10 In-Fashion Jewelry Ideas for the Elderly Mother

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Is your mom’s birthday coming up? Are you looking for a perfect gift for their special occasion? Let us look at some jewelry ideas for the elderly mother in this article.

Around 62% of Americans love gifts that give a personal touch and are heartfelt. When it comes to gifting something to an elderly mother for their birthday or any other special occasion, it is always a great idea to look for something unique and special. 

Looking for some kind of jewelry is an excellent idea as it is something that is treasured and can be passed down to the next generation as well. You can look for some personalized silver or gold ornament or a piece of necklace engraved with your mother’s birth date. 

If you are finding it difficult to look for some gifts for your elderly parents, we have listed down a wide range of jewelry ideas that will help you choose as per your preferences and taste. Show your parents your love and affection towards them, which will further help strengthen your bond and make them feel they are cared for and loved. 

Let us look at some jewelry ideas for elderly mother and make your shopping a bit easier. 

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

How To Look For A Perfect Jewelry For Your Elderly Mother?

Think About What Kind Of Jewelry Your Mother Wears 

You will know about your mother’s tastes and preferences in jewelry and clothes. When you are looking for something for your elderly parents, don’t look for what is trending or what you like. Instead, look for a piece of jewelry they like wearing. 

Like for example, if your mother likes wearing gold jewelry, avoid gifting her something of platinum or rose gold. So for someone who likes wearing classic gold jewelry, you can gift them a pair of earrings or bangles. 

For What Occasion Are Your Looking For A Jewelry?

For what occasion you are looking for jewelry is essential to know. Most jewelers keep different ranges of jewelry and gift sets during any occasion like Christmas. A pair of earrings or a necklace is a good idea for your mother or sister. Plain gold jewelry is also a great option as it is a kind of investment.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

Does your elderly mother like traditional or modern styles?

When it comes to wearing a necklace or earrings, you will wear the one you like. So when you look for jewelry for your elder mother, look for something they like. Think about the type of personality your mother has. Is she still working or retired? Does she prefer traditional or modern?

If she is working and has a dress code, gifting her western jewelry like earrings or pendants is a great option. If your mother starts her day with a prayer and is somewhat religious, you can gift her a religious pendant.

Look For A Jewelry That Suits Your Mother’s Age And Personality

Though there is nothing wrong with wearing jewelry at any age, there is some jewelry that may not suit people of all age groups. When it comes to choosing a piece of jewelry for your elderly mother, choosing something traditional will never go wrong. A small pair of earrings or a bangle is an excellent choice. 

But do remember age does not determine a person’s choice and preferences. So if your elderly mother likes wearing heavy jewelry, then gifting her a small piece of earring or bangle will not be a good idea.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

Get The Right Size Jewelry For Your Mother

When you look for clothes, guessing the correct size may be easy. But when you look for a piece of jewelry, you need to be sure of the size. Getting clothes changed or altered is easy. But it is difficult to change the ring or bangle size and is a lot of work. 

So you need to be sure of the bangle and ring size before purchasing. Even if there is a slight difference in the ring size, it will be unwearable. Else it is better to look for some universal size jewelry like a pendant set or an earring.

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10 Gifting Ideas For Jewelry for Elderly Woman

#1 Mood Rings

A mood ring is a perfect gift idea for an elderly mother. It consists of a mood stone that can change color as per the temperature of the finger. These mood stones contain liquid crystals and quartz and were first produced in the 70s. 

A lot of people were fascinated with these rings as they change color depending on your mood. Your mood can affect your body’s temperature, which causes the mood stones to change their color.

These mood stones can change color from black to gray, green, red, and turquoise. The blue color is a sign of relaxation. When the color changes to red, it means the person is nervous, and the green color means the person feels comfortable.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

#2 A Personalised Necklace

Your mother will definitely love a personalized family necklace, and it can be a memorable and wonderful gift for her birthday. Nowadays, there are different types and styles of necklaces there in the market, and you can get them personalized as you want. 

