How Does Fibromyalgia Affect Your Life

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 Fibromyalgia – A Big Pain in Your Life

A pain management specialist will let you know that Fibromyalgia is a health condition in which an affected individual suffers great amount of acute pain in different body parts, including muscular tissues and tendons. Women are more at risk of this health condition than men.

About 80% of the sufferers of the syndrome are women and other 20% belong to the male gender. The pain usually starts from the shoulders, neck, pelvic girdle, and back.

Right after that, it starts traveling into other body parts including arms, legs, feet, lower back, upper back, other joint body parts, hips, and many other places.

It is a combination of physiological and physical disorder and must be treated with proper medication, healthy diet, and effective physical exercises. There are some herbal remedies to fight Fibromyalgia pain that are very effective and easy to use.

These herbal remedies help the patient to deal with fatigue, and also it is very good addition in your medication to energize yourself and to carry on your everyday tasks.

Let’s Have a Look at Causes of Fibromyalgia

As a matter of fact, the health condition was discovered just 2 or 3 decades back and health professionals are still working on it.

For this reason, the exact causes of the disorder are still unknown and you will be required to get in touch with your medical doctor to know more about the latest studies and facts about Fibromyalgia.

Your genetics can play a big role in causing this health condition. However, a couple of causes have been discovered by the qualified health professionals. Make sure you read them properly to know more.

1- Problem may be caused by your genes.

2- Finding yourself in great stress, anxiety and depression can result in Fibromyalgia.

3- Abnormalities and irregularities in your neurotransmitters.

4- Hormonal fluctuations can play a critical role in leading to this health condition.

5- Depression plays a key role in damaging your brain which sooner or later leads to Fibromyalgia.

6- Being too fat or thin may also result in Fibromyalgia.

7- Lack of physical workouts and not providing your body with good amount of exercises, walking or running may result in this health condition.

8- Weather changes can also be a cause to trigger this disorder.

9- Just like depression, lack of sleep can damage your neurotransmitter and results in Fibromyalgia syndrome with great amount of body pain.

10-  And many others

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia in Men and Women

Unlike men, women experience more difficulties with Fibromyalgia and undergo a lot of physical and physiological ailments. However, few of the symptoms are mentioned down here which are common in men and women.

1- Fatigue is an ailment that is triggered by this syndrome.

2- A great amount of acute pain in different body parts.

3- Exhaustion is also triggered by this health related condition.

4- Lack of energy or its deficiency is also triggered by Fibromyalgia and you don’t find yourself capable of continuing your normal daily tasks.

5- The disorder brings Sleeping difficulties with it and you can’t sleep at night properly.

6- Imbalanced and improper diet is in the list of biggest factors that result in this ailment and other types of severe amount of pain in your different body parts.

7- Eating lots of unhealthy food like junk, burgers, pizzas, unhealthy chicken and other similar food stuff can result in Fibromyalgia.

8- Morning stiffness also takes place along with the disorder.

9- Cramping is another thing that is a symptom of Fibromyalgia.

10- Weaknessis also one of the biggest symptoms of the condition and you find your body parts weakening and not capable of doing even normal tasks.

11- Problems in digestive system are also brought on by the syndrome and you face many difficulties with your digestive glands and irregularities in digestion.

12- Severe headaches also come up with the syndrome.

13- Migraines are also induced by Fibromyalgia.

14- Balance problems can take place.

15- Itchy and burning skin is also hosted by this health syndrome.

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia in Women only

About 80% of the patients of Fibromyalgia belong to the community of female gender. Most of the cases registered by women will let you know that women may suffer from

  • Body ache
  • Muscular ache
  • Burning sensations
  • Pain in tender parts
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Jaw pain
  • Pain in head and face
  • Pain in shoulders, neck, arms and legs
  • Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS
  • Morning stiffness
  • Chronic headaches
  • And many others

How Does Fibromyalgia Affect Your Life

Relationship of Fibromyalgia And Numbness

The vast majority of men and women affected by Fibromyalgia not only suffer from pain, but also feel numbness.

While it is known very well that Numbness is a neurological state, it is really hard for the patients and doctors to diagnose and cure the disease.

Men and women who suffer from the disease, approximately 25% of them have difficulties with tingling, numbness or needle and pin like painful feelings. This numbness can take place on any part of the body, and at any time without any warning sign.

Numbness of Fibromyalgia can come and go at any time. You will find many other reasons that can result in numbness including multiple sclerosis and carpel tunnel syndrome.

In many cases, the feelings of numbness can start in legs or arms and later spread in other parts of the body including facial area, feet and hands.

Numbness will cause deficiency of physical energy in your body and you will not be able to do your very simple everyday tasks.

Make a Visit to Medical Doctor to Ensure Safety

Regardless of whether you are experiencing numbness or other mentioned Fibromyalgia symptoms, it is important for you to make a visit to your nearby medical professional to cure it as soon as possible.

A highly qualified and professional medical doctor with the years of experience in Fibromyalgia treatment is the best person to serve you in the best way to deal with the disorder effectively.

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