How to Disrupt the Health Care Industry

  • On March 14, 2017 ·

Silicon Valley visionaries often call the disruption of the health care industry “inevitable.” Yet, this mindset and many would-be digital health breakthroughs overlook a fundamental reality: tech, alone, can’t disrupt health care.

Written in response to a story by the CEO of HomeHero, this piece analyzes the market for in-home elder care: an area where venture-backed companies have attracted $200 million in investment in the past 16 months. Providing the perspective of the home care industry, the piece argues that – contrary to prevailing wisdom – high-touch customer relationships, extensive training for caregivers, and an employer-based model are actually foundational elements of home care and health care, and can’t be eliminated as mere inefficiencies. Instead, tech innovators should join with home care companies to incorporate new tools into existing models, thereby helping to both meet the needs of America’s aging population and seize business opportunity.

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