You can look for a necklace with a multi-stacked circle and can engrave the names of your father, grandchildren, and other family members. You can also look for a tree-shaped pendant and engrave the names of the family members on it. You can add the names of new members sometime later as well. 

#3 Birthstones

For your elderly mother, it is a great idea to look for something that has a symbolic meaning, like a birthstone. If your mother is born in April, you can look for a diamond birthday. Similarly, a pearl is a birthstone of June, and ruby is a birthstone of July, and so on. One of the traditional gemstones that you can gift your mother is a sapphire.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

Why Should You Gift A Birthstone To Your Loved Ones?

Gifting any type of jewelry is an ideal gift for anyone. Gifting a piece of birthstone jewelry is a favorite gift for many people. Do you know why people love getting birthstone necklaces or earrings? Let’s find out.

Birthstones Have A Special Meaning And Make A Unique Gift

Since birthstones are related to the birth month of your loved ones, which makes it very unique and personal to the wearer. When you gift a birthstone to your mother, she will feel special as it relates to her birthday. 

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

Birthstones Makes The Wearer Feel Protected

When a person wears a birthstone, it is meant to bring good luck and makes a wearer feel protected. Some legends have a belief that gemstones have some special powers. For example, a ruby is meant to bring strength, good health, wisdom, and success. 

So a birthstone is an ideal gift for your mother, as it will make them feel protected.

Birthstones Are Said To Have Some Healing Powers

Birthstones are associated with the zodiac signs and have some healing properties. Since ages, healers have a belief that when you wear a gemstone, it opens up the physical and mental blockages.

These are some of the reasons birthstones make the ideal gift for your loved ones. 

#4 A Diamond Necklace

Women of all age groups love diamonds. Natural diamonds are extremely expensive, and American diamonds are a great alternative to natural diamonds. You can gift her a diamond necklace that will make her look more stunning.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

#5 Evil Eye Bracelet Or Chain.

You will always want to protect your mother at any cost. To keep her safe from people’s evil eyes, you can gift her an evil eye bracelet or a chain. You will find a variety of evil eye jewelry in the market. 

You will also find a lot of famous personalities wearing evil eye bracelets. So just look for a perfect evil eye bracelet for your mother and let her know you care for her.

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#6 Metal Earings

Metal earrings give a vintage feeling. Metal earrings have entirely transformed the jewelry market. If your mother likes exploring and wearing something new, metal earrings will make a perfect gift for her. You can even get it customized as per your choice. One of the best things about these metal earrings is that it matches with both traditional and semi-formal outfits perfectly.

#7 Oxidised Silver Rings

Most women like wearing the oxidized ring, and there are different designs and styles of oxidized rings available nowadays. If your mother loves wearing rings, then you should gift her oxidized silver rings.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

#8 Remodel An Old Jewelry Into A New One

Do you have any old heirloom jewelry like a pearl or a ring from your grandmother or aunt? Perhaps, each time an old piece of jewelry is passed on to the other family member, it brings in a lot of memories.

Thus remodeling old jewelry and giving it a new look that relates to your mother’s style is a great way to make her feel loved. 

#9 A Platinum Photo Frame

You can think of a small 5″ by 7″ photo frame and put the pictures of all the family members and loved ones. Gifting a photo frame is a thoughtful gift, especially when you add all the memorable pictures of your loved ones.

#10 Gold Bar

You can gift a pure gold bar to your elderly parents, and it is one of the best forms of investment. Usually, a gold bar is handcrafted with some Chinese characters that express some best wishes and is a meaningful gift for elder parents.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother


As they say, old is gold. Earrings are a special gift for most women, so if you are looking for 70th birthday jewelry for mom, earrings will be a good idea. But its not that simple – earrings for older women are different from the kind that younger girls wear. 

Does Wearing Earrings Make You Look Better?

