30 Natural Ways to Reduce Pain

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reduce pain

Millions live with chronic pain every day. Some pain may be caused from accidents, trauma, or injury. While others might be caused by their disease.

Although the reason for their pain be different, the one thing they do have in common is their desire to be pain free, so they can live a happy productive life.

Many try pain management and that works for a while. As the disease advances, or the injury worsens, the pain medicine don’t seem to work as well as it once did.

Sometimes it’s not the progression of the disease, but our body own tolerance, to that particular medicine.

This leaves many to suffer painfully for hours. Which cause unnecessary stress,fatigue and adecreased ability to function.

There are some things you can do to get some pain relief. I will explain in the following paragraphs.

1- Acupuncture is often used to relieve pain. A chiropractor will insert tiny needles in different pressure point areas of the body.

This will stimulate the body, which will cause it to release the pain reducing chemicals serotonin and endorphins.

These small needles are also thought to overload the pain center of the brain, which decreases your discomfort.

2- Massage is often used to remove the tension from stiff sore muscles. One type is Ayurveda massage. This therapy is thought to restore positive energy while removing negative energy.

These things restore overall balance of the mind, body and soul, which decreases the pain and other symptoms you may be experiencing.

3- Diet Studies show that eating healthy foods reduce pain. When we eat healthy, we replenish essential vitamins and nutrients in our body.

This will assist our body in maintaining homeostasis, over all wellness. In addition, we are boosting our immune system and eliminating harmful free radicals.

It’s suggested to eat 21/2 cups of fruits and vegetables a day. We should have 3 cups of dairy products and 3 Ozof whole grains. For meat we should have 5 Oz of either lean meat or fish.

To further reduce pain we need to stay away from central nervous system stimulants processed foods, foods high in saturated and Trans fats. We should also limit the amount of sugar, flour, yeast and carbohydrates we consume each day.

4- Exercise has shown to decrease pain levels. While you exercise your body releases endorphins and other chemicals in your body that helps reduce pain.

In addition, exercising stretches muscles which relieves the pressure on muscles and pinched nerves.

When you exercise don’t push yourself into doing more than you should. You should warm up before exercising and cool down afterwards.

5- Yoga has shown to decrease stress and fatigue which will lower your pain level.

6- Relaxation Techniques When we relax, we reduce stress and fatigue which decrease our pain.

7- Meditation This is another pain relief alternative. It empties your mind which reduces the pain signals to the brain.

8- Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT replace the negative thoughts centered on the pain with more positive ones.  It also teaches mindfulness and other pain related techniques.

9- Topical medicines There are several on the market to help alleviate the pain. There are also pain patches that you can apply. Many choose these options because the side effects are minimal

10- Bath time some people take a nice warm relaxing bath. Perhaps add a few candles, and a scented oil to increase the relaxing experience.

11- Warm Moist Heat Some people use warm, moist heat to relieve painful areas. There are several ways to accomplish this.

You can use a damp towel that’s been warmed in a microwave. Hot water bottles work well too. There are also rice socks that when warmed releases moist heat. Of course, there is always a heating pad.

No matter what you use, be sure that it isn’t hot enough to burn you and the hot water bottle lid is secure.

12– Ice Some use ice to reduce swelling, and inflammation. If you use ice, don’t put it directly on the skin and only leave for 20 minutes at a time, with a half hour break in between.

13- Hobby Some find a hobby helps them relax. This helps reduces stress and fatigue, which decreases pain levels. You should choose something that you enjoy doing, and will keeps your mind busy.

Perhaps drawing, painting, writing, working out in the garden. Maybe take a ceramic, woodworking, arts and crafts or a dance class. Perhaps you could try sitting down with a good book, or some puzzles.

14. Tennis Balls Some use tennis balls to relieve some of the muscle tension. Take the ball and place it between your sore area and a hard object. Now gently press. Afterwards, use warm, moist heat to relieve the remaining pain.

15- Herbal Alternatives Oils include Balm of Gilead, Boswellia, castor oil, Eucalyptus, Helichrysum and kava. Devils Claw creamm Skullcap feverfew,   cats claw, pillCorydalis powder, oil.

Sometimes we can get the most pain relief from a simple plant. I’ve listed the top shown to reduce pain and inflammation.

  1. Arnica Oil used in sports medicine to reduce muscle pain.
  2. Balm of Gilead reduces pain and inflammation.
  3. Black Pepper reduces pain.
  4. Boswellia reduces pain and inflammation. It helps with arthritis.
  5. CastorOil helps relieve swelling and chronic pain.
  6. Cat’sClaw helps with painful inflammation and with arthritic pain.
  7. Corydalis is a central nervous system depressant.
  8. Devil’s Clawhelps relieve muscle and rheumatoid arthritis pain.
  9. Eucalyptus helps with diseases like, osteoarthritis, rheumatism and cancer.
  10. Feverfew reduces inflammation, pain and helps with menstrual cramps.
  11. Helichrysum is an anti-inflammatory analgesic
  12. Jamaican Dogwood relieves migraines it also helps a person sleep by reducing pain, stress tension and fatigue.
  13. Kava it helps reduce pain and helps with insomnia.
  14. Rose it helps reduce pain.
  15. Skullcap relieves pain associated with atherosclerosis, stroke and stroke induced paralysis. It reduces stress, fatigue and insomnia.
  16. Wintergreen rub this in to get relief from sore, stiff muscles. Be sure to dilute according to directions beforehand.

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