How to Treat a Pulled Muscle When Coughing Goes Wrong

pulled muscle from coughing

Who would have thought that you can strain or pull a muscle from doing something so natural as coughing? It can be such a pain in the—wherever the pain is felt. Ouch! A strain also called a “pulled muscle” can happen during an activity that requires the use of a muscle or muscle group. According to … Read more

Everything you should know about Muscle Strains

Muscle Strain

What are muscle strains? Muscle strains are a type of damage that occurs during or even after a physical activity that puts undue pressure on the muscle fibers or the attached tendon(s). They can occur in any muscle and/or tendon in the body. Muscle strains and similar injuries are extremely common, especially in athletes. In … Read more

Symptoms, Treatment, and Everything about High Ankle Sprain

high ankle sprain

There are different types of ankle sprains, and one of them is a high ankle sprain. If you are an athlete, especially sports where you get tackled, such as football, you are at risk for this type of ankle sprain. It pays to know what a high ankle sprain is since treatment should be performed … Read more

Your Complete Sprain Guide: How To Identity, Treat, Rehab, And Prevent Wrist Sprains

sprained wrist

Wrist Sprains Are Complicated Injuries With A Lot Of Potential Questions  Whether it be work, leisure, or recreational, your hands and wrists are likely involved in almost every activity you do day-to-day. As such, sprained wrists are quite frequent from both chronic overuse and acute injury incidences. There are several grades of wrist sprains, and … Read more

All Important Details You Need to Know About Elbow Sprain

sprained elbow

Have you ever seen a sporting athlete or a friend experiencing a lot of pain in the elbow after a fall? Chances are that he or she has just experienced an elbow injury. The most common reaction of a victim is holding the arm in a V-shaped manner while experiencing a lot of pain. But … Read more