Dementia Patient Refusing Care – What to Do

Dementia Patient Refusing Care

When a patient is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, the progression of their illness can vary depending on the person and a variety of other factors.  As their illness progresses, quick or slow, they may not be ready to accept the fact that they need some extra help or even full-time care in some cases. … Read more

Dementia vs. Delirium – How to Provide Nursing Care

Dementia vs. Delirium

When it comes to caring for the elderly, we want to make sure our loved ones get the absolute best care possible and that all their needs are being met. In order to provide the best care possible for anyone, it’s crucial that we understand exactly what kind of care they need and how to … Read more

How To Find a Care Home for an Aggressive Dementia Patient

caregiver-and-elderly woman in wheelchair

There are many facilities available to patients living with dementia who specialize in providing the kind of care they need, especially as their condition starts to decline.  As the illness of dementia progresses, many people living with it start to have the inability to understand what is going on around them. When this happens it … Read more

Speaking Two Languages Can Delay Dementia

Speaking Two Languages Can Delay Dementia

New studies suggest that speaking two languages can delay dementia, and we are digging deep into it! More than 5 million Americans are currently living with age-related dementia. It is estimated that one of every six women and one of every ten men over 55 are diagnosed with dementia in the country. While there is … Read more

Dementia – The Complete Guide for Seniors and Caregivers

Dementia - The Complete Guide for Seniors and Caregivers

Through this guide, we aim to provide every possible information to those seniors who are going through dementia and those who are taking care of these patients/ Dementia Information Dementia is a term that refers to a series of symptoms that adversely affect memory, thinking, and social skills and interfere with daily activities. Dementia is … Read more