Turmeric Is A Powerful Herb With Important Benefits

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The Numerous Benefits Of Turmeric

Turmeric is an exceptionally useful supplement, and some experts even think that it could help you to live longer! This is because turmeric contains a powerful molecule called curcumin. According to Natural News, turmeric can improve the health of cells.

While turmeric has numerous benefits, these are some of the most important ones:

1. Turmeric Has Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Properties.

Due to this effect of curcumin, the spice can help to prevent many common diseases. Some examples of diseases that Turmeric might prevent are heart disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

 Some experts even believe that curcumin might reduce inflammation just as effectively as prescription anti-inflammatory drugs!

2. Turmeric Is A Powerful Antioxidant.

While everyone has some level of free radicals in their body, they can wreak havoc on the body over time. Many experts even believe that free radicals play a significant role in the aging process.

In addition, free radicals can even make you more prone to cancer. Antioxidants are exceptionally effective at preventing free radical damage, and curcumin is a highly effective antioxidant.

3. Turmeric Is Thought To Improve Brain Function!

You develop new neurons every day, and curcumin is thought to increase the number of new neurons that your brain creates. This is because the multiplication of neurons is influenced by a hormone called BDNF.

Curcumin has the ability to increase the amount of BDNF in the body. Not only could this prevent brain diseases, but this means that curcumin might be capable of increasing intelligence!

4. Turmeric Can Help To Keep Your Blood Vessels Healthy.

One of the most important parts of blood vessels is the endothelium, and curcumin has properties that are thought to improve this important anatomical structure.

Endothelium disorders are thought to play a significant role in the development of heart disease. Not only can curcumin help to maintain a normal endothelium, but it might even reverse problems that have developed in the endothelium.

Some experts feel that the curcumin in turmeric is just as effective at improving endothelial function as Atorvastatin. Atorvastatin is a prescription medication.

5. Some Experts Believe That Compounds In Turmeric Might Be Capable Of Treating Cancer!

According to Healthline, curcumin may help to slow down the growth of cancer, according to some studies.

 In addition, some evidence suggests that curcumin might be able to prevent any cancer cells from developing in the first place.

In fact, a study was done on a group of men with colorectal lesions that were considered to present a high risk of turning into colorectal cancer. Curcumin reduced the number of these lesions by 40%.

While the research certainly appears promising, it’s unknown whether or not curcumin could be an effective cancer therapy. If you suffer from cancer, it’s important to never use any herbal remedies without talking to your oncologist.

In addition, it’s important that you always receive care from a licensed physician. Check the prices for bestseller Turmeric on Amazon.

6. Tumeric Might Be An Effective Antidepressant.

People who suffer from depression appear to respond quite well to the curcumin in turmeric, and this has been shown in a controlled study.

This study consisted of 60 participants, and people who were in the study took either Prozac, curcumin, or a combination of both. The people who took Curcumin experienced antidepressant effects that were just as strong as the Prozac.

However, the group that took both curcumin and Prozac did the best.

Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

7. Turmeric Might Reduce Arthritis Symptoms.

Arthritis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases, and it appears that the curcumin in turmeric is exceptionally effective at reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

There was a study in 2010 that showed that turmeric reduced pain levels and joint function for people who had osteoarthritis of the knee.

8. Tumeric Might Be Able To Improve Immune Function.

According to Turmeric Website, the curcumin in turmeric improves the functioning of the immune system. It also has antiseptic properties. This can make you less likely to catch certain illnesses, such as colds and the flu.

It also might decrease your vulnerability to more serious illnesses. Many people take turmeric during the winter to reduce their chances of getting a seasonal illness.

9. Turmeric Can Reduce Itching.

If you suffer from eczema or another condition that causes chronic itching, mixing turmeric with aloe vera can be a highly effective remedy.

Not only can it be effective for conditions that cause itchy skin, but turmeric can also be a great home remedy for burns. It’s also thought to be beneficial for people who suffer from poison ivy.

10. Turmeric Might Be Able To Improve Skin Complexion.

Turmeric is thought to have beneficial effects for people who suffer from acne. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin. Many people find that it is most effective to apply the turmeric along with honey as a face mask.

The mask contains 2 parts honey along with 1 part turmeric.

How Do You Take Turmeric?

In order to benefit from taking turmeric, it’s important that you use it properly. If you are taking dried turmeric, it’s best to use anywhere between 1.5 and 3 grams. While turmeric capsules are available, it is also possible to prepare turmeric yourself.

According to WellnessMama, these are some of the most effective ways of reaping the benefits from the turmeric in your spice rack:

1. Make Turmeric Tea:

Making turmeric tea is quite easy, but it’s not the same as other teas. It is not made by steeping turmeric in water. Instead, the turmeric is steeped in milk. If turmeric is prepared this way, it has an earthy flavor.

2. Brew Turmeric Broth:

Broth can serve the same function as milk in turmeric tea. Preparing turmeric broth involves mixing turmeric directly into the broth. Many people include additional ingredients to improve the flavor.

3. Make Curry Powder:

Curry powder has been used in Indian cuisine for thousands of years, and one of the main ingredients is turmeric.

If you use this recipe, you should add paprika, fennel, cumin, fenugreek powder, ground mustard powder, ground coriander, ground red pepper flakes, ground cardamon, cinnamon powder, and cloves.

While there are many curry recipes available, this recipe on Wellness Mama is great for beginners. This video shows a demonstration of brewing turmeric tea.