12 Benefits Of Tai Chi For Seniors

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Tai Chi is an ancient martial art and a moderate impact exercise. There are many benefits of Tai Chi for seniors, some of which we have collected in the article below

Tai chi is a Chinese form of moderate activity, which is a great way to achieve physical fitness for older adults. Seniors with dementia and Parkinson’s disease can benefit from performing tai chi.

This article will explore the benefits of tai chi for seniors. If you are interested in learning more about this ancient form of martial art, then stay tuned to read this blog. 

Benefits Of Tai Chi For Seniors

What Are The Benefits Of Tai Chi For Seniors?

Tai chi is a Chinese martial art. It promotes exercise in a slow and comfortable way. Tai chi consists of one pose and a sequence of 19 movements. 

It focuses on the mental and spiritual well-being of a person. Tai chi is an excellent way for older adults to calm their minds as it is a low-intensity exercise. Older adults can get many benefits from tai chi. 

It is known to reduce stress:

Tai Chi is a form of exercise to reduce anxiety and stress. It is said that tai chi provides similar stress-reducing benefits as exercise. It also helps in meditation. You can improve your focus on breathing by performing tai chi regularly. 

Tai chi is more effective in relieving stress than other forms of exercise. It is an excellent exercise for seniors as it is a low-impact exercise. It is easier and safer for older adults and a good option if they are looking for some activity to reduce stress.  

It elevates mood:

Tai chi is known to help you overcome depression and anxiety. It helps improve mood. By performing tai chi regularly, you can overcome the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The slow movements of tai chi are a great way to reduce stress. 

Slow and mindful breaths help you overcome the symptoms of depression as it positively affects the nervous system and brain after performing tai chi mood-regulating hormones. 

You can have a better sleep:

Older adults can experience a good quality of sleep. By practicing, you can have a sound sleep. It promotes you to have a restful sleep. 

It is also known to decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is beneficial for older adults as it results in better sleep—seniors who have cognitive impairment experience a better sleep quality. 

Benefits Of Tai Chi For Seniors

It helps in weight loss:

Tai Chi helps in weight loss. Older adults who are obese can perform tai chi at least five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes to lose weight. Tai Chi is helpful in weight loss by making some additional lifestyle changes along with it. 

Performing tai chi results in a better cognitive function:

Older adults who suffer from cognitive impairment may improve cognition by performing tai chi regularly. It improves functioning skills like carrying out complex assignments and paying attention while performing a particular task. It is also known to enhance memory in older adults. 

It is known to prevent falls in older adults:

Older adults are more prone to injuries and falls. As they suffer from bone loss, they are more likely to go through severe injuries during falls. Tai chi improves the balance and the motor function of the body. This results in prevention from falls.

Research has shown that older adults who perform tai chi reduce falls after practicing it for 16 weeks. The effect of falling can affect the independence of an older person. It may lead to some severe complications. Performing tai chi can help them improve the overall well-being of older adults. 

It is known to improve fibromyalgia symptoms:

Tai chi is a great way to overcome various fibromyalgia symptoms. You can overcome multiple chronic diseases by using Tai chi. Tai chi is an excellent way to overcome fibromyalgia in comparison to aerobics. 

You can cope with the symptoms of COPD:

By performing tai chi, you can improve various chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). People who perform tai chi improve their ability to exercise. It also leads to an overall improvement in the quality of life of the people. 

It improves the strength of people who have Parkinson’s disease:

Tai Chi is known to improve balance for people who have Parkinson’s disease. The older adults affected by Parkinson’s disease suffer from fewer falls by practicing tai chi. It is known to improve the overall strength of a person. It may increase the leg strength of the elders.

Benefits Of Tai Chi For Seniors

It is safe for seniors with coronary heart disease:

Taichi is a good form of moderate exercise for seniors who suffer from coronary heart disease. You can perform it regularly to ease the symptoms of coronary heart disease. Tai chi may help you to

  • Enhance the overall well being of your body
  • You can lose weight
  • It adds up to your physical activity.

It is known to ease the pain of arthritis:

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder. Older adults are more commonly affected by rheumatoid arthritis. Older adults who perform Tai Chi are known to improve the balance of the body. It also enhances the flexibility and mobility of the older adults. 

Tai Chi is a great way to overcome the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. Older adults who perform Tai chi are known to overcome the pain of arthritis. You can consult your doctor if you want to perform tai chi to overcome arthritis. You may need to perform a different version of some movements. 

It helps to overcome high blood pressure:

Tai chi is a great way to overcome high blood pressure. It is known to relieve various chronic diseases. Older adults who perform tai chi are known to overcome high blood pressure problems. They notice a gradual decrease in blood pressure. 

How To Keep Seniors Safe While Doing Tai Chi?

Inform the instructor: 

You can ask your senior to inform the instructor that you are taking your first class. Don’t hesitate to ask questions as you are a beginner. You can discuss the physical concerns and forms with your instructor. 

Tai Chi is an excellent exercise for elders. It is adaptable for them. If the older adult suffers from chronic pain, the instructor can easily modify the movements to fit their physical limitations. 

They can work out according to their needs and ease. Tai Chi is an excellent form of workout for elders as they can perform it by being seated if they are not steady on their feet.

Benefits Of Tai Chi For Seniors

Consult a physician:

Although tai chi is a moderate exercise and can be performed quickly, it is recommended to consult a doctor or a medical professional. 

As older adults adapt to a new fitness routine, it is suggested that they consult a physician. You may suffer from any pain. Consulting a doctor will help you to understand whether you need to make modifications in your movement or not. 

Wear proper gears:

Seniors need to wear proper fitting shoes. It would be good if it is loose. They can wear comfortable and stretchy clothing for working out, and they can even perform tai chi on a loose rug or wet grass to protect themselves from any injury. 

They can practice tai chi on the carpet or sit on the chair. They can even perform it on unstable footing. It would be great if they performed it on the padded surface. 

Try to be mindful while performing the exercise: 

Like other workout sessions, Tai Chi classes also begin with a warm-up routine to warm the muscles and loosen the joints. Warming up is crucial for seniors. It should be ensured that they don’t keep the warm-up routine.

If your loved one feels dizzy during the workout session, they can stop exercising immediately. It can occur due to other reasons. If the pain continues to be there, then they can take a rest. 

Don’t overexert: 

Regular workouts and being consistent can help them gain good stamina and energy. Seniors don’t need to overexert themselves or push themselves excessively to perform the exercise. They can take breaks if they are losing breath and not able to work out.

Benefits Of Tai Chi For Seniors

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tai chi safe for seniors to perform?

It is a good way of exercising for seniors as it is low impact, and they can adapt quickly because of the slow and study movements. Many seniors believe that they can not try something new because of their old age. But, this isn’t true. 
With the help of an instructor and considering the health conditions, they can quickly work out and gain strength and stamina. They can perform it daily and improve their mental and physical health.

Is it good for people with dementia to perform tai chi?

Any kind of physical movement is good for seniors. It becomes a great benefit for them emotionally. Some movements are made while seated. People with dementia can also try tai chi. It will lead to a delay in advancing the symptoms of dementia. 


Tai chi is not only good for seniors but also for the younger generation. Seniors can perform it as it is a low intensity to moderate activity. People who perform tai chi can gain various benefits through it such as increased balance, flexibility, mindfulness, and improved cognitive function.

While Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise, it is also important to keep safe while doing it, especially for older adults. Tai Chi is also a very good exercise for dementia patients. 

We hope this article has been able to give you ample information on how beneficial Tai Chi can be for older adults. If you have any doubts or questions, you are most welcome to drop us a comment and we will try to clarify them for you.

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