Kratom Causing Stomach Pain? The Side Effects

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There are different kinds of people who want to try Kratom. The reason why most people don’t really go for it is that there is a confusion or misguided reasoning of how to use it.

The answer to how someone can start is there, but it is not as straightforward. Some of the reasons that are available are invalid, and some even need preconditions to start with.

When some people start using it, there are a couple of symptoms that they stumble on, indigestion, constipation, and other stomach issues.

But the most basic effects that people experience include cerebral pain, nervousness, and loose bowels.

Since people are not sure about the buzz around Kratom consumption, we are going to discuss the details about it.

Why go for Kratom? 

Firstly, according to Southeast Asia Globe, Kratom is a plant that is commonly found in southeast Asia. It used to be an effective member of caffeine.

It grew in popularity because of its benefits and rare side effects. But the most popular use has developed to be a recreational one because of its therapeutic use.

For centuries, people have been using it. The effects that make people drawn to it include cognitive enhancement, mood boosting, acts as a painkiller, stress relief, and anti-anxiety. More than that, it is used perpetually for its health effects.

Are there side effects from using Kratom? 

Kratom is highly potent. There are lots of alkaloids that have considerable effects on a user.

For a user to experience a lot of effects, there has to be something that has high potential, this is why Kratom alkaloids’ nature makes them powerful.

The active elements in Kratom, the alkaloids, can also have an equal negative power. It all relies on how the users use it.

There a spectrum of effects that can be experienced, but they can only follow one track at a time. It’s either active or negative.

Kratom has lots of side effects. But if it is well ingested, it does not have any dangerous consequences.

The most important piece is its administration, because, if proper care is taken, its side effects reduce. People who complain about the side effects of Kratom take it in unrecommended dosage.

For a user who takes Kratom causally, the minor or moderate doses will be below 5 grams. This quantity has very low side effects.

When a user takes higher doses of more than 10 grams, it is easy to experience the side effects.

The use and health status of medicines are critical points to determine the possible interactions with Kratom. In most cases, Kratom does not fail anyone for any kind of effect.

kratom stomach pain side effects

Effects of Kratom 

The side effects experienced with Kratom are associated with hyper reactions to certain medicines, foods, and herbs.

For Kratom, the following effects can be experienced: 

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach pain
  • Digestive problems
  • Sleeplessness
  • Vomit
  • Dizziness

By nature, these effects are minor. These effects tend to go away on their own without medication. But if they persist for more than 24 hours, then you need to seek medical attention.

Abdominal issues caused by Kratom

One of the major effects of Kratom is its interference with digestion. The first symptoms are stomach pains which grow and become abdominal pains.

The stomach pain will be accompanied by dizziness, headache, diarrhea, and constipation. These effects can be experienced all at the same time.

To make it clear, it is not just Kratom that has this kind of effect; even other plant extracts can do this.

However, these effects are not extremely harmful because they can be tackled easily. If its any consolation, there are quite a few instances where these effects can be materialized.

Additionally, some solutions can be prepared at home for these side effects. If a user has a bad experience, there is a way to fix it.

This is probably a way to show how beneficial Kratom is even if its side effects are not pleasant. What makes getting by easier is that there is a simple way to counter the effect.

Indigestion caused by Kratom

There are people who find it hard to digest Kratom. When they eat Kratom, the end result is unbearable stomach pain, but that is ideally an overdose effect and not a side effect.

The reason why such an outcome is caused is that Kratom is a new element that the body does not know.

It plays like an allergic reaction when the body causes a sensitive response. In this manner, it is better to introduce Kratom in the body in small doses and that taking a large dose that shocks the body.

How to fix it

In most cases, most plant medicines cause a stomach effect, but it is not a lethal effect. There are lots of home-based solutions that can counter the stomach pain caused by Kratom. For instance, one can do the following:

If you want to overcome pain, you can take grapefruit juice which works to inhibit the metabolization of Kratom.

Since Kratom has polyphenolic compounds, this is what enables it to create stomach issues. For users who use Kratom for pain relief, they can commonly get this side effect.

You can also take over the counter medicines for countering stomach pains caused by Kratom. It is advised to take the medication half an hour before taking Kratom to avoid stomach issues and also reduce any pain that springs up.

Abdominal pain and stomach cramps

When the digestive system is disrupted, you can easily get cramping and abdominal pains. There are users who complain of headaches which are caused at times by weak digestive systems.

It is not right to take Kratom when you have a weak digestive system.

If you want to have a healthy digestive system, you need to eat high fiber foods and hydrate occasionally.

This is general advice that you need to follow even if you are not using Kratom. These types of food help you to become healthier and happier.

