Foot Pain from Arthritis: What Can You Do for Relief?

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arthritis foot pain

When a person says that they have pain in their feet, often most people think that this is arthritis. In fact, this is the most common reason for a person having pain in their feet.

In most cases a person may have intense burning pain, numbness or even tingling due to the nerves being injured in the foot area.

How does this come about? Most people find that arthritis can set in as they age, but it can also happen when they are young and have suffered an injury.

Other people who are on their feet for numerous hours of the day find that this causes the inflammation in their feet, often referred to as arthritis.

Can You Just Walk Off the Pain?

For those who have never suffered with arthritis or for those who are new to this world, they are going to find that may people suggest that a person simply work throughout the pain. And this is an option for some people who have arthritis that is not crippling.

However, when arthritis affects the feet, many people find it impossible to walk for even short periods of time. They may find it hard to put their feet into shoes as the pressure makes the pain that much worse!

Many times, the foot is swollen from the joints and bones rubbing against each other in the foot, causing the pain in the first place.

What most people want to do is to find some relief and stay off their feet for a bit. Luckily, there are a few remedies that can help those who have arthritic feet.

Be Certain to See your Doctor

Before you start self-medicating on anything or treating any problem, you need to see your doctor. In most cases, your doctor may refer to a rheumatologist or a podiatrist at least once every year to ensure that the arthritis is not causing other issues within the foot.

The doctor is going to be the one that can officially diagnose you with arthritis in your feet so you can then start to look for other remedies that are going to give you back the quality of life that you have always wanted.

The Right Shoes Make all the Difference

The shoes that you wear are going to make all the difference in how much pain you feel in your feet from arthritis. The key is to find shoes that are not only comfortable, but also offer a level of support that your feet are even more comfortable.

Also keep in mind that the shoes should be wide enough so that there is no pressure on the bunions or calluses that you have on your feet. A tighter shoe can make the pain feel worse. In addition, keep these thoughts in mind:

  • You must have arch support in your shoes to ensure that the joints are stabilized when you are moving your foot
  • Women should avoid the high hells because these shoes are going to cause intense pain in those who have arthritis in their feet to begin with
  • A great choice of shoe is those that are considered toning athletic shoes as they offer a good amount of support and cushion for the joints

Take up Stretching

We all know that you should stretch before you work out, but you want to be sure that you are stretching your feet as well.

This is going to get the feet warmed up before you tackle the day. This is also stretching the Achilles tendon which can help to make your more flexible and mobile.

For those who have arthritis they are going to find that simply wiggling their toes while they are sitting down can be of help and give them the stretching that they need. Be sure not to overdo it though or this can give you more pain.

A Foot Massage Is a Must

Everyone has heard that massage can be a greatly relaxing element to add into your care routine. However, many people do not realize just how great a foot massage can be for their feet if they have arthritis. A massage therapist is going to focus on:

  • Kneading the balls of the feet where many people carry most of their weight
  • Start at the top of the foot and work the way down to the base of the foot
  • Knead any problem areas of the foot and go up into the ankle

This is something that can offer more relied than what most people think, and it can give you a few days in which you may feel as though you are pain free.

Medical Options to Consider

There are several medical options that a person can consider when they are dealing with feet that have arthritis.

For example:

  • A topical medication can be added onto the feet and this can provide almost instant relief for many people who have arthritis. Capsaicin is one of the most popular options for those who have arthritis.
  • Use over the counter pain medications like NSAIDs that have an anti-inflammatory property to them which can help the pain that you are feeling.

Consider the Orthotic Devices on the Market

When many people have issues with arthritis in their feet, they often must rely on an orthotic device to still get around as they want.

For example:

  • Utilizing a cane to help with walking.
  • Using braces to help stabilize their legs.
  • Using shoe inserts to help with padding for their feet.

These are all issues that your doctor can advise you on and decide what would be best for you.

Surgical Options

There are surgical options for those who have arthritis in their feet. However, many people find that even after the surgery, they still have the same issues.

Therefore, many doctors do not even consider this a remedy for the issue that people hare having. There can be joint fusions or joint replacement surgeries to help decrease the pain.

With all these remedies, you are sure to find one or a combination of a few that will provide some relief to your tired and aching feet!