Natural Remedies for a Damaged Nervous System

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A damaged nervous system is no joking matter.  It can be a debilitating condition.  It can cause pain, numbness, tingling feelings and muscle spasms as well as involuntary release of both solids and fluids depending on both the severity of the damage as well as the location of the damage.

Throughout the course of this article we will discuss damage to the nervous system and how it can occur.  We will also discuss various forms of diagnostics and treatments.  At the same time we will try to determine if there are any natural remedies for this malady and what they might be along with their level of effectiveness.

While that is what we will be discussing it cannot be stressed enough that any, ANY damage to the nervous system MUST be diagnosed AND treated by a trained medical professional. 

The Nervous System Defined

The nervous system is a network of nerves that runs throughout our entire bodies.  The “home base” if you will for a nervous system is housed in the spinal column and the “boss” of the nervous system which tells it what to do and when to do it is housed in the brain.

The nervous system is responsible for our sense of touch, for knowing if something that we touch is too hot or too cold.

It has the responsibility of not only telling which muscles to move when we want to pick up a spoon or take a step but also leaving us feeling as if we are doing it without even thinking about it.

Natural Remedies for a Damaged Nervous System

Nervous System Damage

Nervous system damage can have severe effects on our ability to live as a functional part of the human race.  While our mind still works, somewhere between the boss in the brain and the home base and whatever nerves are connected to those parts, there is a misfire…a message that doesn’t get conveyed or that gets conveyed involuntarily.

This type of damage can occur as the result of a serious accident or injury.  Conversely people are often born with nervous system damage related to certain medical conditions and genetic predisposition.

 Diagnosing Nerve Damage

The diagnosis of any type of nerve or nervous system damage should be done only by a trained medical professional.  There are different tests that a doctor can perform to diagnose the nervous system damage as well as the particular nerves that will/are effected.

Treatments for Nervous System Damage

While there are many different causes for nervous system damage, there are just as many treatments. These treatments vary from patient to patient as what works for one patient may not have any effect at all for another patient.

The doctor who diagnosis the damage to the nervous system can and will formulate a personalized treatment plan for each individual patient.

Natural Remedies for a Damaged Nervous System

When a person is suffering from a type of damage to the nervous system resulting in neuralgia then they may find relief from this pain in the nerves by treating it with different herbs including meadowsweet or valerian. If the nerve damage is from or related to Multiple Sclerosis then the patient may find relief from such things as lobelia or cordyceps.

For nervous system disorders related to certain forms of epilepsy a patient could try black cohosh or even hyssop.  Autumn crocus is also thought to help with pain in the nerves but should never be ingested but used as a compress on the affected area.

Camphor is a rather popular natural remedy for swelling and pain related to nervous system damage.  This comes in an oil form.  Neuralgia as well as sciatica may be relieved by an infusion of Feverfew.

All of these natural remedies and even more are out there.  Herbalism has been in practice almost since the beginning of time.  People started realizing the medicinal properties of certain plants and throughout even the Middle Ages “wise women” were women who knew how to treat certain ailments with plants.

Throughout the centuries when witch hunting was prevalent this practice pretty much died out as it was the same wise women healing people were then thought to be witches.

Regardless, herbalism is alive and well today and natural remedies such as the ones described above may be helpful to certain people.  That being said, any and all nervous system related issues should be not only diagnosed by a licensed professional but also treated by one.  By trying to heal yourself you could actually end up making things a whole lot worse than they were before.

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