The Road More Frequently Traveled:
Mapping the Caregiver Journey

  • On May 28, 2014 ·

The ReACT Coalition Maps the Journey of the Employee Caregiver

How does it begin? A doctor’s appointment? A home cooked meal delivered? Picking up a prescription on the way home from work? No one can quite pinpoint the moment they become a caregiver or may not realize they are one but the journey is already underway.

The ReACT Coalition’s 2014 signature initiative will be documenting the caregiver journey. From onset of illness, to added responsibility and increased stress levels from employment obligations compounded by personal commitments, ReACT will be documenting the experiences of employee caregivers across the country.

Through data collection, membership collaboration and the support of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, ReACT will “map the caregiver journey” to describe the varied experiences and challenges of employees as they travel through the caregiving landscape, navigating all stages of the journey.

The aims of the project are to create understanding and awareness around the impact of employees’ elder care responsibilities as well as drive understanding through action to show employers how they can best help employees with caregiving responsibilities.

The Caregiver Journey will officially be presented September 29th, 2014.