14 Best Natural Treatments for Kidney Failure

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Best Natural Treatments for Kidney Failure

For those who have been diagnosed with kidney failure it is an incredibly scary and often daunting experience.

Prognosis doesn’t sound good, nor does the treatment path when you first hear about it.

While it’s easy to get depressed and scared, it’s important to keep in mind there are actually a number of treatment options available, including natural remedies that can impact your health in a very positive way.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at what kidney failure is, what causes it, traditional treatment methods, and the top natural remedies that have been shown to help. The goal is to open up the eyes of the reader and start looking at things in a more positive light.

What is Kidney Failure?

Your kidneys play a very important role in your body’s health and unfortunately we aren’t usually aware of this until a problem arises.

Kidneys work to filter out all the waste that builds up in your blood. As well they are part of red blood cell production, they make sure your electrolytes stay balanced, and they are also important in keeping your blood pressure regulated.

Once a person starts kidney failure each of these processes are affected. A person’s kidneys stop working, which then requires the use of dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant.

There are two different types of kidney failure. It can either happen over time, usually as a slow process, or it can suddenly start. If it happens suddenly it is called acute renal failure.

The patient’s prognosis depends on how damaged the kidneys are and how they are responding to their medication/treatment method.

What is the Causes of Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure can be brought about thanks to a number of causes. These include:

– Certain drugs and medications

– Injury or trauma to the area

– Some genetic diseases

– Some autoimmune diseases

– Any condition that slows down the blood flow into your kidneys

– If the urine drainage tubes are blocked

– Heart disease

– Heart attack

– Infection

– Severe dehydration

– Severe burns

– Severe allergic reaction

In the majority of cases kidney failure is the result of an event that has taken place or a previous medical condition.

There are some risk factors which will increase your odds of developing kidney failure. These are:

– Liver disease

– Heart failure

– Kidney disease

– Older individuals

– Spending time in ICU

– Diabetes

– Blood vessel blockages in your extremities

– High blood pressure

There are things you can do in order to help prevent kidney failure and these are:

– Don’t consume large amount of alcohol

– Don’t smoke

– Choose a diet that is low in salt and fat

– Be sure to see your doctor for regular check ups

– Include exercise into your daily routine

How is it Diagnosed and Treated?

In order to diagnose a person of kidney failure a number of tests can be done such as imaging, urine, urine output measurement, blood, and even removing a part of the person’s kidney tissue so that it can be treated.

These results will help to determine the treatment path that will be taken. Treatment is also a two-fold path, as you need to treat the kidney failure itself plus the condition that led to it.

Treatments can include dialysis in order to remove the toxins that are building up in your blood, medications that are meant to control the amount of potassium in your blood, diuretics may be needed to balance the fluids in your blood, and other medications that will control the amount of calcium in your blood.

There is a good chance that you will have to change what you eat. Typically those suffering from kidney failure will need to drastically cut back on their salt intake, their potassium intake, and also limit the amount of phosphorus mineral they eat.

While you can do all of this on your own, you can also choose to work with a dietician who will help to create a well-balanced and safe eating plan.

Why Choose a Natural Remedy?

There’s a good chance you won’t be able to take an all-natural route 100%, but there may be some items that you can add to your diet and lifestyle that can help with your condition.

What’s important about natural remedies, is to check with your doctor in advance that any method you choose doesn’t interact or set back the progress you have made, nor do they interfere with any medication/dialysis you are currently using.

Typically the natural remedy works well with kidney disease and can even help to slow down or reverse the damage, but with kidney failure you are taking a different approach.

If your doctor has given you the all-clear on opting for natural remedies, you will be able to take part in a treatment plan that is safer and gentler on your body.

Natural Treatments

Over the years natural remedies have received a lot of attention when discussing kidney failure.

There are a number that have been shown to help repair and restore balance to the kidneys, which can certainly help with the person’s prognosis and health.

Here’s a look at the top seven natural remedies that seem to be offering some pretty positive results.

Some of these herbs and methods have been used for decades, centuries, and more and can be found in different cultures and locations all around the world.

You’ll find some act as an anti-inflammatory, an antibacterial agent, a diuretic and more.

There is a little something for everyone in a sense there are tonics, teas, capsules, oils, and powders making it possible to find a solution for all.

You may find that combining a few is what provides the best results for you, and with most herbal remedies you usually need to stick with them over a span of time to start seeing the results.

Flame of the Forest What’s interesting about this particular herbal remedy is that not only can it help if you are in kidney failure, but it can also act as a preventative measure.

Flame of the Forest is a tree with red flowers and it’s often recommended for those who experience pain when urinating.

It will work to ride the body of excess water, helping the kidneys to do their job. It’s also used for hepatic disorders.

If you aren’t in kidney failure yet, rather you have kidney disease, this again can be very helpful. It can even prevent and cure kidney stones.

Spreading Hogweed When using Spreading Hogweed you have a couple of ways to do so, as the whole plant, seed, and root can be used.

It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory benefits, acts as an analgesic, cardiac-tonic, and helps with anemia.

This is a plant that has white and yellow flowers, stands about 70 cms tall, and its root system is vast. It can be found in a number of tropical-based countries, Sri Lanka, Burma, and India.

It can be used to help with kidney function, acts as a diuretic, and can be very helpful in dealing with edema.

green tea for kidney failure

Green Tea Green tea is a wonderful remedy for so many different ailments, when it comes down to it anyone could be drinking it and take advantage of its health benefits.

This one is widely known for its powerful anti-oxidant properties when enjoyed on a regular basis. As well it is a diuretic and can be a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Now keep in mind it’s all about moderation, you don’t want to over-do the green tea consumption.

