How to manage joint pain using diet and supplements

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How to manage joint pain using diet and supplements

Many people feel some type of joint pain in their lifetime but for some this is more common than for others. The pain is difficult and causes hardship in maintain your life and your livelihood and causes massive amount of pain.

Joint pain can affect men and women of any age and any from any background, and there are several causes of the pain.

There are a number of diets and supplements that can be used to help eliminate and minimize the conditions.

Causes of Joint Pain

There are many things that can cause a person to experience elbow joint pain. The cause of the pain also affects the severity of the pain.

Among the causes of elbow joint pain are sleeping the wrong way, straining the elbow when you have moved, sports injuries and sometimes even inactivity of the elbow.

For example, those who work office jobs and sit on a computer for a majority of the day may find their elbow and joints to suffer.

Treating Joint Pain

You should make an appointment with a doctor if the joint pain that you are feeling becomes severe. You want to be safe and ensure that there are not any dislocations or other abuses of the pain.

The doctor can offer a number of different treatments for those bothered by the condition. Some of the treatment choices available include:

OTC Medications

OTC medications can be purchased at any drug store for just a few dollars. There are many types and brands of pain relief medications available. It is advisable to seek a medication that treats pain as an anti-inflammatory.

Physical therapy

The doctor may recommend that physical therapy be used for the treatment of elbow joint pain if it is severe enough.


Many people find a great amount of relief when they massage the area that is sore and this may be something that you want to do as well.


ice can be applied to the elbow to help minimize the swelling and the pain. It is recommended that an ice pack be used three to four times per day in increments of 15 to 20 minutes each time.


Alternating the ice packs with heat is a really good idea. This helps minimize pain and swelling as well. Use heat once or twice per day for 10 to 15 minutes each time.


In many cases it is overuse of the elbow that causes pain to develop. Because of this it is usually recommended that rest be used to help the elbow heal properly.

This could mean avoiding certain situations, at least for a time period, and this does include sports.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another treatment option that is available to you. With this treatment option trained medical therapists work with you and your elbow to relieve the pain in no time at all.

This is usually something that the doctor will recommend for severe cases and when no other forms of treatment are helping to provide the needed pain and inflammation relief.

The Bottom Line

Tendinitis is the most common problem associated with pain in the joints of the elbow but there could be many other things that also causes it.

If you are experiencing this problem and have tried time, rest and over the counter treatments it is a good idea to make your way to the doctor as soon as possible.

He will be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the condition as well as offer alternate remedies that may benefit you greatly.

Elbow joint pain is nothing to play around with. It is a very painful condition no matter who it is affecting.

Luckily there are also a number of things that you can do to cease the pain and discomfort that you are feeling.

Use those recommended remedies as soon as you can and hopefully you, too, will be able to regain your life back, free of pain.

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