Chronic Pain Syndrome And Vitamin D

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Chronic Pain Syndrome is chronic pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic Pain Syndrome can occur in more than one place on the body.

A doctor considers pain to be a Chronic Pain Syndrome when the pain is severe.  Severe pain conflicts with daily life and activities.

The pain can last months to years. Due to this Chronic Pain Syndrome not only results in physical pain but emotional pain as well.


Chronic Pain Syndrome can result from a variety of avenues. Most chronic pain is a result of headaches, migraines, joint pain, and backaches. Chronic pain can also come from the onset of an injury.

Sometimes even after an injury has occurred, it yields pain that can take months or years to subside. The reason for chronic pain is not always known.

Sometimes the origins are completely unknown. Because of the origins being unknown treatment can be difficult.


Because not all chronic pain is the same treatment varies from patient to patient. Sometimes pain can be treated with pain medication.

Although, long-term medication use is not always desired for some patients. Long-term use of pain medication can cause negative health effects.

When medication is exhausted or not desired other avenues are sought to help treat the chronic pain.

Patients may seek physical therapy to help strengthen the body. Physical therapy will help to give the muscles the strength they need to support the body.

Patients may also try yoga. Yoga is known to help relax the body and strengthen it as well.

This relaxation and strengthening will help the body heal and support itself. Lastly, patients may also seek acupuncture.

Acupuncture may help treat areas that are subject to chronic pain. Acupuncture I used to stimulate a certain specific area of the body through the use of small needles.

A trained professional punctures the body with small special needles to help increase blood blow and stimulate areas that experience pain.

Vitamin D

Chronic pain is a syndrome that does not have a specific treatment plan. Vitamin D has been known to help patients who have chronic pain syndrome find the relief they seek.

Patients who experience chronic pain for a wide variety of reasons are shown to have low levels of Vitamin D in their system.

Due to this an increase of Vitamin D in their system helps to alleviate that pain.  In many studies, patients with chronic pain showed an improvement in their pain with Vitamin D supplements.

Chronic Pain Syndrome And Vitamin D

Choosing to Take Supplements

When choosing to take Vitamin D supplements you should consult your doctor. It is important to have your Vitamin D levels checked regularly as you are taking the supplements.

One patient who suffers from chronic pain began taking the supplements and experienced little relief.

After having her levels checked again she found she was not taking enough and her levels were still low.

After consulting with her doctor she began to take enough Vitamin D to raise her level to a normal range. After taking the proper dosage she felt better and experienced less pain.

Natural Vitamin D

If you are Vitamin D deficient and do not want to take supplements there are many natural ways of receiving Vitamin D. The easiest way to get Vitamin D is to spend more time in the sun: safely of course.

Sunlight will not give you your daily dose of Vitamin D, but it will help. When the sun isn’t out, try eating a fatty type of fish. Salmon, trout, and tuna are excellent sources of Vitamin D.

Orange juice is also a great source of Vitamin D. Drinking an extra glass of orange juice each day will help you raise your Vitamin D levels and alleviate your chronic pain. Lastly, egg yolks contain a good amount of Vitamin D.

Eating eggs, specifically, the egg yolks will help you reach a better level of Vitamin D in your system.

When it comes to chronic pain sometimes one must search many different avenues to find a cure or way to alleviate the pain for themselves. Chronic pain syndromes vary greatly from person to person.

A cure that worked once may need to be changed or altered over time to ensure that the patient continues to receive relief. Vitamin D is shown to help with these symptoms.

Vitamin D may not be a cure-all for chronic pain, but in recent studies and testimonies, Vitamin D greatly helps patients who suffer from chronic pain.

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