5 Best Exercises to Prevent a Pinched Nerve in your Back

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A pinched nerve in your back can cause a lot of discomforts and slow down your day.

By doing these five simple exercises daily you can prevent having a pinched nerve in your back.

Good Posture

To practice good posture, you should sit in a chair with your shoulders square and pull back.

Try to do this exercise multiple times throughout your day. As you continue to practice good posture your back muscles will become stronger.

As you lengthen your back into proper posture it will also help to stretch your back.

The stretching of your back will help to release any compression that may be occurring on your nerves.

If you spend time at a desk or sitting most of the day try and practice good posture all day long.

Ride that Bike

Whether in the gym or outdoors, riding a bike allows for you to get your endorphins up in a controlled and back friendly manner.

Through the increased cardio and exercise your endorphins will rise at a steady rate.

The rise in endorphins is a natural pain reliever for any nerves that might hurt and will help the nerves to not flare up. Through riding a bike it will also help strengthen all your muscles.

While riding the bike be sure to keep good posture on the bike throughout your entire ride. By practicing good posture on the bike it will be a way of completing two great exercises for your back at once.

Start riding at least fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Try riding a bike either indoors or outdoors at least three times a week to help avoid a pinched nerve in your back.

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Knees to Chest

This simple stretch will help to prevent a pinched nerve in your back. Stretching your back will help to relieve the compression that may be affecting any nerves in your back. As you continue to stretch it will also help to strengthen your back muscles.

The increase in strength helps to avoid pinched nerves as well. It is recommended to do this stretch for thirty seconds at a time three times a day to help prevent a pinched nerve in your back.

To do this stretch lay on your back on a flat surface. Slowly bring both your knees to your chest, and using both hands hold them as close to your chest as possible.

To release, slowly lower your feet to the ground. Once your feet have reached the ground extend your legs straight out in front of you.

Cat Pose

The cat pose is a yoga stretch that will help stretch your back and release any tension that could result in a pinched nerve.

On the ground position yourself on all fours with your hands in front of your knees and your palms flat on the ground. Slowly drop your head and raise your spine.  You feel your spine curl naturally into an arch.

Hold the position for fifteen seconds and relax into a flat back position. Repeat the arch into cat pose at least five more times to ensure a fully stretched back.

When doing the cat pose it is important to remember to protect your neck. Keep your head in line with your shoulders to protect your neck muscles.

Spinal Twisting

A great exercise to help prevent a pinched nerve in your back is a stretch that involves twisting your spine slightly. To do this stretch one must sit on the ground with both legs straight out in front of your body.

While practicing good posture slowly place your right leg over the left, and set your right foot next to your left knee.  Slowly twisting your spine take your left arms over the right knee and turn your upper body to the right.

Hold the stretch for fifteen seconds. Repeat the stretch on the other side by placing your left leg over your right leg and twisting to the left.

During this stretch, it is important to keep proper posture throughout the duration of the stretch. To help prevent a pinched nerve in your back try repeating this stretch three times on each side daily.

By doing these five simple exercises you will be less likely to suffer from a pinched nerve in your back. These exercises will help to alleviate any compression or pressure that is pushing on the nerves in your back.

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