Have a look at the causes and symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome


A common condition, Fibromyalgia is a disorder which initiates painful muscles. Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal pain in which there is a severe pain and comprises several muscles plus ligaments, tendons, and various soft tissue parts.

The condition further leads to a great amount of pain in many other parts of body. Fibromyalgia is additionally associated with sleep problems, cognitive dysfunction, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and headaches.

After rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, among various other common disorders, fibromyalgia is seen in the practice of community rheumatology.

In rheumatology clinics, the numbers of cases of fibromyalgia is 10% to 20% and in general practice clinics, the cases are around 2.1% to 5.7%. This condition is 3.4% common among women and 0.5% in men.

In 1990, American College of Rheumatology had made the Diagnosis by the presence of pain and hurting tender ends.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A disorder, Irritable bowel syndrome is involved in the cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, as well as bowel movements changes such as constipation, diarrhea, or fluctuation of both condition.

People suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome frequently experience depression and anxiety. These are very common conditions all around the world.

Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The general observation of the patient suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome comprises of persistent, recurrent or continued abdominal pain or uneasiness and linked alterations in bowel routine.

Some patients suffer from major constipation where as others have leading diarrhea.

A number of non-gastrointestinal symptoms are also associated with this condition that affects these patients drastically.

Such symptoms comprises of rheumatologic symptoms, which includes muscle contractions, skin rashes, myalgia (muscle pain), and headache and many more.

Among two-third patients of irritable bowel syndrome, these symptoms have been observed in addition with other major symptoms.

Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

There is a big number of studies that show the features of irritable bowel syndrome typically overlap those of fibromyalgia syndrome in the same patient, suggesting a common cause.

Fibromyalgia occurs in up to 60% of patients with irritable bowel syndrome and up to 70% of patients with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia have symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

General clinical distinctiveness between Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

General clinical distinctiveness between the conditions, Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome are:

  • Both conditions are practical pain disorders; hence there are no obvious structural or biochemicalabnormalities in the ailments.
  • Predominantly, both conditions occur in women.
  • Lots of the individuals suffer from exacerbationor onset of the signs of these two particular disorders after traumatic events of life.
  • Both disorders are illustrated by fatigue and disturbed sleep.
  • In both conditions, psychological therapies and behavioral therapies are helpful.
  • A variety of prescriptions can heal symptoms of both disorders.

Pain Processing In Both Fibromyalgia And Irritable Bowel Syndrome

According to the research, there is a possible link of pain between fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

In conclusion, people suffering from these conditions react to pain in a different way than people without these two disorders.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients are oversensitive to intestinal ache as well as people suffering from fibromyalgia are oversensitive to muscles, skin and pain.

In general, there is a lower threshold value to the sensation of pain.

It has been observed that patient in whom a certain group of antidepressants are administered to treat these conditions, starts affecting when pain is felt by the patient, for both disorders responded completely.

In fibromyalgia, the body central nervous system may get extremely sensitive; making a person feel more pain in comparison with the people with no fibromyalgia condition would experience in a same circumstances.

The body central nervous system is not capable of inhibiting or blocking the ache in comparison with the people without these conditions.

In irritable bowel syndrome, anybody has the advice to exceed a movement of bowel that is further linked with cramping of bowel and the body of the patient fails to restrain those signals of pain.

These two conditions can considerably hinder daily life. For example, someone suffering from irritable bowel syndrome may have to hurry to bathroom after the start of the abdominal pain. The symptoms involved in it last for many days.

Psychological and Behavioral Factors

As mentioned previously, anxiety and depression are general in syndromes of central pain. In addition to psychiatric co-morbidities, a variety of psychological changes linked with small results have been regularly explained in fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, such as somatosensory amplification and pain catastrophizing.

Related to what is seen in nearly each medical condition, as well as psychological factors considerably adds to symptom treatment and severity result in central pain syndromes of the body.

For instance, additionally in the mucosal inflammation presence, at the time of enteric infection psychological distress best forecasted those who developed post infectious irritable bowel syndrome later.

In fibromyalgia condition, various psychological causes occur on a field, from an elevated personality disorders incidence in tertiary care patients to emotional flexibility, whereby people have no psychiatric co-morbidity and display elevated levels of positive influence and considerably better useful results.

In fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome, research which has been made for years in psychopathology-oriented has shown that no sole psychological issue refers to the behaviors or symptoms of all people with such disorders in any present example.

It is possible that contained by subgroups of flexible patients, optimistic psychological or cognitive features may include buffer neurobiological factors that resulted severe pain and various other sign and symptoms.

Treatment Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Fibromyalgia

The evaluation, diagnosis, and effective management of people with chronic ache are a compound or complex process because of wonderful heterogeneity in comparison to the fundamental reason of any specified pain symptoms.

Patients who are suffering from chronic pain involve or hold a various peripheral nociceptive factors involvement which are inflammation and tissue damage mainly, as well as non-nociceptive factors such as psychiatric comorbidity and pain amplification, contributing the pain in patients.

A highly qualified and experienced medical doctor is best person to cure the Irritable Bowel Syndrome And Fibromyalgia.

If you feel you have any signs or symptoms of any condition,make sure to set a private meeting with your doctor to get the best treatment.

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