Here’s how we cure those pinched nerves

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It could happen at any time. Those who’ve had it will tell you that it’s not nice at all and it can be quite painful.

A pinched nerve, specifically in the back, can be a serious matter and should not be taken lying down, if you will.

Fortunately, it can be treated. We will even explain whether or not patients with chronic problems can be wholly healed.

We’ll begin by briefly explaining what could very well cause you to have pinched nerves in your back and carry on from there, leading on to two or three treatments or cures for pinched nerves in the back.

What causes pinched nerves in the back?

Strictly speaking, a pinched nerve manifests itself in the human body when pressure is applied to a nerve in the neck.When this happens, the sensations felt are directed away from the spinal cord.

When these sensations are severely painful, it typically occurs around the shoulder area and can also cause muscles to be weakened and cause numbness. All of this can spread through the arm and to the hand.

Common causes

Pinched nerves in the neck or back are quite common. Most people are familiar with the condition, which is not chronic, and have experienced it at least once or twice in their lives.

Commonly, it occurs when the body has been inactive for a long period of time, held in one position over that period, usually a number of hours and during sleep.

Pinched nerves in the back (and other areas of the body) is also common among active people, resulting in injury and tendinitis in extreme cases and particularly when not treated straight away.

Here’s how we cure those pinched nerves

Pinched nerves can also be the early manifestations of long-term arthritis which if incurable in extreme cases, can at least be treated.

Here are some of the ways the treatment of pinched nerves, specifically in the back, can be carried out.

The most common (and still effective) treatment for pinched nerves, particularly when it isn’t severe, is carried out with a combination of rest and ice.

Treatment for more acute pains will include; the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy and (becoming more popular these days) alternative remedies such as yoga and acupuncture.

What are the most effective remedies?

Whether a patient is relying on conventional clinical practice or delving into the growing trend of alternative medicine, how effective the treatment is (or will be) depends on the patient him or herself.

An overweight or heavily pregnant mother may not be comfortable with the physical practice of yoga, while a young adult who became dependent or addicted to drugs won’t be able to cope with a program of prescribed or non-prescribed drugs known to be effective in the treatment of pinched nerves.

Either way, and this extends to other case studies as well, best practice begins with first consulting with a registered medical practitioner and allowing him to make a diagnosis.

Treatments and remedies 

As a rough guide, we can mention a number of recommended treatments (depending on the GP or specialist’s recommendations, of course) and remedies (usually ideal for non-severe incidences of pinched nerves).

To name two; oral corticosteroids and steroid injections are two clinical solutions usually carried out by spinal treatment specialists and/or physiotherapists. In the most extreme cases, surgery is also an option.

Whether damage is severe or minor, a combination of manual therapy and counseling can also work.

Manual therapy

Most treatments and pain management programs for healing or treating pinched nerves in the back work or at least reduce the inflammation that occurs as a result, so it is worthwhile mentioning as many of these as possible.

Now, physiotherapy, chiropractic methods, massage, stretching, even spinal manipulation, all form part of the basket of treatment regimes which fall under manual therapy.

What causes pinched nerves in the back


Because there is much emotional trauma associated with enduring pain as a result of ailments such as pinched nerves in the back, counseling is often recommended and/or required.

We could argue that, in fact, trauma counseling remains necessary in light of the emotional consequences of dealing with chronic back pain.

Symptomatic illnesses such as anxiety stress disorder and depression cannot be trifled with and, if left unchecked, run counter to treatment programs required to cure patients of their back pain.

Alternative therapeutic treatments and medicine

Before elaborating further on this exciting healing path which is growing in popularity, let’s also just mention another unusually-termed treatment option for healing back pains and taking care of pinched nerves.

TENS is the acronym for the archaic transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This outmoded form of treatment requires pulses of electricity to be transmitted in order to relieve patients of their pain.

Now, alternative therapies, as it is still termed today, on the other hand include the following healing options; acupuncture, aromatherapy, the use of complementary medicine, herbal treatments and massage.

Alternatives also include yoga and biofeedback. Alternative medical practice also requires effective collaborations.

For instance, progressive medical practitioners may use nutritionists to help them provide their patients with the correct dietary requirements to effectively help them reduce pain in the affected areas.

Is it really all in the mind?

This form of alternative medicine – mind-body therapy – may not be endearing to patients mainly because of the challenges associated with trying to relax, concentrate and staying focused on getting better without being distracted by exterior matters such as work and family.

Nevertheless, if correctly and, let’s just say, professionally applied, this form of mind to body treatment can work.

The therapies used here include; familiar and innovative relaxation techniques, meditation, biofeedback and hypnosis.

So, the next time you do encounter a slightly unpleasant sensation somewhere along or down your back, do this first before anything else; simply relax and know that there are more than enough natural health (alternative) and traditional options to choose from.