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ReACT Member Feature: Atlas of Caregiving, Navigating the Care Ecosystem


Recognizing the critical need to better support caregivers, ReACT member Atlas of Caregiving aims to be part of the solution by enabling invaluable insights and providing practical tools for community and individual needs. Atlas of Caregiving studies the ecosystem of care and the wellbeing of caregivers by using pioneering research that combines ethnography and technology in close collaboration with communities in order to unearth information about the complex and varied realities of family caregiving. To find out more about Atlas of Caregiving’s latest work, you can find their latest blog here.

AARP and ReACT Release Report on Promising Practices for Employee Caregivers

ReACT cover - resizedAARP and ReACT are pleased to release a new report, “Supporting Working Caregivers: Case Studies of Promising Practices.” The report highlights trends in policies and practices designed to support working caregivers. It showcases 14 organizations that are leading the way by providing a broad array of information resources and referrals, flexible work arrangements, paid time off for caregiving, emergency backup care, and, in some cases, high-touch counseling and care management advice. Read more.

How to Disrupt the Health Care Industry

  • On March 14, 2017 ·

Silicon Valley visionaries often call the disruption of the health care industry “inevitable.” Yet, this mindset and many would-be digital health breakthroughs overlook a fundamental reality: tech, alone, can’t disrupt health care. Written in response to a story by the CEO of HomeHero, this piece analyzes the market for in-home elder care: an area where…

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AARP and ReACT Release “Determining the ROI: Supportive Policies for Employee Caregivers” Report

  • On April 6, 2016 ·

Businesses Benefit with Policies That Support Employee Caregivers AARP and ReACT report shows financial and productivity benefits when companies help their employees who are family caregivers   WASHINGTON, D.C. – Companies that offer flextime and telecommuting policies to help their employees better manage family caregiving responsibilities see productivity increase and a financial return on investment (ROI),…

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