Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Grandparents

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Congratulations – you’re pregnant! This is such an exciting time for you and your partner, and for both of your families. You may choose to wait a little while to tell your loved ones because you want to make it exciting and find a fun way to tell them. 

pregnancy announcement

There are so many cute ideas out there as to how to tell your parents that they’re going to be grandparents. Here are a few ideas if you’re just not finding the right one. 

How to Tell Your Parents They Are Going to Be Grandparents

This is a really exciting time for you, and for them – but in a different way. You may find that you want to just go and tell everyone you’re expecting a baby but hold off on the big announcements, for now. 

Depending on the relationship you have with your parents, it’s important to keep in mind that they will want to know before you tell everyone else. 

Before you plan or put an announcement out on social media about your exciting news, take the time to tell your family privately as they don’t want to find out on social media about this. 

There are many ways you can actually go about the announcement, and it will be a personal preference as to how to tell them and what makes sense for your family. 

There could be an inside joke or fun tradition your family participates in that makes perfect sense for announcing your pregnancy. 

Here are a few ideas for when you’re telling your parents the exciting news! 

Give Them a Onesie

No – not one that they can wear but one for your little one coming. You can find the right little outfit that you want to gift them, and many home-based businesses can even customize a message you want to put on the outfit. 


If there’s an event coming up – like someone’s birthday – this might be the perfect time to give them a gift. If not, you can always just give them the gift when you visit them. 

As an added bonus, your little one can wear the outfit when they are born giving your parents the chance to relive the moment and the feelings they had when they found out they were going to be grandparents. 

Pregnancy Shirt

For those who want to keep the announcement simple and quiet, wearing a t-shirt with the message on it can be a fun way to tell your parents. 

The message can be something as simple as “bun in the oven” or “does this shirt make me look pregnant?”

You may also want to make a fun little game out of it to wear the shirt and see how long it takes for someone in your family to notice what the shirt says. 


Do your parents really enjoy coffee or tea? A nice mug is always a great gift for someone who enjoys coffee in the morning, but when it has a special message on it then it will be even better. 

You can get custom mugs made that say “Grandma” and “Grandpa” or the names that your children will call your parents. As they open the gift, they will read the message. 

If you want to really remember the memory, you can also have someone record them as they’re opening the gifts to capture their reactions when they read the messages on the mugs. 

BONUS – you can use the mug idea for other family members too if you want, like your siblings that they are going to be an aunt or uncle. That way everyone in the family has a matching mug to commemorate the moment.  

Sonogram Picture

The moment you get to see your baby for the first time on ultrasound screen is a moment like no other, and you will get pictures of this moment to take home with you. 

Giving your parents a framed copy of the sonogram is a very popular way to tell them you’re expecting a baby. This gives your parents a copy of the very first picture of their grandchild that they can keep.

Your parents can keep the frame to display in their home or they can bring it to work and put it on their desk if they want to. 

Additionally you can get a custom frame with their names on it or any other message that makes it truly special and unique for them. 

Sonogram Picture

Grandparent Shirts

Like the shirt idea for yourself announcing that you’re pregnant, you could get shirts made for your parents that says they are being promoted to grandparents – or any other message you want. 

This way, they can wear the shirts out in public (and they probably will) because they’ll be so proud of becoming grandparents. 

A Family Photoshoot

Does your family do family photos on a regular basis? If so, this can be a great opportunity to let your parents know you’re expecting. 

Working with a photographer, they may have some really great ideas for surprising your parents and capturing their reactions as part of the photo shoot. 

If you want to keep it a surprise, you can just tell them you’re going to have family pictures done because you haven’t in a while. This way your family will be dressed for the pictures and you can choose specific outfits if you want to. 

You and your family will have these pictures to look back on for years and remember the moment you announced to your family you were expecting. 

Family Game Night

Does your family love to play games or put puzzles together? You can get a custom game or puzzle made that, when finished, will announce to your parents that you’re expecting a baby. 

You can watch as your family puts the clues together or find the pieces that fit and everyone gets a little more excited as you get closer to the finished piece. 

This is a great way to create a fun family memory and something your family can enjoy and participate in. 

What if Your Parents Are Already Grandparents?

If this isn’t your first child, or perhaps your sibling already has a child then it may feel like the announcement part of being pregnant isn’t as special anymore. 

That isn’t true, though. Expecting a baby is a really exciting time, even if it’s not your first. This is a time when you can get a little more creative in the announcement and make it a little different. 

A Sibling Announcement

If this is not your first child, you can create t-shirts for your children to let your parents know they’re going to be getting a sibling. 

This way, when you go to visit your parents it can be exciting to watch as they read the shirts and realize what is going on. 

Additionally, if your sibling already has a child you could get a t-shirt for their little one that says they’re going to be a cousin. 

Plan a Dinner

If you’re thinking on ways to tell your parents you’re expecting again, you can plan a fun dinner for them to have them over. This keeps it casual for everyone but makes sure you are telling your close loved ones before anyone else knows. 

dinner with parents

A Countdown Calendar

You could give your parents a countdown calendar with a message saying number of days until we’re grandparents – again. 

Start with the number of days until your due date when you give them the gift and that way they can mark it down as your pregnancy progresses. 

A Grandparents Book

Many companies offer an option to create a custom book for grandparents and their grandchildren – including everyone’s name. 

This announcement gift will be unique to your second pregnancy since it would have the name of your expected little one (assuming you’ve chosen one) and therefore it’s a special bond between your parents and your second child. 

Announcing your second pregnancy, or if your siblings already have children and this is not your parent’s first grandchild can seem like it’s not as special anymore. 

That’s not true though. Each pregnancy announcement is an exciting and happy time for the family. You can create a unique announcement each time so that everyone feels included in your special moment. 

It’s important that you tell your parents and close family and friends before you make the social media announcements. Your parents will appreciate that they were included in the intimate moment of knowing before everyone else and will appreciate that you wanted them to hear it from you. 

If you’re still stuck on how to tell your parents about your big news take some time to think on the little things and inside jokes that make your family special. Every family will have moments that mean a lot to them, so use those special things to make your announcement special. 

It’s very understandable you want to share your news with absolutely everyone, but take a moment to just enjoy this quiet time with your family. There’s plenty of time to make your announcements to everyone, but a special reveal to your parents will mean a lot to them.