Acupressure Points Back Pain Can Be Relieved By

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At this point, most of us have heard of acupuncture and acupressure. A passing thought with knowledge toward a vague definition means little until real back pain occurs.

There are specific points on the body which can be addressed should such pain arise. Such points are not always in the back, however.

In fact, much back pain can actually be caused by core abdominal muscles like the psoas. These are muscles which operate from the frontal portion of the spine, assisting with balance and leg movement.

Still, other muscles in the back and the rest of the body can become bound up and produce back pain.

Starting with the Hand

Believe it or not, the hand is the place on the body to start with when it comes to back pain. Have you ever had a hand massage? It feels wonderful.

Every part of your body relaxes and the temptation for a never-ending process overwhelms.

One of the primary acupressure points for any pain is just between the index finger and the thumb.

Where the thumb joins the palm and just ¾” up, there is a pressure point which can be gently massaged to produce relaxation.

It is believed the relaxation comes from a release of endorphins, which are calming and pain-relieving chemicals in the body.

You need fast relief, so start here to get a better feeling. Be sure to switch hands. This practice can be immensely relieving.

Moving on to Other Points

The foci here will most likely be put into application by someone with knowledge and practice in the art of acupressure.

One could discover the ability to apply the pressure points themselves, but it would be best to consult a professional from the start.

Following guidelines are for useful information, but everybody is different. However, consider these points as a way to progress to relieving the back pain you are feeling.


Start with a gentle foot massage. Work out the kinks in your feet. Sensations of relaxation and delight should follow.

Beginning sensations of relaxation will help you feel better from the start. There is a point directly where your big toe and next toes meet at the major foot bones, the tarsal bones.

When using acupressure, it is best to use either your thumb or a strong finger to apply focused pressure.

Press to the point and rotate five or six times clockwise and do the same count and pressure counterclockwise. Breathe evenly as you do this.

Forearm to Elbow

Believe it or not, the elbow and forearm also acupressure points back pain can be relieved by applying reciprocal pressure too.

Feel the joint of the elbow and come to the top with your hand extended. Reveal the upper portion of the forearm and feel the bone there.

All along this bone, in an arc, you can use the alternating clockwise in counterclockwise motion you used previously.

The side of the back which demonstrates more pain will correlate to the side of the arm you will be applying pressure to.

This is one you will have to feel your way through, but simply stay aware of how this affects your back pain. Naturally, do the same for the other arm to keep it all in balance.

 Acupressure Points For Back Pain

The Lower Back

Finally, we get to the point where the pain is. At least a bit below it is a good place to start. Here are four points in total, two at either side of the spine.

You know the dimples on your back where the back meets the buttocks? Those are the first two points.

Applying gentle pressure to these points and using a rotating motion both clockwise and counterclockwise should start to help the muscles in the lower back to relax.

Next, moving laterally with the thumbs about an inch and a half away from the original points, apply gently and use similar motions there.

Back of the Knees

Directly at the back of your knees, you will find a pressure point which will help relieve back pain.

Knees handle much body pressure in a day and tensions can build up in the whole joints. This compromises your back in so many ways.

Find the points directly on the opposite sides of your legs from the kneecaps. Apply deep pressure with reciprocating circular motions as you did for other pressure points.

In addition to relaxing the hamstrings, this practice helps to keep knees nimble and better able to handle the weight of the body.

The Dan Tien

This is an interesting point which can be used as among acupressure points back pain can be relieved by.

Approximately two inches below the navel and about two inches inside is a nerve plexus which relates to the muscles involved in core strength. This area can be very sensitive.

Before applying any pressure to this area, also known as the Dan Tien in Chinese Traditional Medicine, it is best to relax, focusing on this point.

Breathe with the sensation. Allow yourself to feel it. Tensions may unravel quickly and even suppressed emotions may arise. This is your center of gravity and center of being.

When you have gained a clear feeling of this area, you may begin to apply light pressure and determine how this helps your low back pain.

Be gentle and avoid pressing in too firmly, as this could affect other organs and muscle tissue. As you gain practice, this point will become an ally to help relieve back pain.

As you can tell, there are practical ways to relieve body pain without having to go to a doctor.

Naturally, if pain persists or worsens, perhaps seeing a qualified physician is the best idea. When you are clearly injured, avoid just pressing on random points you know little about.

There are acupressure therapists available to help you relieve pain on a lasting basis.

Most of all, it is important to learn how to move correctly on a daily basis, so you can secure a good understanding of how your body mechanics work.

Avoid back pain and live life to the fullest.


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  1. This was informative! I’ve issues with chronic back pain. I did gymnastics when I was a kid and have danced for over a decade. I’ve had procedures done before and had some relief. However, it’s great to know there are things I can do at home to help lower the pain and discomfort. Some of these techniques I did not know about. The pressure point behind the knees is one of them. I’ll try doing these to ease the discomfort. Thank you for this post. I will share with my social networks.


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