How to Choose the Right Pajamas for Elderly Women

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Sometimes it doesn’t seem like the right sleepwear can make or break your sleep, but it is an important component for making sure you get a good rest. 

Pajamas for Elderly Women

When someone isn’t sleeping well, you probably take a look at their bed, their sheets and blankets or even the temperature of the room they are sleeping in. But have you ever considered taking a look at the clothes they are sleeping in?

Does Sleepwear Really Impact Your Sleep?

Sleepwear can be any item of clothing someone wears when they go to sleep each night. Each person will typically wear whatever items of clothing it is they find the most comfortable.

As sleep is a time that is meant for us to rest and rejuvenate our bodies. In order to do that, we have to be completely relaxed in mind and body. 

Your body has to be in clothing that is comfortable and allows you to relax. So if you haven’t been getting a decent sleep, that night when you finally get a good sleep can be the best thing you’ve experienced in a really long time. 

The sleepwear a senior wears can really impact the quality of their sleep, and quality sleep for seniors can be especially important. 

If their sleepwear is too light then they might get cold at night and not be able to sleep well. Alternatively, if their clothing is too warm then they will be sweating too much at night and the clothing will stick to the body so sleep will become almost impossible. 

Further, if their sleepwear has too many buttons on it then it could be difficult for them to get up and use the washroom in the middle of the night. This means they could have an accident since they can’t get to the bathroom on time. 

Choosing the Right Sleepwear for Elderly Women

Knowing this information about how the right kind of sleepwear affects your quality of sleep, there are some important tips on choosing sleepwear for your elderly loved one. 

What Does Your Senior Loved One Like?

You might think you know what they want, but you might not. So before you go shopping and buy them a bunch of items ask them what it is they like. 

Go through their current pajamas and see what is in there. Ask them what they like about the ones they have and perhaps ask them what they don’t like about these ones.

Additionally, choose items in their favorite colors or patterns so that they will be more likely to wear them when they get them. This will give you a better idea as to what to look for when buying pajamas for them.

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 Make Sure Your Loved One Is Comfortable

This includes choosing pieces that fit well (are not too lose or too tight) and the fabrics feel comfortable to them.

You may need to bring your loved one shopping with you so they can try on the various items and they can pick out ones they like and you don’t have to worry about trying to return items that haven’t worked for them. 

Think About Any Limitations They May Have

Your loved one may have an ailment or condition that makes it difficult to wear certain articles of clothing.

If this is the case for your loved one, make sure any item you choose is going to be easy for them to get in and out of – especially if they live on their own. 

For example, if you know your loved one has some issues with incontinence and getting to the bathroom in time you may want to make sure you purchase fabrics that will clean well and are also comfortable to sleep in. 


Fabric of the Sleepwear

Certain fabrics may look nice when buying them, but they don’t translate into comfortable sleepwear that lasts well. 

There are various fabrics that are commonly used in pajamas.



This fabric is a soft material that has fantastic thermoregulation properties. This means it will help to cool your body when it is too hot and will help keep you warm if it’s a little chilly. 


This material is commonly used in many types of clothing – including pajamas. It is usually pretty light so it’s comfortable to wear. It doesn’t absorb very much so it’s not great for seniors who are experiencing incontinence, but it is soft so it’s a great choice if your loved one does not experience this. 


In colder climates, this is a popular choice for pajamas. It can easily keep you warm when it’s cold outside but it will keep you warm. So if your loved one tends to sweat in the night or get too warm then it may not be the right option for them. 


Clothes made of wool are specifically designed to keep the wearer extra warm. If your loved one is cold at night or has trouble staying warm this could be a great option for materials for sleepwear. 

It’s important to note, though, that it isn’t very breathable and can become itchy and irritate the skin of the wearer. 

Ease of Use 

As our loved ones age, they may not have the same dexterity they once did so they can’t as easily dress themselves.

Articles of clothing with a lot of buttons or zippers can be really difficult to get in and out of, so you may want to consider how easy it will be for them to get in and out of them. 

Getting bottoms that just pull and up and down can be especially useful if your loved one needs to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. This way they don’t have to fumble with too many buttons to be able to use the bathroom.


Many times seniors will sleep with socks on because their feet get cold at night. As we age it happens due to a change in circulation. 

Knowing this, it’s important to make sure you get the right socks for your loved one to sleep in. 

In the middle of the night, if they have to get up and use the bathroom they could still be half asleep and not paying as much attention. Socks can make it easier to sleep on the floor and hurt themselves.

If possible, try to get them socks that have non-skid properties. This can help give them balance and stability if they need to get up and they are not quite awake yet. 

Other Considerations

Once you have made sure that your loved one has the right pajamas for sleeping, it’s important to make sure the other factors in the room will provide optimal sleep. 

Sometimes sleep issues can be linked to lifestyle choices and changing up a few habits can give you a better night’s sleep. 

To get a better sleep at night, you can 

  • Avoid using electronics (especially with blue light) in bed
  • Use your bed only for sleeping
  • Try some light reading before bed to help relax your mind and help you get ready for sleeping
  • Creating (and sticking to) a nighttime routine

There are other things you can take a look at to make sure the sleeping conditions are ideal for your loved one.

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The Right Mattress 

Sometimes a mattress that is too firm or too soft can really mess up someone’s sleep. Each person has different sleep needs so it’s important to make sure your loved one has a mattress that meets their needs. 

Sheets and Blankets

Some types of sheets or blankets can cause you to sweat more at night or be too light and not keep you warm enough. 

Choosing the right sheets for your loved one’s sleeping needs can mean the difference between a really restful sleep and tossing and turning for hours. 

Bright Lights

Remove any super bright lights from the bedroom and try to have lights that are dim and conducive to winding down. 

Any lights that are too bright can upset someone’s natural sleep cycle so test out the lights in their bedroom. 

No TVs

Many people have TVs in their bedrooms so they can watch a quick show or movie before bed. Doing this can interrupt sleep and cause people to be able to sleep less than they naturally would. 

If possible, remove any TV from their bedroom as it can be a huge distraction and too noisy to actually fall asleep. 

In Summary

The clothing selected for your senior loved one to sleep in is really important, and can really give them a fantastic sleep. 

By ensuring you help them choose the right materials and types of pajamas you can make sure your loved one is comfortable and will enjoy their sleep. It’s also important to make sure you take your loved one with you shopping so that they know what kind of pajamas they are getting. Additionally, if they have a say in the items selected they will be more likely to wear them