Chronic Pain, Loneliness, Depression and Suicide

Young woman with back pain

Chronic pain and depression can go hand in hand. But it is a silent epidemic that many do not know about. In my journey of managing my mental health with chronic pain, I discovered a lot about myself and the medical system. This is a personal account of how I am managing depression and chronic … Read more

Homeopathic Remedies For Depression

Homeopathic Remedies For Depression

Unfortunately, over 20 million Americans every year struggle with depression. In fact, one in eight people will fight depression at some point in their life. This disease doesn’t only make people feel sad. It makes them lose joy in the world and the people around them. This can lead to poor decisions and the inability … Read more

What are the Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

symptoms of depression and anxiety

What You Should Know About Depression and Anxiety If you have experienced depression or anxiety, you likely know just how much it can impair your functioning. Depression and anxiety often occur at the same time in the same individual, and each one comes with its own characteristic set of symptoms. Each one can be very … Read more