Additionally, it reduces your chances of getting medications for your digestive system in the future.

To relieve the side effects of Kratom from your body, you need to hydrate your body more often. It works to give your body a good clean sweep.

When you drink lots of water, it washes away the Kratom elements from your stomach with minimum effort. If you want to enjoy your intake of Kratom, ensure that you take more water.


When you take any medication or herbs that the body is not familiar with, you will most likely get constipation.

This is not a dangerous effect, but this is where Kratom kicks in. Years ago, Kratom was used as a treatment for diarrhea.

Kratom alkaloids help to diarrhea by contributing to the regulation of the bowel problems. When you improve the food intake, you will be helping the healing process.

You can go for certain remedies that can help you with constipation. According to Medical News Today, olive oil can help with easy bowel movements.

One spoon of olive oil can help to provide relief to your situation. At first, it may feel unpleasant, but it helps in the end.

Kratom Causing Stomach Pain

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea is the net effect of constipation and nausea. If you feel a persistence of nausea, you will eventually start to vomit.

But in most cases, nausea is what will last for a few minutes without the chance of vomiting taking place.

When you are going for Kratom, it is important to take the right dosage for your body. You can feel nauseous when you start with a high dose as a beginner. It might not be a bad experience, but you can avoid it when you take a good dosage.

You need to provide the body with a good dose because your body has to prepare itself for receiving and sending signals throughout the body, while also looking at how to extract the waste material.

The body will also figure out how it can handle the medicine and its side effects.

Decrease in libido

People who take an overdose of the drug tend to have low libido, kratom is a natural opioid, but it can affect your sexual drive, although it works differently for everyone.

Someone who has good health and takes the right amount of dosage can have a good experience with it.

How to handle the problems

If you would like to lower the risk of getting any type of side effects, you need to take the minimum dosage. If you use Kratom two times a week, you are using a good amount.

You can also take Kratom in high dosage if you split the dose into two, by taking the second dose 45 minutes after taking the first one.

According to Kats Botanicals, 2-5 grams of Kratom is considered as low dosage. These levels help to provide a more stable and functioning body that is free from side effects.

You can also go for a mild strain when you start instead of going straight to the strongest strain as a beginner.

Now, if you want to know great ways to take Kratom, you can learn 5 different ways through the video below:

General guidelines for using Kratom

According to the DEA (Drugs Enforcement Administration), it has laid out its concerns about the use of Kratom because of its effects.

The following are the effects that are experienced by using Kratom as per different levels of dosage:


  • Fatigue
  • Illusions
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Respiratory depression

High dosage

  • Drowsiness
  • Induce body itching
  • Nausea
  • Nausea and then vomiting
  • Suppression of emotional break
  • Insensitivity to physical pain

Low dosage

  • Adds confidence
  • Enhances stamina
  • Increases sociability
  • Promotes talkativeness
  • Elevates energy
  • Increases alertness

These effects are experienced once someone has taken them. They last for a long time as long as Kratom is in the body.

According to Addiction Rehab Centers, on average, they can stay active for 5 hours.

In case an overdose is taken, the experiences can last for up to 7-8 hours. There are serious complications when you abuse Kratom because you can get into a form of psychosis which makes someone hostile, confused, and aggressive.

Other possible reasons for the side effects

Dosage is not the only cause of the side effects. There are other reasons that are responsible, like the type of Kratom being used may be of low quality. When you purchase Kratom from a high-quality vendor, you reduce the risk of experiencing side effects.

kratom dosage

Risk of severe side effects

We have already looked at the minor side effects that Kratom can cause, and as we said, there are no adverse effects that can cause death.

There has been no recorded incident where Kratom has caused death. The only side effects that are common are the ones that have are not anticipated.

To naturally control these effects, it is important to take a break from using and eating Kratom. The worst case scenario is that you will sleep for a long time, which is not a bad side effect.

Final thoughts of overdosing on Kratom

Kratom does not have severe side effects. When you look at the case of chemical medicine, the risk of side effects is lethal.

The best part about Kratom that makes it really easy to deal with is that the side effects vanish from the body as soon as Kratom is released from the body.

Once it is out of the body and the user takes a long peaceful sleep, the next time the individual will wake up, the body will feel fresh.

In the same breath, the home remedies are beneficial, alongside the use of over the counter medicine for stomach pain and other stomach related issues.

All the measures we have listed will only be useful if you take an overdose of Kratom.

If you want to avoid all of the effects for the future, it is important to create a balance between the doses of Kratom. You can prevent the effects easily without making a mess.

In summary, it is better to enjoy the benefits of a product when you take the right amount of dosage. When you take the tips we have listed above, you will enjoy the experience of Kratom when you try it.