Well yes, they do! You just need to know how to wear them right, which we will talk about later. But yes, wearing earrings does make you look prettier, which is why they are a great option as a birthday gift.

However, you need to be careful what you buy. Earrings need to match the shape of the face, especially so for elderly women. They need to be highlighting the features that are most attractive in the face and drawing attention to the person.

What earrings make you look better would also depend on your personality. If you have the kind of mom who is more loving and caring, perhaps a feminine looking earring would work best. However, if your elderly mom has been a rule breaker and a bad ass all her life, you might have to pick up something that matches her charisma and personality.

What Kind Of Earrings Make You Look Younger?

Lightweight earrings or earrings that cover your earlobes look best in older people and make them look younger. Also, choosing a stud earring or high hoops is an excellent alternative for older people as they age.  

Let us look at the different types of earrings in detail that will make you look young.

  • Stud Earring. Among the variety of earrings avaible in the market, the stud earrings are simple and great for everyday use. These types of earrings consist of small stones or metals. Pearl studs are the most liked stud by women and give an opaque look, while diamond stud earrings look elegant and timeless.
  • Dangle Earrings. These types of earrings consist of metals, stones, or gems placed at the base of the earring. It dangles from the earlobes. Short dangling earrings are great for daily use and can be worn comfortably on any occasion.
  • Gold Huggies. Gold Huggies are a kind of earrings that fits the earlobes perfectly. Women can wear these earrings with any outfit and look stunning.
Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

What Kind Of Earrings Should You Avoid Buying For Elderly Mother?

We have covered above the type of earrings that will make your mother look young. Now, let’s discuss the types of earrings you should avoid buying.

Faux Earrings

Avoid buying fancy or faux earrings for your elderly mother. They look cheap and can even irritate the skin. As people age, their skin around the earlobes and neck becomes sensitive, and wearing a faux earring can cause problems to the skin.

Big, Tacky Earrings

It is not necessary that all tacky earrings will look good on elderly women. So it is better to avoid earrings that are not elegant and age-appropriate.

Earrings With Large Hoops

Noways, hoop earrings come in large sizes, which are uncomfortable to wear and also not safe. Large hoops are suitable for young women who like experimenting with new designs and styles of earrings. 

But if your aging mother loves wearing hoop earrings, look for oval-shaped earrings and not the rounded ones. There are some brands that come out with hoops in different sizes, so you might want to explore that as well.

Earrings Made From Ceramic Or Plastic

As mentioned above, avoid buying plastic or ceramic earrings for elder mothers as it does not look good on them. These types of earrings are suitable for young women. Look for elegant and timeless pair earrings and stick to precious stones and diamonds.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

What To Look For When Buying An Earring For Elderly Mother?

Many people prefer buying simple earrings for their elderly moms. While women, as they age, deserve some stylish jewelry that reflects their personality and wisdom. Look for the designs described below when choosing an earring for an elderly mother.

  • Timeless Design. There are some earrings that never go out of style and suit every woman regardless of her age. Some timeless designs include diamond studs or pearl jewelry. These types of jewelry look great in any outfit and occasion. 
  • Vintage. One of the best ways to look for vintage design earrings is to look at your family heirloom jewelry box. Heirloom jewelry gives a vintage look and will bring back many memories. 
  • Elegant. It does not matter on what occasion you want to wear jewelry, most women like wearing subtle and elegant designs. 

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What Earrings Are Most Flattering?

A large hoop and dangling earrings are among the most flattering earrings, and it looks good on a square-shaped face more than anyone else. 

Earrings look good based on the face shape. A piece of elegant jewelry makes you look stunning. There are different types and styles of earrings; it is essential to know what type of earrings suits a person as per their face shape. 