It’s made from the Camellia sinensis plant and works to prevent damage to your kidneys, in particular damage done by toxins from various drugs.

If you happen to have diabetes, kidney stones, or Ischemia that has led to your kidney failure, again green tea can be a great thing to include in your lifestyle.

Land Caltrops This is another herb that can be made into a tonic form and will work to restore and rebuild the damaged cells in your kidneys.

It is a diuretic and has anti-microbial properties so it can actually fight infection and prevent it.

It is recommended you mix up the tonic using one teaspoon of the Land Caltrops seed powder, one cup of warm water, and one teaspoon of honey. You can drink this once a day.

Red Sandalwood This herb performs a simple but extremely important job, it works to rid the body of all its excess water, making it a powerful diuretic.

It can alkalise your urine, provide a calming and cooling feeling, and it has anti-microbial properties making it no surprise that this one has been used for years to treat kidney failure.

Three Leaved Caper This one is ideal for helping with kidney stones as it works to break them apart. As well it helps to cleanse the kidneys by detoxing them.

It contains lupeol, which is an active ingredient that is very powerful when it comes to kidney issues.

This plant is found in India and is popular in Ayurvedic medicine. The root, stem, and bark are all used.

Couch Grass Just as its name implies Couch Grass is indeed a grass, a perennial one. It can be ingested in a juice form as you can grind up the roots and make it into a coffee.

It acts as an anti-bacterial agent, helps to increase urine output, and can even help to cure kidney stones.

This grass can be found all over the world, except for in Africa. Its usage dates back to 25 AD if you can believe it and has also been shown to help with jaundice and liver issues.

Cilantro Seed or Coriander Just like many of the other remedies this one acts as a diuretic, which means it will be flushing all the toxins and waste from your body and blood stream. This makes the job of your kidneys much easier, putting less strain on them.

Cucumbers Yes you are reading the word correctly, good old cucumber can be used a powerful tool in fighting kidney failure.

It is suggested that you drink the cucumber in juice form and add carrots to the mixture.

This vegetable acts as a gentle yet effective cleanse for your kidneys ridding them of acid, toxins, and wastes. It can even help to prevent further damage being done to the kidneys.

Asian Ginseng This is not a new treatment in fact it has been used in Asia for centuries now. It works by protecting the organs in your body in this case it’s the kidneys you will be protecting.

They are protected from cellular damage by something called saponin, which is found in Asian Ginseng. You can find this in powder form.

Astragalus If you’re looking for a really powerful herb then Astragalus fits the bill. Keep in mind if you plan on using this you need to greatly reduce your salt intake and not be a smoker.

It is available in powder, tea, tablet, and liquid form making it very versatile. It can repair kidney tissue that has sustained damage, it works as a diuretic, and an antioxidant.

It contains such things as minerals, zinc, amino acids, copper, alkaloids, and flavonoids.

Dandelion Dandelion has been shown to be helpful with a variety of medical issues, one of which is kidney failure. You can either enjoy it in a warm tea or take capsules.

It’s important to note that it should only be used for short periods of time, such as four to five days at a time. It helps your body with excretion and urination, taking some of the work off your kidneys.

This one is filled with vitamins, proteins, and minerals that all work to restore balance and health to your kidneys.

Uva Ursi This is an evergreen shrub that is also called the bearberry. It is found in the Arctic and in Europe.

It’s best to use the berries and leaves as this one acts as an antiseptic to your urine. It helps to treat infections of the kidneys since it has antibacterial properties, and it ensures good health in the kidneys.

Java Tea This is another tea that you can drink in order to help with kidney failure. The java tea is a shrub and it features purple flowers.

It is made up of potassium, glycoside, flavones, and can be found in Australia and Asia.

Use this for more than just kidney failure, you can also use it for kidney stones, improve renal function, cure kidney infections, and as a diuretic.

Additional Natural Remedies

Besides the natural remedies listed above, there are a few others you can also try to include. These are:

Change your diet Ultimately this is probably something you’ll have to change no matter what your treatment method may be.

This is something you doctor will probably recommend right from the get go, and it will be more about a lifestyle change than a “diet”, as you’ll need to keep up with these changes.

What you eat actually plays a huge part in your kidney function, so if they are failing you want to do all you can to make their job easier.

As mentioned eating low amounts of salt is ideal, and boosting your carbohydrates is also recommended.

More specifically you can eat up to two apples a day as they have been shown to help, as does radish juice.

Be sure to avoid things such as alcohol, sour foods, and fried foods that are high in fat.

Exercise (yoga) While this isn’t exactly a treatment of sorts, it certainly does offer some positive benefits when suffering from kidney failure.

Any type of exercise can help but yoga in particular is a great one to add to your regime.

Yoga helps to flush your body of toxins, something your kidneys are struggling to do. Other helpful exercises include aerobic and Pilates.

Acupuncture for kidney failure

Acupuncture While acupuncture has been practiced in China for hundreds of years, it’s still not as common here in North America.

When looking at the many different ways acupuncture can help people, it’s easy to see why it’s such a common practice in the east.

Many believe that acupuncture can greatly improve a person’s kidney functions, even if they are in kidney failure.

For some people this may prove to be a very interesting and effective route to investigate.

Moving Forward with Kidney Failure

Living with kidney failure is certainly not easy and there are all kinds of treatment paths one must investigate.

In that investigation though it can prove very worthwhile to look at natural remedies and how they can greatly improve your kidneys and how they are functioning.

You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the results you’re able to achieve and how you can improve your health.