experienced this problem and have managed it to a good extent, depict that though there is no particular treatment and medicine for this condition, but you can surely lessen the impact.

The essential point is that you need to see a specialist who treats this condition and ensure proper care from your side.

Target the ailment and shoot the pain

Target the ailment and shoot the pain  

No magical wand can eliminate this syndrome all together. It is agreed that the level of irritation and the inability to do anything can take a toll on the mental exertion.

Nevertheless, your will power and the confidence that you can get back to your previous fittest self can boost the energy to pierce the pain instead of getting yourself pierced!

Any treatment that you adopt in this will reduce the symptoms to a minimum and can bring back your life to normal. However, you need to pay extra emphasis on your body and prevent this syndrome from reverting.

You can consult a rheumatologist, neurologists or a therapist. The specialist will generally refer painkillers like paracetamol, antidepressants like pramipexole and even pills to cure insomnia and seizure.

It is better to consume these pills only under the prescription of the doctor and in moderation. You would not want to add more perils when you are already in the battlefield!

Go for home remedies to speed up the treatment

Studies have shown that there are more improvements by following the natural methods than the scientific ones.

These options have no side effects, that is, if you are not noticing any progress, you will not even find yourself in worse state.

The most important thing is to lead a healthy life where you consume healthy vegetables and fruits. This diet supplements all the nutrients of your body.

In addition, you should keep yourself active by engaging in physical activities like aerobics, dance and swimming.

You can even go for morning walks and participate in yoga and meditation camps. The main thing is to keep yourself engaged.

You can join even groups that are active in counseling these patients. You can always participate in these talk sessions, it will give you the energy to curb the effect of this ailment.

Then you can visit physiotherapist and psychotherapist who can take you out of physical and mental pain simultaneously. When we hear the story of those who defeated this condition, we receive the much-required support that even “we can do it”.

One factor that can worsen your condition is anxiety. Do not let this harmful thing come near you as it can spill water on your efforts. You can add Epsom salt while taking bath as this will calm you.

A majority of women suffers from this ailment, whereas the ratio is low in case of men. Therefore, you need to regulate your hormones so that they can help you in firing the symptoms!

Maintain a distance to bask in the victory

It is a big sigh of relief that research is under consideration to discover a proper treatment for it. Although natural treatment is the best and the cheapest, you need to be aware of the dos and the don’ts when you are building that shield to protect yourself.

It is important to control the glycemic level. Therefore, consume natural sweets instead of going for food that are dripping sugar. Even your dairy products should be free from sugar.

Practice exercises under the guidance of some instructor. You are already suffering from some pain and over the top; performing some weird exercise can land you in major trouble.

You can also consult your doctor before trying anything new. The effort should be to get rid of the laziness and be as active as possible.

Now even impossible has become possible

You do not have to sulk thinking that how and when you will separate this severe pain from your body. Treating this condition is possible.

The main thing is to have patience. It can take 10 days to 10 months also. If you leave it in between and switch to some other method, then you will take a lot of time to get out of this situation.

Sometimes medicines and treatment modes slowly work on your body. The signs of improvement are not visible instantly, but will become invisible suddenly some day. If you have the will power and “I can do” feeling, then you are definitely going to be victorious!

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  1. I have fibromyalgia for 5 years now & I’m on cymbalta & Lyrica, how can you advise me because I only get relief & not a total cure, is they any thing I should be taking?


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