  • Round Face. People with a round face will usually have round cheeks and somewhat circular faces. Long dangling earrings will look great on a round face, and this will make their face look slim. Avoid gifting anything like small studs or hoops, as it will make their face appear round.
  • Heart-Shaped Face.A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead than the cheeks, and the lower part of the face will be somewhat narrow. Elongated earrings will look more flattering on such faces.
  • Square Face. People with square faces have jawlines and foreheads of similar width. Dangling earrings, studs, and hoops looks stunning on such face types. A round earring softens up the cheekbones and jawline.
  • Oval Face. An Oval shape is a perfect face, and people with an oval have a wide forehead like the cheekbones. Almost all types of earrings look flattering on such face shapes.
  • Rectangular Face. A person with a rectangular face has a more elongated face cut. So along, dangling earrings will suit them and will add some softness to their cheekbones.
Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

Always Look For Earrings Based On The Hair Lenth And Color

There is no hard and fast rule to choosing an earring based on hair color. But if your mother or loved ones have blonde or golden hair, gold earrings will look flattering rather than any platinum jewelry, and platinum earrings will look great on dark-haired women. 

Any type of earring looks great on short hair. And for long hair, along elongated and dangling earrings are a great option. There are endless options to choose from.

What Is The Traditional Gift For 70 Year Olds?

Some people may find it difficult to buy gifts for 70-year-old parents or loved ones. Let us look at some traditional gifts for a 70-year-old.

A Family Portrait

Thinking of a gift for a 70-year-old may be difficult as they will have everything they want. A 70-year-old will have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

One of the most thoughtful gifts for a 70-year-old is a family portrait or a photo album. If the family members stay in different cities, you can plan a family reunion and share great memories together. A good time spent with family will be one of the most sentimental gifts for a 70-year-old mother.

An Experience

Gifting something to a 70-year-old does not necessarily involve an object. You can think of gifting a fun experience, and you can look for a simple gift card for a movie or a restaurant. If your elderly mother likes getting a spa, you can gift them a spa package. Before looking for any traditional gifts like these, look for your loved one’s interests and hobbies.

A Customised Painting

If your mother has lived in the same house all these years or shifted to a new retirement house, you can gift a customized house painting. Every time they look at the painting, it will reminds them of some sweet memories of their home.

Plant A Tree

When you ask your 70-year-old mother if they need anything, they will probably answer they have everything they want. If you find it difficult ot find a great gift for them, just plant a tree. This will be the perfect gift, and they will be pleased to know that their gift is helping to reforest the areas and protect the environment.

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Some Jewelry Tips To Make Your Elderly Mother Look Stunning

To make your elderly mother look younger, you can choose jewelry that makes them look stunning. You can make them enhance their natural beauty by adding a traditional necklace, rings, bracelets, and elegant earrings. Let us look at the following tips to wear it in a perfect way.

Stacked Bracelets

You can know an elderly person’s age by looking at their hands. Wearing stacked bracelets on both the wrists will put attention on the wrists and away from the hands. Avoid wearing a heavy bracelet in one hand and a small one on the other as it does not look good.

Jewelry Ideas For The Elderly Mother

Avoid Wearing Plastic Earrings And Choose precious Stones. 

There is nothing wrong with wearing plastic jewelry, but anything that is not precious and looks cheap can tell a person’s age. Wearing plastic or the wrong metal can make a person look old, and it is important to look for jewelry that shines and makes the person look more stunning.

If your mother has a warm undertone, choose gold jewelry, and if they have a cool undertone choose sterling silver jewelry for them. Choosing the wrong type of metal for them can highlight their dark circles or skin problems more.

Mix An Old Heirloom Jewelry 

Jewelry that was popular in the 70s may not be very trending in today’s time. You can use these jewelry and mix and match with other sets. For example, you can pair a black with gold jewelry and choose a large neckpiece with small stacked rings.

A Few Final Words

You can simply make someone’s day by gifting them thoughtful and unique jewelry. When your mother reaches her 70s, it means they have achieved a milestone. Gifting them perfect jewelry is a great option, and choosing something that is personalized and unique will bring pure happiness and joy. 

I hope you found this article helpful and will find it easy to choose the perfect jewelry for your elderly mother.