Celebrities That Suffer From Fibromyalgia and How They Make Life Work

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Most assume that people within the realm of celebrity are completely immune to medical issues. They view the glamorized lifestyle typical of celebrities on television, assume that they are free of any flaws: whether this refer to physical flows or medical flaws.

In the world of media, however, celebrities only reveal what they want us to know because they are essentially packaged as a brand. And their seemingly infallible image is often packaged as a brand as well.

In order to obtain the celebrity status, they must trump the mediocre aspects of society appearing grand and deity like.

It is highly unusual for a celebrity to demonstrate specific weaknesses. And then they do, this is often done strategically in order to garner sympathy from the general public.

There are many celebrities who secretly suffer from healthy issues, such a fibromyalgia. Celebrities have the added advantage of existing on a platform.

Because of this, a celebrity who is diagnosed with such a disease can take a few critical routes. By speaking up, they can give people hope.

If people see that a seemingly glamorous and happy celebrity is living with the same condition that they are, they will develop more hope and confidence in their lives as a whole.

They will view their condition as treatable, instead of an impossible mountain of circumstances. Celebrities have the added power of swaying the public to take care of their help.

Every day people do not have the power because they are not placed in a deity like position. If a figure in the spotlight is practically deified, their words will be cherished as gold.

hence, a celebrity who suffers from fibromyalgia will be glorified, exalted and applauded for their seeming bravery, and they will be looked upon as a pillar of hope.

There are no other individuals on the planet who possess as much credibility and clout as a celebrity. Therefore, they have the unique position of causing a movement in the realm of health, namely among those who suffer from this condition.

They can provide hope, confidence, and strength to those who feel as if their fibromyalgia is restricting their lives.

 Celebrities That Suffer From Fibromyalgia

It is important to note that people who have the special touch of celebrity are just as vulnerable as other in the population.

When a celebrity suffers from a condition such as fibromyalgia, it is important for them to show a bit of vulnerability, especially for their loyal fans who may be unable to cope with this disease.

In fact, the more human a particular celebrity appears to be, the more likeable and relatable they will be.

When a celebrity appears to be out of touch, they lose their connection with the general public and with their fans. The halo effect associated with a celebrity, fibromyalgia sufferer is almost undeniable.

Simply realizing that the person you have idolized from birth is battling the same condition can provide on with an amazing sense of comfort. Furthermore, it can provide them with the strength they need to get through their day.

Celebrities such as Sinead O’Connor suffer from this condition. But how do they manage? How do they hide it? Of course, when you are a wealthy celebrity you can mask virtually anything.

One of the reasons that these celebrities conceal their conditions so well is that they can afford the most technologically advanced treatments out there.

And the more technologically advanced a treatment is, the less invasive it will be. There are a fount of novel technologies being developed in the medical world. However the general public remains unaware of them because such treatments are financially inaccessible to the masses.

The average person must pursue a life chronic, and sometimes, unbearable pain. Pain has the relentless ability to disrupt conversation, affect the overall quality of life, impact mood, and to cause depression as well. Hence, many such celebrities have been able to hide their disease quite well.

Another reason why celebrities may conceal their condition so effectively is because they have access to many expensive and exotic form of holistic medicine that once again, may not be feasible for the average person.

For example, there licensed Eastern doctors who can manipulate the flow of what is referred to as chi, a life force that flows through both living and nonliving things.

Those capable of such a feat can manipulate energy flow to their linking. Purportedly, when pain manifests in the body, this is a results of an energy imbalance, energy depletion, or even a blockage.

There are supposedly various energy fields throughout the body that correlate to certain health properties.

These holistic professionals can help manipulate chi flow through meditation, acupuncture, visualization and others means.

The advantage of these treatments is that they are completely natural, they lack side effects often associated with Western medicine, and they far predate Western medicine, as well. Celebrities seek holistic treatments far more often than we might  assume.

Celebrities often have access to advanced surgical techniques that would prove far too costly for the average individual. There are surgeries, however, that remove the emotional regions of the brain associated with the perception of pain.

While such procedures are rarely, they have helped many to cope with the existence of chronic pain.

As you can see, living the life of a celebrity grants you access to therapies that would otherwise prove inaccessible. Many such individuals are plagued with health issues.

However, they do not experience the full brunt of those issues because they have access to specific medications, surgeries, medical technologies, world renowned doctors, as well as holistic treatments.

Although many must cope with uncomfortable pain and symptoms, others buffer the effects of their conditions because they possess access to many amenities that the general population does not.

In spite of this, celebrities suffering from this condition should serve as a voice of hope to those who ensure pain on a daily basis, giving them a sense of hope. It would also be beneficial if the celebrities with this condition started a fund in order to help others suffering from this disease.

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  1. They also get prescriptions that most states and Drs won’t give to us normal chronically sick patients for fear we may become addicts and abusers! It sickens me that that is where we are at..money guys everythng..including our quality of life!!!!

  2. They also get prescriptions that most states and Drs won’t give to us normal chronically sick patients for fear we may become addicts and abusers! It sickens me that that is where we are at..money guys everythng..including our quality of life!!!!


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