Guide to Helping Seniors with Technology

The next time you hear an older adult complain about how they don’t understand technology, point them to this guide to helping seniors with technology! The adage “It’s never too late to learn something new” has never been more relevant than it is in today’s technologically-driven society. Having to master new technology on their own … Read more

9 Senior Focused Startups to Follow

Senior Focused Startups to Follow

A fast-growing aging population deserves ideas and startups that are focused on their specific needs. Let us look at senior focused startups to follow in the next few years. By 2060, approximately 98 million Americans will have reached the age of 65. There’s little question that many of these people will have employment since 27% … Read more

Can Overuse of Technology Lead to Digital Dementia?

Can Overuse of Technology Lead to Digital Dementia

Technology has positively impacted many aspects of our lives, but its overuse has its ill effects. Can overuse of technology lead to digital dementia? We will discuss this topic in our article today. The introduction of technology has undeniably altered the nature of modern society. Although electronic gadgets were previously uncommon, it now feels hard … Read more

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

Awesome Senior Focussed Blogs

Looking for some awesome senior focussed blogs? You have come to the right place! Seniors need care and love from the family members as well as from their caregivers. Many times, people often do not understand some aspects of how to care for seniors. What makes them feel depressed in their life? What makes them … Read more