Does Medicare Pay For In Home Care For The Elderly?

Staying at home as people age can be an incredibly important part in their care plan. Many people don’t want to go to into a long-term care facility where they don’t know anyone and it’s an unfamiliar place.  If your loved one requires extra care now as they are getting older, and maybe your family … Read more

Is Laser Hair Removal Covered By Insurance?

When you are shaving, tweezing or waxing all the time you may find yourself considering an alternative – and more permanent – method of hair removal so that you don’t have to do this all the time.  Laser hair removal is one of the most popular options for permanent hair removal as the results are … Read more

Can Elderly Have Medicare And Medicaid?

There has always been some confusion between Medicare and Medicaid, and who exactly qualifies for what under which plan. Oftentimes they are used as interchangeable terms, and are thought to be the same thing but they actually are not.  For those who know that there are two different programs, they also usually think that coverage … Read more

Does Medicare Cover Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Whether it’s from an injury or just years of working, having shoulder pain and issues can cause a major disruption to your everyday life. Fortunately there are usually surgeries that can correct this and help to relieve some of the pain you feel, perhaps even completely replace your shoulder if needed.  If you’re on Medicare, … Read more

Is Obalon Covered By Insurance?

When you’ve been trying to lose weight, it can be difficult when none of the options you have tried have worked. If diet and exercise alone are not working for you then you may be looking to other options – like surgical interventions – to help.  Some of these options can be really expensive, though, … Read more

Does Medicare Cover Robotic Surgery?

Modern medical advancements may seem like all surgeries are done robotically, and are becoming as minimally invasive as possible.  With new technologies coming out every day many people who are on Medicare may start to ask if they are covered for these latest and greatest procedures, of if their benefits do not cover them.  Does … Read more

Nutritionist Covered By Insurance

Eating the right types of food to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be very difficult, especially if you don’t know what to eat or how to prepare them for eating.  Working with a nutritionist can go a long way in helping you determine what you should be eating, when and how much.  Unfortunately sometimes not … Read more

Does Medicare Cover Erectile Dysfunction Pumps?

Living with erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing and can be trying for a couple’s intimate life. Fortunately, there are options for men who experience this condition to revive intimacy with their partners.  The medication and treatment options for this condition can be expensive, though. There are varying levels of erectile dysfunction and different types of … Read more

Does Medicare Pay For Diapers For The Elderly?

Incontinence is a very common issue with the elderly, and many seniors will use adult diapers at some time in their life.  Unfortunately, these supplies can become very expensive especially for seniors who may be living on a fixed income to begin with. So if you receive Medicare benefits, you may be wondering if these … Read more

How To Apply For Medicaid In Texas For The Elderly

Approximately 3.7 million – or 13% – of the population in Texas is at least 65 years of age, and that number is only growing every day. The projected growth of an aging population means that there is going to be an increase in the need for healthcare services and long-term care for the people … Read more