Is Acetaminophen effective for getting relieve from back pain?

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If you’re experiencing the low back pain, then, you’re not alone. According to National Library of Health, it is estimated that most of the people suffer from low back pain at least once in their lifetime.

Another recent study published in Revista de Saude Publica, a Brazilian Journal in 2015, revealed that the incidence of low back pain is much higher in those who aged 20 to 59 years old.

Also, this study concluded that women complain more about chronic lower back pain. Somehow, everyone is familiar with the low back pain, but, the intensity, severity, and cause of the pain may variate.

Dealing with low back pain is not easier. Most would prefer the over-the-counter options to get the pain relief at the optimal level, but, on the other end of a spectrum, people battling with low back pain implement the alternative medicine options.

Undoubtedly, loads of medicinal and non-medicinal options available that can ease off the pain, but, everyone won’t get the rapid relief from each method.

Acetaminophen is now commonly used to treat the low back pain. but do you’ve an idea that how it really reduces the pain? what it’s formula? How often should it be used? Well, many questions may be popping up in your mind, but, let’s have a more precise and brief discussion on low back pain.

What is low back pain?

Whenever you bend or twist, if you’re feeling the sudden, intense pain in your low back, then, it is indicating that something is going wrong.

Neglecting low back pain is not helpful, in fact, it’ll increase the episodes of pain and eventually, your work performance and functionality will be affected.

Prolonged sitting, lifting heavy weights, poor posture, faulty mattress, and trauma are the basic causes of low back pain. However, the root cause of each condition may differ from person to person. Nevertheless, backache usually heals within few days or weeks, if it is occurring occasionally.

Low back pain could be the indication of something more serious, including aortic aneurysms leaking, kidney infection, and problems with female reproductive system.

It is extremely important that you should take back pain seriously. Though, sometimes, backache may go away on their own, but, early diagnoses and intervention is a quite better option to prevent the big damage.

What is acetaminophen?

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is the main member of para-aminophenol derivatives. Acetaminophen is popular due to its analgesic and antipyretic (fever-reducing) properties, however, its anti-inflammatory properties are not too strong. The effects of acetaminophen are found more centrally and less peripherally.

As an analgesic, the Tylenol blocks the pain perception, hence, the sufferer will get the drastic reduction in the pain.

Many health-care professionals recommend the Tylenol more likely due to its low profile of risks and adverse effects. Its dosage is prescribed as per the patient’s pain status.

Hence, acetaminophen is thought to be the commonest over-the-counter medicine due to its remarkable effects.

Acetaminophen for low back pain

In acute low back pain, acetaminophen is widely used as a potential painkiller (analgesic) to kick away the pain.

Not only acetaminophen is used to treat a backache, yet, the pain associated with the variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis can be tapered down rapidly.

In one study, it is revealed that due to the acetaminophen’s efficacy in reducing pain, it can be used as a first-line of treatment of osteoarthritis.

In a study, it is concluded that those who are suffering from the mild to moderate pain when received the acetaminophen got pain reduction after few weeks.

More specifically, if your pain lasts less than 3 months, then acetaminophen should be your choice of medicine.

Because acetaminophen is proven to be much safer than other medicines, doctors usually recommend the acetaminophen to check rather it’ll help.

The standard accepted dose of acetaminophen is ranging from 325-1000 mg every 4 to 6 hours, with a 24-hours use.

The FDA approved that 4000 mg is the safer and maximum limit of dose per 24 hour for adults. However, for acetaminophen-sensitive people, experts suggested 3000 mg per day.

Nevertheless, the people with arthritis are recommended to take 6 tablets of 325mg per day, not exceeding up to 10 tablets.

Acetaminophen for low back pain

What are the benefits of acetaminophen on low back pain?

Acetaminophen is absolutely fantastic for relieving the low back pain, regardless, it is acute or chronic. Unlike other analgesic medications, acetaminophen has no addictions.

Also, if you’re taking it for a longer duration, you won’t develop the tolerance (pain-relieving effect’s loss). The fewer cases have been reported of allergies due to the intake of acetaminophen.

Also, it’s rare that anyone has suffered from gastrointestinal upset with the acetaminophen consumption.

What are the side effects of acetaminophen?

As every medicine has some side effects, the acetaminophen toxicity is also possible. Trouble breathing, swelling of your tongue, face, lips, and throat, hives, diarrhea, stomach cramping, blood in stools or in vomiting, and yellowing of eyes and lips are the common side effects of acetaminophen.

Among all, a hepatotoxicity-the harmful effect on the liver is the major effect of acute acetaminophen overdosage.

It is also observed that the hepatotoxicity is found with even single dosage of 10-15 grams. However, the sign of chronic acetaminophen toxicity is kidney damage (nephrotoxicity).

If the acetaminophen is combined with other drugs like narcotics, then, the extended usage of this combination will be potentially detrimental.

For minimizing the risk of side effects of acetaminophen, you should,

  • Keep the track record of medicine consumption
  • Review the ingredients of cough syrup because it contains the acetaminophen and you won’t take double dose of it.
  • Consult with the doctor if you’ve a previous history of liver disease and drinking alcohol frequently.

Because acetaminophen is very helpful in backache, latest studies showed that it also speeds up the recovery.

Since every pain reliever would work differently, the acetaminophen showed the tremendous results on treating the low back pain.

Hence, acetaminophen is a good choice for a number of people because it’s inexpensive and has less side effects.